Magic: Legends will soon be no more, but at least Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios are handing out some free bundles to compensate … in their other games.

If, like me, you signed up to play Magic: Legends, you’ve probably received an email by now offering codes you can redeem to receive in Star Trek Online and Neverwinter. The STO package includes two packaged rewards, the Federation Starter Pack:

• T6 Reliant Class (Advanced Light Cruiser)
• Inventory Slots (x12), Bank Slots (x12)
• Bridge Officer Slots (x2), Borg Bridge Officer (x1)
• Mark II Very Rare Space Gear (x14), Mark II Very Rare Ground Gear (x7)
• Starfleet Academy Uniform

And the STO Fleet Admiral Bundle:

• T6 Valiant (Escort Vessel)
• T6 Andromeda (Cruiser Vessel)
• T6 Pathfinder (Science Vessel)
• Ship Slots (x2), Caitian Bridge Officer (x1)
Racing Uniform, Exocomp Pet (x1)
• Titles: Voyager, Seeker and Pathfinder

While Neverwinter players, or prospective players, will receive the Night of the Feywild bundle:

• Moon Elf Race, Dawn Unicorn Mount (x1)
• Sylph Companion (x1), Moonsilver Regalia (x1)
• Loamweave Enchantment (x1), Stone of Earth (x1)
• Adventurer’s Helper Pack (x1), Knight of the Feywild Title
• Additional Character Slot

If you don’t see the email in your inbox, you might want to check your spam folder, or at least all your accounts, if you have multiple. The emails seem to be linked to individual PWE accounts, as the codes that they include are account-bound and can’t be shared.

A few months ago, I groused about another game that was shutting down shortly and how its developer was using that news to hawk its other offerings. This feels different to me, maybe because it was done more quietly and probably won’t be repeated. I said at the time that a single post offering a compensation package, rather than continuous reminders, would seem more respectful to players of the game that was closing, and I’m glad to see that PWE has decided to go that route.


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