Why Rise of Immortals is Doomed (MemberZone)

By MemberZone,

It seems that most of the MOBA style games coming out these days aren't really trying to do any revolutionary things with their game-play. Rise of immortals is no exception. This game does have it's finer points, but those are overshadowed by the lack of potential this game has. It seems like another "WoW Effect" (Games based off of the basic World of Warcraft formula) is starting to happen with other genres of MMO games.

Rise of Immortals does have some solid game mechanics and tends to play rather well. It just doesn't do anything "special" to rise above the other games of it's genre. Seeing as how I am a pretty big fan of MOBA games I tried Rise of immortals out and had a pretty bitter-sweet experience with the game.

First of all the animations and character models are rather fragmented. One character may look nice and polished while another is jerky and badly animated. This seriously breaks the fourth wall for me. A game should flow well and this game does not do that.

Another problem I had was with a delay on every skill I had. I would click on the screen and then have to wait a few seconds for my skill to pop. I have heard this isn't happening to everyone, but it is still pretty serious if it is happening to anyone at all. I had a pretty hard time getting skill shots off.

And the last of the major issued I had with this game was the horrific gap in power between characters. The "Supports" always end up carrying because their spells have way too much utility. As Ichorr I could heal my allies and hinder my enemies with every spell. This made it nearly impossible for the other team to kill us and made it extremely easy for us to kill them. Of the three games I played as Ichorr we won each in under half an hour and my kills always exceeded twenty. Keep in mind that is still with the delay on my skills.

Even with all of the issues this game has it still implements rather interesting social mechanics. When you enter the game with your character you find yourself in a "Social Hub" where you can talk to other players, use some silly emotes, and plan out a game with friends. I thought this was a nice addition to the game, but could get hectic if their player-base got larger.

One thing stood out to me above all else in this game. The load times. The load times are absolutely amazing. I couldn't believe my eyes when I got from the social hub to in the game in nearly 10 seconds including the matchmaking. It is extremely fast and smooth.

My final verdict on this game is mixed. I don't really think it is going to go anywhere great unless the devs start making some pretty big changes in balance and game-modes. This game is trying to stack itself up with giants such as League of Legends, Heroes of Newerth, and Defense of The Ancients 2. This game has some great ideas and efficient programming, but I'm not going to be playing it anymore.

Go ahead and install it, play a game or two, and then uninstall. I honestly don't think it's worth any more time than that.

By Zenrix

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stayphrosty 11 years ago
honestly i came to the same conclusion as Zenrix, but for comp0letely different reasons. because of this, i honestly feel a little disappointed by the article.

first of all, i feel your frustration with the lag, but i knew at the time it was a problem on my end, so while i understand the pain of having to play with delay, i cant agree that the game is bad because it lagged for you (honestly you did nothing to convince me that it was the game's and not your fault). as for OP characters, i really disagree completely with the idea that you can judge something like that after the games with the guy. i played a caster and did well twice in a row, then proceeded to lose the next 7 games with him. i never judged him to be OP or UP at any point during that because i knew a complex game is hard enough to judge balance, and when you add the effect of allies upon the outcome of the game, there really isn't much left to say besides that you are jumping to conclusions and flat out wrong. one negative thing about the game ive noticed though has been the lack of an attack-move command. ive tried googling and checking forums all over, nobody seems to know a way to do it so im assuming the devs havent put it in the game (yet?). this really bothers me and is honestly 1 of 2 or 3 reasons im not paying money for it 9and will probably stop playing for free soon too). also, the graphics did occasionally bother me, though i suppose that's something that would get better over time, partially from just getting used to them, and perhaps also some graphical updates down the road.

as for the positive aspects, i wasnt exactly impressed by the 'social hub' as you put it. in all fairness i havent played the game with irl friends that much and so maybe i'm wrong, but i honestly felt totally fine with a system like LoL's or HoN's (aside from the lack of built in voice chat with allies ingame and persistent with friends). i do like the load times, though i feel like LoL would be the worst example of this and was never really bothered by it except when playing several custom games in a row alone to test things by myself. one thing i did like about RoI was the leveling system. although it seemed to have its flaws, being almost pay to win, and matchmaking occasionally screwing things up, it was still fun to have a leveling system per character, which was an interesting take on the genre imo.

in the end, i really think the game was a nice distraction from LoL and DotA 2, but the uneven production values of the game, combined with such a game's inability to gain a playerbase when competing against giants like LoL and DotA, mean unless there are some big updates down the road i wont be playing this game very often i think.

