Everquest 2 Pulls Down "Pay-To-Raid" Loot Boxes From Cash Shop

The community was not happy with the new personal loot system.

Troy Blackburn
By Troy Blackburn, News Editor Posted:

Everquest 2 pulls pay to raid loot boxes

Earlier this month, Everquest 2 announced a new loot box system that bypassed lockouts and provided the chance to buy more opportunities at raid gear through the cash shop. Needless to say, the MMORPG's community was not happy about the changes and took to the forums to let the developers at Daybreak know.

Fast-forward to yesterday when developer Kander took to the forums to let players know that they would be taking down the loot boxes in question from the cash shop, and no other personal loot system would be taking its place.

"After listening to your feedback and having lots of discussions, we have decided to pull the Libant Evernight Heritage Crate from the in-game Marketplace store," the post reads. "The crate and most of its current contents will no longer be for sale.

"We heard you and understand that there were particular elements of the Libant Heritage Crate that run counter to our shared values. We will no longer be making any of these types of items available. We will, however, be putting up a different crate in the future with a format similar to previous crates."

It's good to see a system like this go away, especially considering the "pay-to-win" nature of the system, or "pay-to-raid" as so many forum posters put it. What players should not forget, however, is that Daybreak wanted this type of system in place, and could try something similar in the future. Keep your eyes open Everquest 2 players, and keep fighting the good fight.

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