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About the game:
Title: Blacklight Retribution
Status: Closed Graphics: 3D
Developer: Zombie Studios
Publisher: Perfect World Entertainment

Explosive Features:

  • Cutting-edge graphics powered by Unreal 3 technology and DirectX 11.
  • Devoleped by Zombie Studios.
  • Character customization, objective-based multiplayer maps, mechs and more!.

Blacklight: Retribution is a free to play 3D next-generation first person shooter (MMOFPS) with cutting edge graphics that leverage AAA game technology such as the Unreal Engine 3 and DirectX 11. Blacklight: Retribution is a sequel to Zombie Studio’s Tango Down and is the first FPS in Perfect World Entertainment’s diverse portfolio.

Blacklight: Retribution is a high quality futuristic shooter with a ton of character customization, hi-tech X-ray vision, mechs, objective-based multiplayer maps and much more.

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System Requirements

Blacklight Retribution Minimum System Requirements:
OS: XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8
Processor: Dual Core CPU
Memory Ram: 2 GB
Hard Disk Space: 4 GB of free disk space
Video Card: 256MB DX9 GPU

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  1. This was an amazing, let me emphasize AMAZING shooter, but now is sadly completely dead and abandoned due to a lousy publisher and lazy devs. I wish this game back to life again and went back to it’s old roots.

  2. Game is dead. It’s abandoned by Devs…no content for this and maybe next year.
    Game was created for PC…then proted from PC to PS4…Great right.
    But what killed the game is that ps4 had more conntent than PC so what they did you ask?
    Did poor port from PS4 to PC.(PC version existed before PS4 Version).
    Game used to have full servers….now if you can find more than 4 servers full…that is great..
    Also is game is currently nested by cheaters, aimbotters and wallhackers, PWE does nothing to protect legit players over it

    • That is like saying, lets leave a review of the restaurant we have not eaten at before we eat at it then tell everyone we will leave a review when we do eat there but this is are review for now. This is a review page for people that have played not people who are thinking about playing. Why would anyone care that you are thinking about playing it?

  3. i love dis game it is impressive just looking at it and it is well balanced and the rent sistem makes u try stuff for cheap then if u like it alot and want it u can buy it permanently. there are so many attacments i was able to make a full auto sniper, the gameplay is fast and i love the ps4 support

  4. This game has actually picked up a lot this year. They’ve released a huge patch that originally broke a lot of the game’s aspects, but they have been fixing them. And now the game is run and updated by a studio called Hardsuit Labs, which is a small group of developers from Zombie studios who continue to develop the game.

    Overall, this game is pretty fun. I personally love the gun customization, which sadly isn’t in any other big FPS games (which is one of the main reasons why I DON’T play other FPS games). It has some downsides, like certain (non game breaking) glitches and a non-functional anti-cheat (yes, theres quite a few people who use hacks). Luckily, the community is good at finding and exposing these hackers. The maps in the game are quite decent and detailed. The balance is pretty good since the newest big patch, because they unlocked all items for everyone (you still need to pay in game currency or paid currency to get the items, but the items aren’t level caped anymore). The events that Hardsuit Labs and Perfect World Entertainment hold are quite fun, and offer some amusing prizes. For example, their 2016 Easter event had various colored holographic rabbit ears for doing certain tasks, and if you got all the ears, you get a rabbit helmet.

    Overall, I would give this an 8.5/10. This is mainly because the devs have to clean up the glitches and hackers, but the dev team is only 6 people (I think?) as of the time I am writing this, so you have to give them time.

    • The renting system isn’t the worst thing in the world. I agree that some stuff is overpriced to buy permanently (and other things are underpriced), but overall its a good system for gaining GP (the in game currency, for those reading this).

  5. Help, I have headphones that work, but when I load the game, they suddenly doesn’t work, but when I exit the game, it works, halp.

    • That was a huge glitch that happened in their servers where the player cap was raised to 32 on certain servers. It was a nightmare for Helodeck (one of the smallest maps in the game).

  6. This game is NOT pay to win. If u train and play this game very much, u will get OP. I never bought Zen coins or what it’s called! It’s pretty easy if u win. Just train and play. Best Free-2-Play shooter ever! U can customize ur own weapon, so cool it is! Just try it guys! Just play little bit, and u say: WOW !!! This game is worth playing 😀

    • Thank you BluTeXo4!!!!!! Your right, i always thought this game was Pay to win, but IT’S NOT! It is so fun. I love this game! Thank you BluTeXo4, you told me the right thing.

