About the game:
Title: Chronoblade
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Genre: MMORPG Type: Browser
Developer: nWay
Publisher: nWay

Explosive Features:

  • Fluid Combat Combos.
  • Interesting Skill Trees.
  • Diablo-esque Item Customization.

Chronoblade is a 3D side-scrolling MMORPG developed by nWay. The game focuses on players progressing through alternate worlds via individual dungeons which present the player with a variety of enemy types as they progress. Players have access to primary and secondary attacks (effectively light and heavy attacks) which can be strung together to create unique combos much like those available in games like Street Fighter. In addition to individual attack combinations, players can also block and counter attack enemies as well as use special abilities unlocked via each character’s skill tree.

A total of 4 characters will be available at launch with players cooperating in groups of up to 4 in each dungeon. As players level up they gain access to skill points which can be spent in two separate skill trees per character. These skill trees offer players the choice of activatable abilities and passive traits which can be slotted in order to create unique play-styles. A character can for example, slot only passive skills in order to maximize his damage through just auto attack combos.

In addition to unlockable skills, players will loot a variety of gear in each level. Chronoblade is being developed by one of the original creators of the Diablo series, which reflects in a player’s choice of gear upgrades. Players can equip items which grant the player upgraded damage, unique passive stats (such as increased damage from critical strikes), and even abilities the player had yet to unlock. Besides progressing through the games PvE storyline, players can also participate in competitive PvP or tournaments, which score a player based on his highest attack combo and overall performance in a dungeon.

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System Requirements

Chronoblade Minimum System Requirements:
OS: XP, Vista, Windows 7
Processor: 2.33GHz or faster x86-compatible
Memory Ram: 1 GB

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  1. Honestly, this game has a lot of potential but it is LOADED with bugs. I played it pretty solid for 3 weeks. The pvp matchmaking is terrible (half hour of waiting for a 2 minute game), but the pve is pretty solid. I quit because the game bugged and deleted all my armor.

    • For the amount of time i got to play this game (year or 1/2) its was pretty good the pve was amazing but pvp…Well lets say it was unbalanced. There were those people who would just perma-stun/cc you and just air-combo you until you are defeated. So there was little to no counterplay against that therefore that was the only thing that was in my opinion bad.

  2. Hi playd a few lvls and for a browser this looks awsome
    Cant wait for online release thumbs up for this game keep it going nWay!!!

  3. why is it chronoblade anyway you said it can’t have sword why is it chrono(blade) it have to be chronopunch right?


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