Halloween is fully under way in gamigo’s selection of games. Some of these we’ve already informed you of: Shadow’s Eve in Trove and the pandemic-themed event in Grand Fantasia. Today, the company sent out a press release highlighting events in eight of its other games. (Okay… Nine… But that’s because ArcheAge: Unchained exists.)

Speaking of ArcheAge, both games with the title are hosting a Halloween event on Mirage Isle. This includes broom races that will reward players with Little Witch Tokens and a selection of achievements. As with all event tokens, the Little Witch Tokens can be traded in for several useful items — so long as you do it before November 5.

In Defiance 2050, the Hulkers have returned, bringing the Afflicted with them to infect Ark Hunters. It’s up to players to complete a series of tasks in order to defeat the Hulkers and their Afflicted friends while earning mod fusions, synergies, and more. As for Shayia, players have both a zombie infestation and a quest from Jack the Skeleton to deal with. Or, they can just follow an icecream truck that spawns enemies they can fight. (Always knew those things were creepy.)

As for the rest of the games, Aura Kingdom, Fiesta Online, Twin Saga, Echo of Soul, and Last Chaos all have a little bit of something going on. Players can find out more about their events on the games’ sites.


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