  7. dont listen to all the negative posts above mine as they srsly have no idea what p2w really means.

    Pretty much every item in the store is purchasable with ingame currency and u even get mails that contains zen and various guns and mods as u lvl so as u can try them out before buying them. This game, imo, has the most complexity out of all the f2p fps on the market. u would jus have to play the game and see for urselves. unfortunately i live in asia which means i dont have a very good ping (200+) thats why i dont play it no more

  8. Awesome scifi shooter with very good graphics.

    -very wide weapon, character arsenal
    -weapons and can be customized from muzzle till stock
    -characters can be adjusted from looks(helmet, armor jacket, boots, shield etc) with their own characteristics( health, speed etc.)
    -Hero characters can be selected out of a series of robots
    -intense shooter gameplay
    -variety of gamemodes(about six) from dm, ctf till onslaught
    -great deployement armor varying for example: turrets, holo figure of your own character to misled ennemies, flamethrower, controlable robot

    several packs can be buyed via zen points which are a too expensive

  9. wtf is this shit with the patch! I down loaded the game let the patch download last night that took 3 hours and then go to hit play and it just closes the window. does not open the game. when I open the game from the computer to try again it starts downloading the patch all over again. WTF IS GOING ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. The game looks epicness if you expect the cheaters inside.People need to start doing somethink the situation is out of control im telling you guys if you dont others will do the work that need to be done for you and also you wont be longer administrators because i have notice people who want to be admins is for only 1 reason “POWER” Attacking is the only secret dare and the world yields.

  11. Dis game is amazing, play, its really good, the start loadout is also good, so to keep balances, and Xray vision is HRV, and the game is not dead. It depends what server, and your perseverance.

  12. dead and shooting i suggest you check if your pc meets the requirements and then you can figure out what’s the problem

    • Agreed. The game is extremely fast paced, so you don’t have the time to scope in when you are close to an enemy.

  13. i cant play?? help asap!!! i clicked the ;;play for free” button and the tap just aotumatically closes itslef

  14. The gameplay on this is pertty bad. Ive played a lot of FPS games and this just doesnt cut it. I started playing a few months ago and tried to put as much time into it (to see why most people are saying its not a P2W game) unfortunatly after about 4 hours a day for 4 months this game falls under the P2W catagory. Reason 1. The gp acquirement is ONLY good if you play against other people who havent played the game and are starting fresh. The GP system is based on kills, kill streaks and map ranking ( 1st 2nd and 3rd) Reason 2. Starting weapons are pretty bad if you just want to play the game and try to earn stuff. At the cost of hardcore embarassment you can earn everything…..on a temp basis. Reason 3. A fresh player can literally buy a level 40 weapon and just hit the proving grounds and wreck shop with 0 skill. Lets repeat that a fresh n00b saibot can use his real cash to buy a permanent level 40 weapon.

  15. As much fun as I had with this, I got sick of the instant-death weapons. Also the katana can go die in a fire. Biggest problem with it is that it allows players to pay-to-win. And I do mean it. There are seriously OP weapons higher up and if you buy zen you can have it instantly, regardless of level. In the end it just wasn’t worth the time and headaches.

    • Totally agree, unless you have money this game is so annoying to play. I downloaded it a couple of months ago, unless you put money into this game you wont take down a lot, especially as most of the players have paid for gear etc. Im sticking with COD. Everyone has access at some point to the same weapons, fun to get achievements and killstreaks no additional money needed.

  16. Don’t waste your time. It’s not even worth downloading anymore. This game is barely a year old and it’s already on it’s last legs. The publisher, Perfect World Entertainment, has cashed in it’s chips and is preparing to shift focus on the PS4 version so they can milk the money out of a new group of unsuspecting players.

    Let this be a warning to everyone planning to spend money on PWE’s games in the future, such as Neverwinter. The game might not last as long as you might think. Once the publisher has it’s money, they don’t care what happens to a game.

    • Update: The business model has recently improved. It is now one of the most anti-P2W as far as F2P shooters go. The PS4 content has finally been brought over to the PC version, for better or worse. Neverwinter is still trash though.

