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Title: Caesary
Status: Shutdown
Genre: Strategy | Theme: Historical
Graphics: 2D | Type: Browser Game
Publisher: Aeria Games / LeKool
Developer: R2Games
User Rating:
1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (20 votes, 2.55 out of 5)

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What’s explosive about it:
Clean Interface
Solid Tutorial
Interesting Setting

Caesary is a web based strategy game with a Roman theme. Players start with a small town and must gradually build it up into a thriving city-state. The gameplay mechanics interface, and visuals are very similar to prior strategy games, but Caesary does offer a few surprises. Among these is the colony system that allows weaker players to pay tribute to a powerful player in return for protection, Zodiac Ceremony, Job Creation, and League Contribution.

Caesary offers a lot of remarkable new features, such as Flash-based Battle Replay, Detailed Battle Report, and Legendary Hero Recruitment. Since everybody will have an army, the situation requires players unite to form their own league. Together with a league, players can battle other leagues for control of the whole Roman world!

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  2. I think it’s an INSIDE JOB xD

    the developers is tired of this game and wanna stop you from playing this.

    they don’t care about the players they only want money.wahahahahahhaha

  3. we spent weeks mouths even years playing that game and alot of use might of even put alot of money into that game and i bet thay didn’t want there money to go to weast like that so i want the developers to get that game back so we can play it again.

  4. and just because the hackers didn’t like the game doesn’t mean thay have the right to get rid of the game lots of people that i knew on the game spend alot of there time getting really far on the game we all put alot our time into that game and thats all gone to hell

  5. When the game existed, it sucked. The game developers were only after money, and they did not listen to what their players were saying. Eventually, the game started to get hackers, cheaters, etc. Still, the game developers did nothing. And now, the game is gone. Hooray!

    If you still want to know what it was like, it is basically exactly the same as other 2D browser RTS games.

    • why did thay get rid of the game caesery i really liked that game and i put like $100 into that game i have 8 cities and i was really f*** far on the game and now im pissed that the game is gone i really want that game back if you dont like it you dont have to play it but there is some people who want to play the game.


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