NCSoft released its Q3 2018 financial report late this week, and it’s a pretty quiet one. Of the five games typically covered in the report, only Lineage 2 saw significantly different sales from Q2, while the other four games — Lineage, Blade & Soul, Aion, and Guild Wars 2 — saw only minor variations.

The mobile business was also steady, rising slightly from 209,909 million Korean won (mKRW) to 216,490 mKRW. In terms of the company overall, operating profit was down 13% from the previous quarter and net income down 33%. It’s probably better not to talk about year-over-year changes, since Q3 2017 was NCSoft’s banner quarter, with over 500,000 mKRW in sales coming from the mobile sector — largely Lineage M — alone.

None of this means NCSoft is in trouble, exactly. Overall sales, quoted at 403,831 mKRW, are still much higher than they were before Lineage M exploded onto the scene. That was Q2 2017, when the company managed just 258,623 mKRW. And none of the company’s games are doing so poorly as to warrant them being shut down — well, that which shall not be mentioned in financial reports, of course.

You can see the Q3 2018 financial report yourself on the NCSoft Investor Relations page.

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