      • Scratch that on the business model improving. They jacked the GP prices through the roof. There’s not reason to bother with this game over other, newer F2P shooters in the market anymore. Especially with so few people still playing it.

  17. I had the game years ago but i didnt see reason to play it….If you want to messed up with the system as i was doing Then do it System isnt on our side never was even the admin are cheaters there full of cheaters at many video-games isnt worth even to play them or becoming better knows the secrets for your oppoments is good.Is an advantages to you and disatvantages for them.Well the only think ive been seeing years now the never ban the acually cheaters …But the ban those who complain about them you see the want only sheeps bounch of little girls they are.They got no knowledge the believe by what there doing people gonna love them …Server settings….Unlimitted ammo Extra speed only for us which we are the visiters and because he feel like a king is gonna use everythink like aimbot wallhack chams …Advice:Do what you believe is right,those who avoid hard choices they live a life that others chooce for him

  18. Hi, i really enjoyed your video and this game looks AMAZING!

    I tried to register, but all the username i submitted werent accepted for an unknown reason, i tried at least 8 different usernames. with numbers, without non works

    if anybody can help me that would be great!

  19. Make sure your computer can handle the graphics at the recommended specs, not minimal specs, otherwise even with all the extra options disabled you will lag uncontrollably. Your internet speed should be 20 Mbps down and hardwired, if you are wireless make sure you have at least a N router and getting 25+ Mbps down to have little to no lag what so ever.

    On to the game:


    1. Great FPS will little to no hackers, hackers are absolutely noticeable, if they are running around HSing everyone with an Assault Rifle or SMG at mid to long range they are without a doubt a hacker with no recoil.

    2. Team based gameplay, there are no lone wolfs on the game that can take an entire skillful team.

    3. Mechs. Enough said. Easy to get, easy to dominate with.

    4. Mods to enhance your soldier.


    1. Starting weapon sucks, after two or three rounds just buy a preset weapon to enjoy the game till you can fully customize your weapon yourself around level 15.

    2. No level matchup besides level restricted game rooms, you will be facing enemies with several levels of enhancements beyond your own.

    3. You will be facing players that make alternative accounts just to face new players 80% of the time unless they have cashshop.

    4. Cashshop is overpowered.

    5. Hacking is viable to many players to win however you do not face many of those players until level 11 and in ladder matches.

    6. Mechs are easy to get, takes two rockets to kill and many players use strictly only mechs.

    7. Recoil is insane, you have to burst fire or have all recoil reducing mods to hit anything that is mid-long or long range even while ADS.

    8. Lag is persistent and if you have low LAT all other players will have compensation, they punish the players closer to the servers for some reason.

    Beyond all of that if your looking for a CoD/Halo mixed team based shooter you found an amazing game to play until you are either forced to stop or you rage quit.

  20. I hope this will be a good game, the First Look video holds promising things.Also i saw this on steam now i have to endure the long download time.

    At first i thought this was some silly FPS game with crap graphics and buggy things.

  21. The power of cash unbalances the game. PRoof will be in game when you get 2 shot from half way across the map. Your first thought is hacker, but if you research the classes, it is a build. Also, there is full stealth, so if you try to get tactical, keep head low, and be safe, your dead because a full stealth build with a 2 shot weapon = cash advantage as well. All in all. PAY TO WIN. The payer vs payer matches suck as well as the rate of death is to fast for any tactic that it just turns to zergy twitchy eery thing else on the market kind of game

  22. great game, i played Blacklight:Tango on PS3 a while ago, this plays pretty similar to it, there’s a lot of customizations available, i would love to play it more but i can only play this for about 10 minutes before i get nauseated, something about the colors/graphics, not that their bad, just some FPS have that effect on me

  23. hello, before i want to download this game i want to know some things

    – is it realistic (or do you have to hit 50 times for a kill ??)
    – do the guns have recall ?? ( i hope so)
    – doesnt the x-ray ruin the game ???

    plz answer (especialy the recall question)

    • Yes it is quite realistic, it takes about 4 to 6 shots wich is around 2 – 3 seconds to kill someone. (if youre ussing an assault gun and you must aim perfect)

      Yes the guns have recall just like any other shooting game.

      No the x-ray doesent reallly ruin the game, it’s pretty much useless when the place is crowded cause you would get killed. And you can’t shoot while using the x-ray mode.

