New Apex Legends Hero, Catalyst, Is A Transgender Legend Coming In The "Eclipse" Update On November 1

Alongside her release debuts a new map, battle pass, and the returning gifting feature.

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Catalyst Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment and EA have announced a new hero is joining the Apex Legends roster called Catalyst, an "experienced terraformer and defensive conjurer" who debuts as a transgender woman. Catalyst, otherwise known as Tressa Smith, will be playable when the next major update, "Season 15: Eclipse," launches on November 1 with a new map, battle pass, and the returning gifting feature.

In the latest "Stories from the Outlands" animated short from Respawn, viewers learned Catalyst's backstory as is usual for new Legends. She was a part of a group of friends fighting against the Hammond Robotics corporation that aims to strip Cleo - a moon of Catalyst's home planet Boreas - of its planetary resources. Guided by the daring plan of her close friend Margot, Catalyst becomes deeply involved in an eco-terrorism plot against Hammond, which eventually leads to her joining the Apex Games.

The moon Cleo in the video is hinted at by Respawn's Catalyst splash page to be the new map next month. Also, continuing the trend of past seasons will kick off a battle pass with fresh Legendary skins, reactive weapon skins, and more. The gifting feature to appreciate your online friends will return in the November patch and has new directions for those interested in how it works.

In the meantime, Apex Legends players can continue duking it out during the "Fight or Fright" event before November 1. Respawn will release more details on the incoming Season 15 as the next month gets closer.

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