Love abounds in gamigo’s library of games — and in some of them, it seems to involve bugs. We already let you know about the events taking place in ArcheAge and Rift, but as we all know, there are plenty of other games under the gamigo banner for events to take place in. And, now, we know what they are.

As mentioned above, some of them seem to involve bugs — specifically Heckbugs. Defiance 2050’s big buggy beasts have made their way to the voxel game Trove, and after completing an 8-part quest, players can have one of their own as a mount. Speaking of Defiance 2050, the Mayhem and Mutiny event is back and that means it’s time for players to test themselves in Arkfalls featuring Mutineer Bosses.

Echo of Soul is going simple this year, giving players rare coins that can be exchanged for rewards. So, nothing too sentimental there. On the other hand, Fiesta Online wants players to help the magician Florenz woo the love of his life, while Aura Kingdom is all about the chocolate with its “Double Boiler Spawn” event.


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