      I hope this answers all of your quistions.


      Herr Brouwer.

  24. very fun game! good graphics and intense gameplay plus gun customize is very cool too..

    a few issues here and there especially if your new.. it may be harder to get kills and equipment since high level players have better equipment and gun customs but their are premades which go both ways for high and low level players also if you have the money to spend you can get stuff easy but for the most part it usually takes a few rounds before you can get a decent amount of in-game cash for gun parts or equipments…

    also you tend to see hackers every now and then but not to often unlike other mmofps and you also tend to lag but not that often

    overall i say a 9/10

  25. Re-tried it after each patch, but, the problem never seems to go away, this game is like most F2P games, are horribly optimized and performs badly on high end systems..

  26. Blacklight Retribution is hands down, one of the best free to play shooters on the market in the past few years. Why is that so?


    Blacklight takes place in a modern era, with maps varying from an airbase, to the streets of a city. Though this game has to story thrown at your face, it has a unique theme and style. You could compare to Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The flares and the amount of detail the game has for a free to play shooter is beyond my expectations. This looks like a $60 game. But be aware, this game takes some decent hardware to run. I ran the game no problem with an ATI Radeon 5750 ,with 8gb ram and Quad-core processor.

    The most important thing about a game is its gameplay. Blacklight does very well in this area. I am highly impressed by the maps in this game. There are many maps, all of them being non-linear. There are multiple ways to get around the map. If you want to be a in your face soldier, you can go on the bottom floor and fight off enemies, or take a team to flank them on a sky bridge. You can customize your soldier to be that team member. This brings me to customization. Customization in this game is phenomenal. You can customize your weapon with anything from the scope, the receiver, muzzle, clip, stock, etc. The customization is very in depth, and you can make some very bad-ass weapons. All of these attachments affect your weapons stats, giving pro’s and con’s so that you can build the weapon for your gameplay preference. All of this can be bought with in game cash.

    The economy in BLR is still a bit messed up in some ways, but overall is solid. Almost all the weapon perks can be bought with in game credits or with micro transactions, called Zen. Players who don’t want to spend a dime on this game can level up and unlock the new attachments to make the ultimate soldier.


    With any games, there are cons. For example, the cost to buy attachments with in game currency is very expensive to buy permanent and takes some time to get. From a business standpoint, I can understand why Zombie Studios did that in the design. For most people, this could upset or frustrate players.

    There are a few minor bugs in the game, such as a mech (yes, you can get mechs) getting stuck in the worlds geometry. These are easily over looked.

    There are also some minor balance issues in the game, usually from people putting down a ton of money for the game to create an awesome character. This does not break the game, however. Someone who has put down no money can go up against someone like that. It can be just a little frustrating at times.


    Blacklight Retribution does not meet the standards of a retail game of course, but I think that BLR raises the bar for the F2P market. Though the games economy is having some problems right now, along with some minor bugs and balance issues, this is a great game that will keep you glued to your seats for a long time. If your looking for something free to play, this is it.


    I don’t like to give numbers. So, I will say to you that I approve this game. If I had to give it a score, I would say 8.5/10.

    • Lol sorry if this is late but i ran everything with an HP Pavillion dm1 AMD Radeon 3370 and ram of 1.60 gb You jelly?

  27. a reallly stupid game zen is a rip of if you want to buy something you have to play a lame lottery and hope you win I lost ten bucks because of this stupid game do not download it!

    • XD not like it Force u to charge zen and waste it on ” bundles” packs :P, anyway All can be unlocked by playing, i got Premiun characters from lv 1 reward pack !!! xD(premiun skins is worth 20$)

  28. I like battlefeild paly 4 free cuses it does not lag and s4 leage so if this does not lag i will be in love with it.

  29. its a very good game, nice graphics and almost no hackers…at the beginning its a bit boring and complicated but when you reach lvl 5 its getting more interesting :DD

  30. I don’t see why everyone is complaining about hackers, i have been playing this game for the past week and havent saw a SINGLE hacker.

  31. Hacking and whatnot is the reason I stopped playing this game. Doesn’t matter how good you are when people have auto-aim.

