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About the game:
Title: City of Steam
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Genre: MMORPG Type: Browser
Developer: Mechanist Games
Publisher: R2 Games

Explosive Features:

  • Industrial age theme.
  • Impressive graphics.
  • Unique weapon and item enhancement system.

City of Steam is browser-based industrial age fantasy MMORPG by Mechanist Games.

Influenced by the industrial age, City of Steam has a mix of fantasy and Sci-fi in a RPG world. Utilizing the Unity 3D engine, the game has impressive graphics despite being browser-based. It will also deliver a fast-paced combat, and a weapon and equipment enhancement system in which players are able to craft and customize their items.

Players can experience fast-paced combat, and craft and customize their items with a unique enhancement system.

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System Requirements

City of Steam Minimum System Requirements:
OS: XP, Vista, Windows 7
Processor: 2.33GHz or faster x86-compatible
Memory Ram: 1 GB
Hard Disk Space: 100 MB HD space

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  1. Seems the game will be having a 3rd server wipe and relaunch… I sure liked what they wanted to do but go way over greedy with it and went over board. Sorry I don’t think you guys will be able to do it 3 times in a row and think people wont see what you are doing.

  2. Had this game a while back and lost it somehow when my HDD went bad. I liked it better then. Now its auto-move and auto-combat. You miss too much with auto anything(loot, mostly). You can’t look around as much. I’ve checked a several browser games in the last few weeks. Too many run on auto.

  3. I have played the game for a few weeks. I am level 28. My general experience of the game has been a good one. I have made full use of the auto combat system when leveling. I am starting to get a bit bored of doing the same things over and over. I will probably stop playing soon but I would recommend that anyone checks it out. It’s better than most other browser mmo’s. I have not found a uk server and so I miss out of things like guild battles. I access the game through steam.

  4. as far as browser based games go the interface isn’t as user friendly as Kings Road but there’s much more to do. I’ve been playing both games and think that although Kings Road has less bugs, COS has a lot more potential for hours of fun.

    • I believe the game runs on the Unity game engine. so the answer is yes but there’s some good games to be played through the Unity Web Player and is worth the download.

  5. honestly, this game could use some work. Its really clunky. The HUD takes a very large portion of the screen. Something that is annoying is that there is an option for auto-combat but not one for auto-looting (unless if you’re willing to pay 15 bucks right off the bat for a permanent). I have never seen a pet system like this, and I’m glad this was my first time experiencing such an atrocity. They give you a LIMITED TIME on your pet…. However the graphics are good, especially for a browser game, and the story is decent. This is another game that heavily favors pay to players.

    I really like the character customization more than the actual game.
    gameplay: 2/5
    graphics: 4/5

  6. Game is not the same as it as in R2. Even though R2 wanted to plug it for money and give nothing in return.

    Now that the game developers got control they want to plug it for money and give content in return. The game is now basicly a P2P game where everything including the auction house it elec based. Free pets are now replaced with time limited pets even the pets that are dropped from boss’s that are already low drop rate to begin with are limited. (to get a limited pet back you have to pay for a extender item).

    Everything that was in R2 was priced very well for me back then, but comparing the mall to then is a huge difference.

    If you where a player back in the old version do not play it.

    If you are a new player coming in to look at it go ahead its a cool looking game. (just think really carefully before you spend anything on the game).

  7. The game as it is now is so much different than what it was in the mmobomb videos. It is now a run-of-the-mill browser mmorpg with heavily pay to win shop. That crap just doesn’t fly in the western market.
    They did try to do something in the beginning and for some reason it didn’t pan out and they shut down, although the game had a lot of promise. Now it came back in the worst form possible. Imo it should’ve stayed shut down rather than whoring out like this.

    • I agree with Rami and eunusunt.

      If you are new to this game, i suggest either give it a try and see for yourself, or instead check the cos arkadia forum, and check the threads in the game discussion section.

      If you like p2w go for it, u’ll love it. If you don’t, then i suggest to move on.

  8. I wonder, why are people saying it sucks because of the graphics? *sigh* Kids these days, complaining about graphics because it`s not, “GTAV” like. Now f**k off and get a life. Nit wits.

