About the game:
Title: Born to Fire
Status: Shut Down Graphics: 3D
Genre: Shooter
Developer: Aeria Games
Publisher: Aeria Games

Explosive Features:

  • 5 Distinct Classes
  • Game Replays
  • Indepth customization

Born to Fire is a free to play FPS published Aeria Games. Set sometime in the future, the US and the Russian Federation have become embroiled in a all-out conflict with no rules, no mercy, and no end in sight. As a soldier in this war, you have only one choice – you kill your enemy, or your enemy kills you.

It’s up to players to choose from one of five unique classes and work together. Each class offers a different playstyle and equipment for players to use in battle such as a riot shield, a medic gun, flamethrower, and more.

Born to Fire offers cosmetic items to equip your character with, each with their own unique stats. Play in one of the various game modes spanning multiple maps including the “Fun” mode, which allows players to participate in unusual fire-fights with unique rules and setups.

Featured Video

System Requirements

Born to Fire Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP (32 Bit Only)*, Vista, 7, or 8
Processor: Pentium 4 2.0 Ghz or above
Memory Ram: 512MB
Hard Disk Space: At least 4GB of free Space
Video Card: Nvidia – FX 5700, ATI – Radeon 9500

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  1. This game was awesome.
    It had the same gameplay and the same maps as SOW (seven yeats of war) on
    So bad that this company couldn’t keep the server of this game and others online.

  2. The graphics look REALLY, REALLY OLD, its like the graphics of the first 3D FPS game, im not downloading this, looks like crap. and i guest this is PTW game, i doubt theres some group who cares about the experience of the player instead of a piece of paper with numbers printed on it, ITS JUST PAPER, snap out of it! But according to the pictures the graphics in the tunnel is very impressive, but it looks a little too smooth for concrete.

  3. i’m not gonna say it sucks, but this game is way too similar to a lot of other older games, just one more in the bunch, i actually played it for a while, i still have it installed, there’s just too many games exactly like this one out there, like i said i’m not gonna say the game sucks, if you like FPS you’ll probably enjoy it, just don’t download it expecting something different, it doesn’t really offer anything you can’t find in like 30-40 other games,

    • @xxmiky I would agree with you if this game was published several years ago, not these days. This game feels several years old rather than new because it looks so basic and it’s not innovative in any way.

  4. Games fun but the medic class is able to heal very often making her a little over powered. Starter guns are crap and you have to keep rebuying your weapons like most mmofps. 3.5/5

  5. Its completely up to you. You must have never trdead games before. They never give you what the are worth or they would not make any money. you can generally expect to get 25% of what you paid for them. If they are older games you will probably only get a couple of dollars each for them

    • Could yall give me an opinion on these Playstation 3 video games?My msktaie, some of these games aren’t out yet, but what the hey. The Playstation 3 games are:•Call of Duty 4•The Darkness•Grand Theft Auto 4•Haze•Metal Gear Solid 4•Prince of Persia•Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction•Resistance: Fall of Men•Sonic the Hedgehog•SoulCalibur 4•Warhawk•Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit

  6. Seriously is this game made for human being? Even the CROSSFIRE and SOLDIER FRONT are better than this shlt. This is the only game that I played one round and uninstalled.
    If you download this game for the sweetheart on title page I suggest you delete it right now before her fatass and huge legs truly hurt you little heart.


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