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About the game:
Title: Alganon
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Developer: Quest Online
Publisher: Quest Online

Explosive Features:

  • Dual Roles
  • Interface and graphic style very similar to World of Warcraft
  • Studies – for offline planning and character advancemen

Alganon is a free to play 3d fantasy-based MMORPG !that allows thousands of people to play together in a virtual world that features a rich history dominated by commanding deities, powerful weapons and armor, deadly magic, epic quests, ancient places to discover, the utilization of detailed tradeskills, and more. Designed from scratch and based in a uniquely created world, the initial goal in designing Alganon is to provide “Simple Gameplay with Unlimited Growth in a massive world of immersion and interaction”.

Originally released as a subscription based game, Alganon is now free-to-play! Part of achieving this goal is to create a game that is easy for anyone to play, but also to build the game in so that even the most skilled and core gamer has the potential to grow beyond their expectations.

Featured Video

System Requirements

Alganon Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.4 GHz
Memory Ram: 2GB
Hard Disk Space: At least 4GB of free Space
Video Card: nVidia 6000 series, ATI 9800

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  1. Here’s a good video playthrough from Jun 2015:

    It looks ok. It’s still glitchy in places and very old-style WoW. It’s not even very good at mimicing old-style WoW though. It’s like a cheap version. This is not to say it has nothing. Watch all of the videos in the above link. Beware though there’s no information about the game, especially the end game. Anybody playing it will be playing it mostly blindly.

    Not much else is good. My research shows me the game has very few players. The steam watcher website says only < 10 people on at a time. The other bad thing is one of the lead owners is very vocal in the forums and rules with an iron fist, making it extremely difficult for anybody to speak openly without being banned or feeling pushed away.

  2. Thanks for writing the reviews. I played WoW for several years. It was great until Cata launched and the devs went downhill with it (Starting with the removal of the most epic quest line battle in the game: Battle for Undercity). By the end of MoP I Gave my guild to my second in command and gave my alt bank to a trusted friend. Still looking for a game that will hold my attention more than 3 to 6 months. Something close to WoW pre2009 (customizable key bindings, interesting lore you can learn through quest lines, etc.) but different enough to be earn it’s own players would be nice ((not a rip off or clone).

    • Star Wars, the old republic has a pretty good story line and the Revan and Old Kingdom expansions are pretty good. It’s like any other MMO tho, in that it gets repetitive very fast once you’ve run all the story lines through

  3. Played for about 3 days on 2 different characters, never saw anyone. Went to the steam/Alganon forums and created a topic asking about how many players there actually are playing the game. Next day one of the Alganon Developers who “moderate” their own forum perma banned me. Now i cannot create topics/comment/interact with anything. Shitty devs, but then again thats just my opinion :]

  4. I wanted to like this game but the combat in it is broken. There is a lag involved when you fight something that you don’t experience in the rest of the game. Game also feels as if it’s abandoned. In the forums the last post seems to be back in March 2014. It looks as if the game was semi decent at one point and then broke when they expanded it.
    Don’t even bother until they fix it. Whenever that will be.

  5. This game is crap. Beginning quests are buggy, if you happen to get passed the first part, you will just get stuck not being able to kill anything. mobs do not hit back, ranged anything, doesnt work. game is complete waste of download time, and definitely waste of devs money..

  6. Just another wow clone, this game ripped off wow, so they should pay wow for taking stuff from. Wow this game sucks and wow is much better. Everyone should be friends and play wow together.

  7. Well if people want to call other games WoW clones how about this WoW got it’s stuff from EQ so stfu about everything being like WoW when WoW got it’s stuff from EQ learn about stuff before you say stuff.

    • Wow. Butthurt much? WoW was a lot more successful than EQ. Even if it got stuff from EQ, it was different enough to be it’s own game instead of a cheap imitation. Unlike this game, which seems to be a cheap imitation. If you can’t understand what people mean by WoW clone, maybe it’s you that should go and play WoW? Then again, I don’t really want Blizzard making any more money out of that game if I can help it…

      And to be honest, I didn’t play EQ much but I actually felt it was a better game than WoW. Unfortunately, most of ‘Murica are all gaga over being able to beat big bad raid bosses. I didn’t know memorizing the attack patterns of a raid boss was such a huge thing for people in ‘Murica.

  8. hey all , whta do ya’all recomend ?? a good and popular online mmorp game ???
    finding a lot but i want a popular one for friends and all


    The Netherlands

  9. ugh i couldnt even sign up,email never sent,when i tried to resend i couldnt get past the enter email because it was saying it was already taken even though i was never able to verify

  10. I have played Alganon for a while. Yes it is a very small base of players. The Alganon team has been talking expansion since Fall 2011 and it has not yet materialized. Is it any wonder not many players in the game?

  11. what i have to say is people who say stuff is a wow clone then go back to wow and stfu no one wants to see your pathetic message

      • No, actually, the only ones who’re pathetic is the people who cry wow clone with every new mmorpg released.

        Alganon is a horrid game however and is a wow “rip-off”, but not a clone.

        The developer is also the most vulgar and distasteful person in the industry and has a record of making crap games and talking down his customers.

        This is also a comment section, kids. If you don’t want to see other people’s opinions, just get off the internet, permanently.

  12. To be completely honest the game isnt really that bad besides the fact that it has a small playerbase. and sure its a wow clone but it is free and so what if its a wow clone all good games that are made are always similar like for example Divine Divinity is a copy of diablo and so is dungeon siege 3 but there all really good games even though there very similar too diablo. so maybe if you just gave this game a chance youd realize that its actually a really good game that just hasnt been noticed.

  13. To be completely honest the game isnt really that bad besides the fact that it has a small playerbase. and sure its a wow clone but it is free and so what if its a wow clone all good games that are made are always similie

  14. It’s too bad because Alganon has the potential to be a good game, but it is literally a barren wasteland. I saw two people at the area where I started at! So, really, to me it didn’t feel like an MMO, but felt more a single player game 😛


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