    • Haha, really? The game sucks because of its gameplay. Click to move to quest location, auto combat, boring, shitty.. you know what I mean.

  9. Believe me this game Suck this Game Suck this Game Suck there is nothing interesting in this game there is nothing that will encourage u to keep going beside getting new gear. This game consume a lot of your time and there is nothing in this game that could worth ur precious time people wake up why i keep hearing that this game is awesome. Where is the fun in moving each time to a new city after clearing all of it’s dungeon. The same process is repeated in each new city it’s so repetitive and there is no fun in something repetitive our life is already full of repetitive stuffs so work harder to come with new ideas.

  10. Erm… WHAT?! I typed in my info and everything. When I go to click register button, POOF! no results. I stay on the same page and nothing happens. Ridiculous I say.

  11. the new mechanist website for the usa servers is now up, with a lot of info to read!

    they have also released the compensaiton info details,r egarding account/players compensation for alpha/closed beta players and r2 server players.

    i have also done some reviews about the situation on my youtube, the newest regarding the recent compensation announcement. please give it a view and leave some comments on the video.

    youtube channelname = hurricane126 (no space between hurricane and 126)

  12. you can’t even talk in the global chat if you don’t pay, they scr***d the steam look with thei green grass and flowers, too instance based.

  13. this game has stagnated. its great for a run through, but unless you are into micro managing gear and pvp tourneys that only happen once a day (and for much of the world, in a very inconvenient time slot… 2 servers and no globe splitting? huh…) then once you run all the missions once, and have enjoyed the 1/5 of a story you get out of the deal (this game is VERY unfinished) it just turns into a daily grindathon to reach level 38 (the current cap) where, once you reach it, the only thing really left to do is search for better gear (read: beating one or two different bosses over and over and over and over) and hunting for mods (read: running one or two different dungeons over and over and over and over) to micro manage your gear so that you may have a chance in the daily pvp tourney or a shot at climbing the ladder. Ofc, you can do all this stuff before you hit 38 too, but since the top players are all 38 you will have little or no chance of beating them till you are too.
    All in all, i would give this game 4/5 stars for- Graphics, Missions, and Story. I would give it 1/5 stars for Endurance tho. Ofc, if you do enjoy the things i do not, then you will love this game likely.

    • I’ve played now up to almost 31 and this comment captures where I’m at to a T. For a browser this game is five stars, it could be absolutely amazing if its developed further.
      However, when you hit lv. 20 things start slowing down, and at about level 26 it becomes an absolute grindfest. I’m in no rush to level up, as Mootent says, there just isn’t a point. I’ll log in just to get my bonus, but probably won’t play but once a week. I feel like I’m just going to keep my foot in the door at the moment.

  14. THE MOST AWSOME AND BORING AND COOL AND LAME AND AMAZING AND …………………………………………………………………………..UM 🙂 🙁

  15. This game was the shit in closed beta, now in open beta its horrible. Ever since R2 games became publisher game has become a basic Chinese P2W mmo. Its repetitive, extremely horrible drop rates, failure on upgrades is laughable, they replaced a cool collection system which gave you costumes with a retarded stat bonus system, farming for the required items will take weeks and rank 3+ months. Bugs everywhere. If Mech is serious with this game they need to show R2 the door and go back to their old game which was awesome!

  16. This game doesn’t even allow anyone to trade items and now removed the ability to mail items.
    I don’t know why these retards don’t want us to share loot but that’s enough to make me go away from the game.

    • u sound like talking about Ngame’s games. Which they do to some of their older games too. No trading of items and cash money.

  17. i just couldn’t get past how weird the character models looked to care about how good/bad the gameplay was. It was like a browser version of Allods.

  18. I like this game so far. It runs smoothly and looks fantastic on my computer, which is awesome since it’s browser-base and I didn’t have to sit around for a couple hours, waiting for it to download and install and patch.

    The movement and combat is super straight forward and easy to learn, and it’s fast-paced. The mechanics are all easy to learn, as a matter of fact. You’ll be upgrading all your gear regularly and transmuting in no time at all.

