has global ambitions, and they go beyond having an integrated worldwide server for Armored Warfare. Speaking to, Senior Marketing Manager Omer Karakayali said that “With every new title, we are looking at PC and console now.”

This statement of intent comes following the console launches of Skyforge (on PS4 and XB1), Armored Warfare (on PS4 and XB1), and Warface (on PS4 and XB1), with Karakayali hoping that there’s more to come:

“In the future, ideally, we would go to all platforms at the same time with a new title: PlayStation, Xbox, PC; that would be the best case for us.”

Exactly what new console games we might see from is still a mystery. The company publishes Revelation Online and Conqueror’s Blade in the West, though neither has a presence on consoles. will be publishing Intrepid Studios’ RPG Ashes of Creation in Europe and CIS countries, a different kind of game from’s usual fare, a move that Karakayali said would help to “extend our portfolio” and “won’t cannibalize” the developer/publisher’s other games.


  1. that’s interesting, actually. but how are they going to bring mmos like Revelation and new titles to consoles? i can’t even imagine playing some classic-style mmo on gamepad


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