After the recent cancellation of Gamigo’s Grimlands, the Alpha announcement for the post-apocalyptic FPS Survarium’s couldn’t have come at a better time. Like you would expect with any Alpha, the testing pool will be limited.

The developers at Vostok Games best known as those guys who were going to make Stalker 2, have created a short form for players to fill out, asking for details regarding one’s gaming habits along with asking for your computer’s DXDiag info and three reasons why you should be chosen for the Alpha. I don’t suppose one of those reasons should include “I LOVE STALKER FRANCHISE”. I am sure they get enough of that anyways.

After successfully registering players will have to wait and see whether they are one of the lucky few to gain access. There has been no announcement as to when the alpha will take place, but you can get a general sense of their timeline by well, viewing their timeline they unveiled earlier this year. In the mean time you can check out the latest dev diary above which showcases some new locales along with breaking down the game’s Renaissance Army faction.

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  1. Another Fps. If its not a moba, you can bet on it that the game will be a FPS. Well,and on top of that it will be browser based. oh lord, why? Whats the problem with client based? Who came up and said,”meh, client based is from hell, we need to make it browser based”. Every FPS that way fails. Bugs everywhere, laggy for everyone. Wanna be in a bad mood? Play a round FPS in you browser and ur wish will come true. Im serious, get better PCs ppl. Im sick of this. Cant efford one? Go play mobile games then, the same ****.

  2. Another game i will just wait till ob starts cause i aint interested enough to actually ty and join its beta or alpha oh well

  3. Russians devs are best and know what market needs and want pay. Burn in hell all Korean Chinese Japanse dwarf, elf, mage, copy of copy…..

    • i can tell u that russian devs arent the best. look at what happened to warz, they made that game to what the market doesnt want and doesnt want to pay for.

    • “russian devs are the best” what??? are u trying to be funny or do u belive ur own words? Maybe try some games. yes,thats all i have to say because i dont think uve ever played a video game in ur life.


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