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Title: HEAT Online | Status: Open Beta
Genre: Racing | Theme: Real Life

Graphics: 3D | Filesize: 1.4 GB
Publisher: Innologin
Developer: Invictus

User Rating:
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What’s explosive about it:
Great Visuals
Addictive Gameplay
Several Game Modes

HEAT online is a free-to-play 3D MMORG (Massively Multiplayer Online Racing Game) developed by Hungarian studio Invictus and previously known as Project Torque. The game is available in several versions for over 4 years and the developer is constantly upgrading and improving the game with new content and features.

This is one of the few free MMO racing games that offer the thrills of high speed that players seek, both on and off road. Join and compete against thousands of players in different race tracks all around the world – Germany, England, Hungary, Mexico and Shanghai, among others. The game engine offers fast gameplay and a realistic damage model in real-time. Watch your car getting deformed from all the crashes. Win points with your racing skills and use them to customize the appearance and performance of your vehicle. HEAT online is just a fun arcade game, so you’ll be enjoying yourself in no time.

Meet your friends and make new ones through the in-game chat and friend list, organize crews or join existing ones, so you can show your skills when it comes to racing in teams. In regular Crew Tournaments you will be able to join a ladder and fight your way up to the top. Beat other racing crews in battles, earn prestige and win prizes.

HEAT Online system requirements:

OS: Windows XP / Vista
RAM: 768MB of RAM | HDD: 1 GB Free
CPU: 1800 MHz single core
Graphics Card: ATI 9600 / Geforce 6600
Featured Video
Free Roam City in HEAT Online
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38 HEAT Online Reviews

  1. how did Leila get all those money?!!!!!!!!

    1. she hacked

  2. played this one for a long time good times

    1. This is a wonderful post and may be one to be flloowed up to see what happensA colleague sent this link the other day and I will be eagerly waiting your next write. Keep on on the first-class work.

  3. THIS IS AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ☺☻

  4. this is my first time playing this game, what car do you start with

    1. i cant log in i cant figure out the password, i only know my username

  5. i used to play this when it was project torque and i had every car nice game hope this is as good as the aeria games version was,and yes people do still say don’t judge a book by it’s cover,you just have to have had parents that said it to their children.

  6. is this game is like Crazy Kart or better then Crazy Kart????????
    Please Reply……. :D

  7. is this game is like Crazy Kart or better then Crazy Kart????????
    Please Reply……. :D.

    1. better then krazy car but not many players any more because the devs dont kno how to run a game and no new content has come to the game thats worth playing it again.. but is good if ur new or like ctf ,teamctf ,sumo mode (u knock cars of a cliff) drift mode and others. but once you hit lvl 60 or mabey less it gets boring because of cheaters and low plaer base = less races

  8. Pros: Sleek and polished graphics, extremely smooth gameplay at max detail in 1080p with even entry-level graphics cards. Fully customizable gamepad support. Decent SFX quality and BGM. Localization by region prevents latency issues that aren’t your ISP’s fault. Well balanced car selection, stats, and performance. Upgrades are purchased directly, like any proper car racing game (glares are NFS:W) with tons of variety and tuning options. Lots of ‘clever joke’ powerups that make your car look ridiculous if used. Lots of mode variety including CTF, Sumo, Drift, NASCAR-style racing, dirt racing, and much more.

    Cons: Not a strong sense of speed early in the game, and rightfully so since the controls are borderline simulation-style. Small playerbase which makes getting into races slow and thus feels like a grind even with boosts. All licensed IRL cars are only available with real money. Those cheesy ‘clever joke’ powerups I mentioned, are small bits of obvious pay2win, but at least they are cheap. Not a lot of dev support lately, seems to be fading away again (formerly Project Torque under Aeria Games).

    Overall: It’s sad to see simulation-style racing games fade away like this. Especially ones with so much spice and variety in their gameplay experience as this. In what racing game do you get to race on the rooftops of skyscrapers under construction? This game! It’s challenging and exciting when you prove your driving skills in twitch-response racing and ultimately a constant thrill. Shattered by the decline in playerbase, and lack of dev support. If it’s popularity grew again though, we would likely start seeing more dev support and hopefully not watch this wonderful little title fade away again.

  9. You go trough other players…thats no fun, i wanna bounce to them…

  10. seems like burnout paradise

  11. This is one of my favourite racing games out there. Granted, I haven’t played that many, [bout 10 or so,] but this one is the best. :D I like the cars, the customization, the game modes, the people, it’s really a great game. To all racers out there you should deff check this out.

  12. PT rocked, the devs killed it themselves by changing the racing dynamics and the handling, they were told and warned,.

  13. game is normal.not best but normal

  14. WTF u have 10000000 cp points how the hell u cane make so much,dude i want that too contact me on skype ghost.boy104

  15. Used to play this game when it was Project Torque. Played for a very long time due to a bigger player-base. Awesome graphics, controls, content, quests, challenges. I would love to see this game grow again, i would play it day and night… As of now, nobody seem to care about racing games and it sucks to see this game go in nowhere.

  16. i like this game qwertyuiop

  17. I loved Project Torque so much… They cuted up for Europe I think.. and they released Level R… completely awesome.. I will try this one to see if keeps rocking my soul.. This is not a copy of Drift city… at the beggining there wasn’t that “live looby” (I don’t know it’s name)..
    Level R had new Game Modes.. Team Games etc.. I missed little details of Project Torque but it was a way too better… And that onboard camera with the moving hands… was and is the most awesome camera ever..
    My opinion is that this is the best mmo Racing game ever made and it still improving..

  18. Dou you go throught other players in real race ?

  19. The Game is alive and well. Just updated last month to the best version of the game. Come try it, you will like it.

  20. The game announced that it’s shutting down in May 2014 – shame

  21. every time I go to their website it’ll say get stated and then it takes me to this ask.com thing pissin me off!!! >:(

  22. Oh, nice, a copy of Drift City.

    1. Drift City’s graphics are waaay more low , even if the gameplay is pretty cool , I have played it , twice , but after a while its getting pretty booring , beside this game that has great graphics but you dont feel that feeling you should feel when u driving like driftings , THEY SUCK , and kinda hard to customize your car , I mean I been playing this game under the name of LevelR and the money received per race were kinda few , didn’t like that , people playing for weeks still had 1st car , this was kinda the thing i stoped played
      but as I sayd i been playing this game published by someone else , maybe Innologin made it easier

    2. Not every mmo racing game is a drift city clone. just like not every mmo is a wow clone!

    3. stupid

    4. this is nothing like Drift City…obviously you haven’t played it. Play something b4 you make comment. Hence, the old saying…”Don’t judge a book by its cover.”
      Also, what you see in the video was one of the first build soon after its release in August of 2010. What you see in the video is not the actual gameplay. All you see is the 3D lobby. This video does not show the ACTUAL gameplay. Please do not be deceived by this video. Go to http://heatonline.com to see the official trailer for this game. Again…what you see here is NOT gameplay, only the 3D social lobby.

      1. lol you said that on my birthday

      2. Shut up….no one says don’t judge a book by its cover any more -_-

        1. that’s not what your mom said in bed

  23. thumbs up if u think Free Roaming SUCK ASS!!

    1. *Thumbs Down*

    2. *Thumbs down*

    3. u on crack? its one of the best thing in a driving mmo.


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