FxAlpha 11 years ago
I am an average RoI player as I have another 200 games on steam to play. I must say I disapprove negative attention Zenrix throws at RoI. Few things first. I never had terrible lag, therefore I never had problem with skill shot skills like kyrie shurikens (only one true skill shot in game). As for the performance of game, I had allways 60fps on my laptop with maximum settings and AA.
Considering graphics, I was pretty happy, that game implemented shaders everywhere, even blocks on ground are plastic and well shaded. Some characters are simplier, because they are meant to be. I honestly do not like most of skins on characters. That is only one let down I had from RoI.
As for the balance of game. Characters are pretty balanced, and those who have high dps usually die in seconds. All is about team selection. When you get to support or tank characters stacking armor and magic deffence, there are characters who are able to take those armors to 0. Talia, Kyrie are great for elimination of tanks. Heal and dmg of support chars is low. if average player has 2500 life and you can heal at most 400 in one clash of 2 groups, it may give you about 1/2 of second to kill enemy, because average carry have about 450dps. and if they target same member of team, ti is instant kill. All out build for strongest carry can make 900dps+ And kill anything in 3 to 5 hits.
About social hub, it is instanced, therefore never full. You can jump to hub where your friends are at any time. What Zenrix missed most is realization of dynamic fight in RoI, as he with support Ichor got 20+ kills in one game. (it is not usual for Ichor) But that is main difference to all other games, you can get easy kills in first minutes. You do not have to wait till enemy does huge error like in dota. You simply can surprise your enemy and kill him with feq hits and skills.
RoI has only one bad side, and that is low player base. Because it is simply bit harder to play. What makes it much better in long run. RoI has no need for system to block insulting players like LoL. Because most of players who are insulting can't cope with gameplay and quit at their own.
I myself give RoI 8/10 because there are things which could be better, but LoL is only 7/10 for me, because it isnot providing so much fun for me.

kestas24 11 years ago
Played all moba styled games still playing LOL and Hon frequently have to agree Rol is just a money cow they use formula that other succeded in using and hope to get some player base to keep it flooting with minimum revenue its not gona make profit but can be a safe boat if need be.

Name (Required) 11 years ago
league of legends is so dum, soo dum gameplay,low efeckts and ... .HoN is much cooler :D and it got so many heroes and you can buy easyer items.Got no ability power that's much faster and you can lv up till 25lv

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Etakon 11 years ago
steven is gonna be so mad when he reads this

Haylel 11 years ago
This game is what happens when you start making copies of copies.
It's not even trying to be dota, it's trying to be LoL... it even has the same keybinds by default, except it doesn't have the undocumented ones.

This MOBA doesn't have Attack-Move.

The heroes are all things that sound like a 8 year old thought them up, and the art direction makes me want to gouge my eyes out.

The ONLY nice thing I can give it as a pro is the lobby area where you load in, giving the game a sort of visual chat room instead of just a menu screen.

svnhddbst 11 years ago
i get a strong sense of BS from you on this one

have you played at all in the last 3 or 4 weeks because carries get crushed first and then nyssus or balak come in and 3 shot everyone

unless you were playing with nothing but people with persistent lvl 4 or so that had no clue how to gank or properly play their character with a team

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vinny 11 years ago
I checked the hero names are different and the heros dont look a like like in warcraft 3

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vinny 11 years ago
no thay didnt. Its immpossible.

vinny 11 years ago
LoL sucks HoN sucks RoI sucks so does dota 2 is a rip off of warcarft 3 dota exept for better graphics same heros almost but they look different and have a different name cuse of warcraft 3 copy rights, the only two that are origanl anf real fun are warcraft 3 dota and my favorit StarCraft 2 dota, in ST2 you have different dota's one by the dota team the original, another by a normal dota warcraft 3 player with a dream to make his dota game, and the dota that will come out soon the one by Blizzered and dota duds, I have seen it it is amazing it origanal with amazing NEW DIFFERENT GAMEPLAY FOR ONCE! I cant wait to play it my self.

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José Devezas 11 years ago
I'm gonna be a little blunt and tell you that I honestly feel like this game brings nothing of interest to the genre or in general. With MOBA games like League of Legends, Heroes of Newerth and Bloodline Champions, how does it expect to survive? LoL is the most played and has an amazing team behind and tons of new characters frequently. HoN is a little bit more for the hardcore player and is less mainstream, but still great, and BLC is different and has the most potential for success along LoL. And let's not forget DotA 2 and Blizzard's DOTA. It's too crowded for mediocrity. I personally felt like RoI wasn't putting much effort into the game from the moment I saw the window with the Play button. It needs a lot of caring...

Tiago Santana 11 years ago
Forgot to ask: what about Realm of the Titans, Zenrix? What you think about it?

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m3lb0i01 11 years ago
I'm even tired of playing League Of Legends too, whats more for ROI?

Tiago Santana 11 years ago
Yeah, think RoI is doomed too. :~

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