World of Warplanes Unleashes Version 2.0, Changing Core Gameplay While Adding New Game Mode And Bombers

Jason Winter
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World of Warplanes was already flying into the wind when it launched a few years back. Pitted against War Thunder, it never managed to establish itself as its Wargaming cousins did. World of Tanks manages about 100,000 concurrent players, while World of Warships typically sits in the 20-30,000 range. World of Warplanes? Typically under 1,500.

But Wargaming hasn't given up. Today marks the release of World of Warplanes 2.0, a massive update that overhauls core gameplay while adding new features and functionality.

WoWP 2.0 adds Conquest mode, giving players the goal of achieving air superiority by capturing points on the map. Perhaps more notably, respawns are in, so your fragile planes can return to action after they're shot down.

The planes themselves have more clearly defined roles, meant to fulfill specific functions in combat, whether it be dogfighting with other planes or razing ground targets. Speaking of which, bombers become a class of their own and will have specific objectives in every battle.

Other additions include manual control of your rear gunner, bombsight view, and onboard armament reloading. We'll have a lot more on World of Warplanes' massive update next week; for now, check out the website for full details on World of Warplanes 2.0.

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