For most free-to-play online games, Halloween related events are well under way. (They should be, considering that Halloween itself is about a week and a half away.) In MMOs and similar games, that means full blown events. However, for MOBAs and the like, it might mean a additional daily quest of “Win x amount of games” in order to get some Halloween themed goodies. Or, you might just have the opportunity to buy your favorite character a be-witching new skin in the game’s shop.

Last week we looked at some of the events that were already under way in MMOs. This time, we’re going to take a peek at some of the cooler Halloween themed skins to be offered to players in other games.

In some cases, these games will give players several skin options — Heroes of the Storm anyone? So be aware that I’m going to pick out my favorite from any game that has more than one. You can totally disagree wth me on that. I mean. We all like what we like.

5. Heroes of the Storm — Garden Shambler Murky

Speaking of Heroes, what about this guy?

Like all Heroes of the Storm skins, this one comes in a variety of colors and honestly, it’s just really cute — in a creepy, big-eyed, plant sort of way. Honestly, I’m not really sure what I’d do if I saw that coming at me. The two options are die of laughter or run away in terror. Maybe a combination of both?

The Murky skin is just one of many spooky skins being offered for Heroes, the ones for Gazlowe and Brightwing are pretty awesome too.

4. Battlerite — Cursed Pearl

So, Battlerite has four Halloween skin options, but this one is definitely my favorite. It’s probably because little kids are the spookiest thing ever aside from mannequins and red-headed dolls. To make her even creepier, Cursed Pearl has the whole Japanese-style horror thing going on, ala Ringu, but all that creepiness is set off by her jack-o-lantern topped staff that’s really just kind of cute.

For those not really into Pearl, the Battlerite team is also offering skins for Jade, Raigon, and Rook.

3. SMITE — Trick or Treat Cupid

Like the other games, SMITE is offering players a selection of Halloween themed skins, including Grim Reaper Thanatos. But… If I’m gonna be honest, Trick or Treat Cupid is the best.

Out of all the skins I’ve seen across the games, he’s the one that best conveys the general fun of Halloween. Obviously Cupid isn’t all about the scary.

2. Gigantic — Hallow Reclamation Aisling

So, Gigantic is one of two games that decided to not only release some spooky skins but also a new character that fits the Halloween theme. This isn’t that guy though. That would be the kind of mage guy that dabbles in soul stealing Ezren Ghal… No, for this selection, I’ve gone with the new Aisling skin which has a kind of Tim Burton-ish feel too it. Her summon is pretty spooky looking as well.

1. Hyper Universe — Shasha

Remember how I said that there were two games that came out with completely new Halloween-themed characters. Yeah, so about that. In this case, I’ve actually decided to go with Hyper Universe’s new character — Shasha the cutesy witch and her sidekick Kinny the cat. Honestly, it’s really all just about how cute they are. That’s it. There’s no other reason. They’re just cute.

And there you have it… Four pretty awesome skins and a new character all for Halloween. I hope you’re having fun with all the Halloween stuff in your games — or just with the holiday in general.



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