The Elder Scrolls: Legends Heads Into Open Beta on PC

News from QuakeCon as Bethesda announced that the open beta for The Elder Scrolls: Legends is now live. If you want to jump into the…

Riders of Icarus PvP thumb

Riders Of Icarus Expands PvP In New Exarahn Badlands Zone

Riders of Icarus fans looking for more intense PvP action will get their fill soon with the arrival of the Exarahn Badlands zone, a new…

ark feat

Citing F2P Inexperience, Ark Devs Fold Survival Of The Fittest Back Into Paid Ark Game

Earlier this week, Ark developers Wildcard Studios made the decision to roll the free-to-play standalone Ark: Survival of the Fittest back into the main, and…

EverQuest Update Aug 2016 thumb

EverQuest Consolidating AA Ability Lines In Patch This Month

Like any teenager, EverQuest keeps making changes to how it does things. The patch scheduled for Wednesday, Aug. 17 looks like it will really shake…

War Thunder F13 Tigercat thumb

War Thunder Offers Four Experimental Vehicles In Operation S.U.M.M.E.R.

Operation S.U.M.M.E.R. is underway in War Thunder, giving tankers and pilots the chance to test new experimental vehicles and earn them for their garages, as…


Erectus Prepares For Launch

The free-to-play browser game, Erectus is just about ready for launch and the team has announced the three servers that will be available. Each server…

silk road feat

New Silk Road R Server Opening In Europe

Silkroad R is returning to Europe later this month. On August 16th, JC Planet will open a brand new server with the help of Joymax….

paragon feat

The Fey Enters Battle In Paragon

A new Hero has joined Epic Games’ free-to-play MOBA, Paragon as part of the game’s most recent update. Available to play right now, the Fey…

elvenar feat

Summer Solstice Comes To Elvenar

InnoGames’ Elvenar is holding its first ever in-game event celebrating the Summer Solstice. During this event, players will be able to complete two quest lines…

LoL Live Play

Riot Profiles League of Legends Players In Live/Play Documentary Series

Riot Games has announced Live/Play, a documentary series that offers a look at several top League of Legends players and gets a more personal look…

Wiinning Putt Day thumb

Winning Putt Celebrates Summer, Enhances Guilds

Bandai Namco’s free-to-play golfing sim, Winning Putt, is celebrating summer with a new patch that greatly enhances guild functionality and new missions with unique rewards….


SMITE Introduces New Goddess, Terra, In Latest Patch

A new Goddess hit SMITE this week. Terra, the Earth Mother, is a powerful goddess with extensive crowd control and support abilities. Terra’s abilities center…

World of Tanks PS4

Wargaming Issues New Code Of Conduct To Combat Toxicity

Soon, Wargaming will have a new policy in place with the goal of cracking down on toxic behavior in its games. The policy includes both…

heroes of the storm feat

Diablo 3’s Auriel Joins Heroes Of The Storm

Another of the host of archangels from Diablo 3 is joining the battle in the Nexus. Auriel joins the team as the latest Support Hero…

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