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Title: Blitz 1941 | Status: Offline
Genre: Simulation | Theme: Historical

Graphics: 2D | Filesize: 168 MB
Publisher: TwoWar
Developer: eFusion MMOG

User Rating:
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What’s explosive about it:
60 different historically correct tanks
Unique gameplay
WASD Controls as well as point and click

Blitz1941 is a free to play MMO tank simulation game based on the German-Soviet conflict during World War II. Gamers can choose one of over 60 different historically correct tanks of both sides, fight against other players to occupy the enemy’s cities. Up to 3000 players per server can engage in large-scale combat operations at the same time. Attacking the opponents tanks is also important as upgrading the own tank and working on the military career.

Blitz 1941 is a unique online tank simulation with elements of role-playing and real-time-strategy gaming. Blitz 1941 is easy to learn, offers innovative and compelling strategic depth and grows with its community for endless, cooperative entertainment.

Blitz 1941 system requirements:

OS: Windows XP / Vista / 98 / ME/ 2000
RAM: 128 MB Free | HDD:200 MB Free Space
CPU: Intel Pentium III 600 MHz
Graphics Card: Any 3D Accelerator Card
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  1. Este jogo tem que voltar, é muito bom, alguém tinha que conversar com alguma empresa mais grande que a twowar para poder traze-lo de volta.

    • it not dead its jest moved over to a new sight you will have to go to the new one on the Japanese website and you will find some more people

  2. good game but not rilly any one left on tanks are well balanced but i seem no notice that its jest plain out of date you will more likely rather play world of tanks then this but if you want a break its funn to hop on for a little while.

      • W.o.T standing for world of tanks is way better 3D graphics not just soviet and german forces but chinese, american, british,japanese,and chinese tanks.I highly recommend all of u readers to play World of Tanks i play it and if u like tanks this is the best for it.this is all jumbled up tansk firing at each other but for the heck of t im playing for some thing else to do in summer.If your looking for a different game DO NOT PLAY Guns and Robots. it sucks. so see u later.

  3. It’s a difficult game to get to grips with, but once you master it’s complex and not very intuitive (for me anyway) control method; it’s brilliantly enjoyable and mentally challenging. Everything a war game should be.


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