  32. oh yeah and to add to my last— if your not a developer, and your not hacking to actually progress the development of the game and prevent public hacks– then your a straight pussy. all you hackers call us non hackers noobs- but really your all just afraid to face the “noobs” on real terms and solid ground- you hackers are biotches and one day karma will come around– like maybe I will create a nice viruse and hack your firewall and erase your hardrive. maybe you’ll stop hacking then??? probably 😛 to all of you who dont hack– play this game- its pretty good

    • i really agree with you poopchute, ive played so many fps’s and there are always hackers, like in repulse for example, im a pro and theres always gotta be a hacker out there saying that we pros suck

  33. I havent even played this game yet but it looks boss, and yes the file size is pretty f-ing big, but like -fluffyxsheep- said– lower the graphivs quality in the options menu, and you should be able to play just fine.

    Signing off,

  34. actually everything you cumsotize has a time limit .you can use an attachment only for 24 hours or some shit like that/the bad thing about that game is that it’s a Free To Play,pay To Win game.once youget the game you’ll understand.everyone who have bought the attachments will have an edge on you,which will in turn make YOU take more time aquiring enough virtual money to unlimitedly buy an get what i’m saying?oh & you beter have a good connection to REALLY appreciate this game.

    • Honestly I thought the same but after having played it I’ve managed to get plenty of permanent stuff. The best thing to do is to simply not buy anything for a temporary period of time. Operation 7 has a similar system to this but it is far worse.

  35. this is a shit game guys trust me as a hacker I would like to tell you that perfect world is horrible at stopping hackers. mmo’s on perfect world are going to be hack infested like combat arms guys. Sorry but they just have such weak defense. And im not the only one who can make hacks for games like this so be ready to see tons of closet hacking pros like combat arms.

  36. I can play this game only to tutorial, but whenever I join a match it goes into this infinite loading screen and the game never gets loaded. I spent hours and hours looking for a solution, still nothing. If you guys here have any solutions that I can maybe try, please let me know. Otherwise I give up. And I really wanted to play this game but I just spent too much time here and played the tutorial like 5 times. LOL

  37. hey guys i want to play this game but i dont know if am gatta lag the hell outa my comp so i have a question my graphic card is HD graphic family so do i get lag like hell when i play this game ? please reply fast

    • you can lower your settings if your computer can’t handle hard core graphics. My computer isn’t very powerful yet I can still play with lowered graphics.

    • With graphics like that, I would recommend lowering all your settings to the lowest they can go and turning off DirectX settings. You could even turn down the game’s resolution if you have to.

  38. This game is garbage for me lol in my opinion i just play it, got bored within the 5 minutes only fun was the tutorial, perfect world its f**** up recently with games :/ i hope ghost recon online isn’t as disappointing as this was

      • Ghost Recon Phantoms is what it is called now..Ghost Recon Online is what it was previously known me if u wana its up to you but GRP is one of the best games i have played or offline and yes there r hackers everywhere no doubt there must be hackers in this game too….i am almost through downloading BLR lets see how it goes…feel free to leave a negative comment below xD

  39. This is a good game. But I see a cheater today. Come on it is just beta, how could u guys allow a cheater play in beta test?! Stealth and wallshoot, with only a gun show up in the sky. At the end of that round he got 75 kills when the second player only got 13kills.

    • did you ever stop to think that they have actual devs going in with these cheats, and hacks to stress test the anti-hack system, as well as to see what kinda community they will be having? Are you going to report or just sit back and watch, are you going to random report without detail, or give a full description of the perp?

      Honestly, I have worked as a beta hacker for several games, and that’s the kinda things we as beta hackers try to trigger. You see hackers don’t, then report, don’t bitch about it on a site that cannot do anything about them.

      Honestly, writing reviews to complain about hackers does nothing, but provide an example to other hacker that this game is an open viral ground to take over. Just contact the devs and tech support and let them handle these issues in due time, it takes time to close those holes and even then, for them to close the holes they have to know what holes the hacks are exploiting.

      Happy shooting!

    • They allow hackers/cheaters in these game to sell things that allow moderators in rooms kick who ever they want to make real money.Some players kick people to win or rage kick because you shot them. Its a money scam not for stopping hackers.Get used to it, Combat Arms is the same way this game as long as they make a buck they will never remove cheaters which ends up messing up what could have been a great game.

  40. i like this game and i haven`t play it yet/\its look awsome the graphics all of the game but i can not wait to be a part of this game …

    im sure im gonna play this game………………………………………………………………………………………………………………


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