marvel heroes feat

Marvel Heroes 2016 Introduces 58th Playable Character, Ultron

Marvel Heroes 2016’s anniversary celebration is coming to a close, but before it does, Gazillion has one more surprise for players. Everyone’s favorite rogue AI…

skyforge feat

Skyforge Celebrating First Anniversary; Announces Battle Of Equals Update Release Date

Allods Team’s free-to-play MMO Skyforge is turning one soon and the development team is ready to celebrate. In honor of the big event, they’ve announced…

rappelz feat

Rappelz Confirms New Expansion; Plans For Hardcore Server

A new expansion has been announced for Webzen’s free-to-play dark fantasy MMO Rappelz. The expansion — currently being developed — will launch some time later…

League Khazix thumb

Analyst: Overwatch Is Clobbering League of Legends (But Not NCSoft’s Games) In Korea

Korean investment firm KDB Daewoo’s latest document detailing NCSoft’s financial status is more wide-reaching that its usual reports. In it, the company states that the…

age of conan feat

Age Of Conan Unchained Update Opens Up Access Pass And Membership Areas As Full Free-To-Play

A new Age of Conan Unchained update is making interesting changes to how the game’s monetization system works. The update, titled 5.0, brings with it…

Revelation Online Fly Through

Gaze Upon Revelation Online’s Gorgeous Fly-Through Video

We’re still waiting to hear from and NetEase as to whether Revelation Online will be free-to-play in the West. If you don’t care about…

SWTOR KOTFE Vaylin_Arcann

SWTOR’s Knights of the Fallen Empire Chapter 15, “The Gemini Deception,” Now Live

The penultimate chapter of Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Knights of the Fallen Empire storyline, “The Gemini Deception,” goes live today across all servers. In…

Hearthstone legend rank

Hearthstone Pro Reaches Legend In Three Days With New F2P Account

Who says you need an expensive deck to win at Hearthstone? Not PawełHS, a Polish pro player who was looking for a new challenge. He…

neverwinter feat

Neverwinter PlayStation 4 Launch Set For July 19

Perfect World’s free-to-play Dungeons & Dragons-based MMO, Neverwinter, has been given an official PS4 launch date. The game, which is being ported from the PC…

herowarz feat

HeroWarz Open Beta Test Goes Live

KOG Games’ upcoming free-to-play action MMO HeroWarz is now in Open Beta. As with the last Closed Beta, the game is open to anyone with…

trion feat

Summer Comes To Trion’s Games

Here in the real world, Summer’s been hanging out for about a week now, but in game… It’s just really kicking off. As is the…

Lineage 2 Helios floating castle

Lineage II’s Helios Expansion Is Now Live, Adds Floating Castle With Five Raid Bosses

Lineage II’s new expansion, Helios, goes live today, continuing the Chronicle of Lineage prequel storyline and bringing with it five new factions and raid bosses,…

riders of icarus feat

Riders Of Icarus Open Beta Head Start Kicks Off Today

The open beta for the flying-mount combat oriented MMO Riders of Icarus kicks off in a week, and that means one thing. It’s time for…

granado espada feat

Big Update Hits Granado Espada June 29

Granado Espada’s “New Era” story line is preparing to come to a close. With the release of its next major update, the game will introduce…

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