    The energy thing really shouldn’t be an issue. You get 1000 energy, and roughly 25 is spent entering a new dungeon (as far as I can see, I can only say it’s that way for the lowbie dungeons). You regain 10 energy per 10 minutes, so if anything, all it does is encourage you to take a break now and then. I like this about my games since I have a horrible addiction to playing them for hours on end when I should be doing things IRL. If you manage to spend all 1000 energy in one sitting, it’s probably NOT a good sign and you shouldn’t fault CoS for it.

  19. Its like wartune you need energy to do dungeons. its boring you can run out in 2hours you can farm for it but it takes hours and makes the game pointless also no trading allowed.And the mods are rude dont even answer any of your question.

  20. this game could be better if it wasnt point and click if it had the same aiming system in drakensang this game would be golden

  21. I played a bit of this game, and I have to say it’s a good game. It has original idea, nice look, different classes and “races”, it has things good mmo should have 🙂

  22. I played during the closed invite betas for this game, and I have to say it’s worth the play.
    Though with my current computer problem[HDD died, using brothers] and it’s a great
    game with a ton of content, you can have your own home[though I’m not sure how to get more
    stuff for it, they didn’t have it during the CBT].
    SO once I get my computer back in working order I will be playing this.

  23. This is NOT produced by r2games. City of Steam is developed by the company Mechanist Games. They only hired r2games to be their publisher and help promote the game so that the Mechanist developers would have more time to focus on getting this game ready for open beta and then release. I know r2games has a bad rep for pay to win model games, but believe me, City of Steam will not be that kind of game.

  24. truthaboutr2games (.) webnode (.) com

    I would suggest to avoid any r2games production whether you are a spender or not :/

  25. Just played through their winter event that ended yesterday. If you’ve played other browser mmorpg’s such as the Drakensang Online, you’ll be happier with City of Steam. Game is free to play and of course has a cash shop, but unlike most F2P games their cash shop and game isn’t BUY TO WIN. You can happily play the game without ever using the cash shop (although supporting the developer by buying currency is a nice thing), heck you start with about 1500 cash shop currency (Electrum) for your account anyways, which I would suggest you save for respecs (Although I do hope they make respecs with in game currency as well). That or use the electrum to buy more bank space, get a motorcycle (which looks cool but not really needed), or even a pet.

    Although the games still in CB, it seemed pretty polished to me and for a browser game I really give the guys and gals over at Mechanist Games a big thumbs up. Game is fun, great graphics, pretty nice customization, classes, talent builds, and well, outside of some clipping bugs, line of sight, and some minor suggestions for them to tweak game. I’d give it a 4.5 out of 5. They also seem to hear the community and are very open to feedback and suggestions, which in my book would bump my 4.5 to a 4.75. Definitely worth checking out for anyone who’s a fan of steam punk, rpgs, or hack slash stuff like Diablo.

  26. I would like to say this game is really impressive game period browser or non browser… the design team cares and listens to players and is not afraid to make changes, and for me that is very impressive by its self so many game makers just care about how quick they can shake the change out of your pockets thru p2w or micro trans. understand this is a game trying to be polished into a gem . I look forward to playing this in one day and some few hours now. be there or beeee square.

  27. @CoS_Gab

    This game is confusing, your saying mmo, but on other sites it’s mmorpg, which is it? If it’s a combo of both, how does that work.

    • lol there is no difference in a MMO and a MMORPG….MMORPG is just stating what genre the MMO is…MMO(Massively Multiplayer Online)…MMORPG(Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game)….there you go.

  28. This looks awesome but is it F2P? If so i’d definetly be interested in playing when it comes out. But if it’s Pay to Play I probably won’t pla it as I have more important things for my money to go towards.

  29. dude u cant play it now because its closed beta right ….in this passig day or month something they have given some key to play i think they will release it september somthing according to thier foru

    • dude u cant play it now because its closed beta right ….in this passig day or month something they have given some key to play i think they will release it september somthing according to thier forum..

  30. 100MB for this game never dude my PC is too good for this shit.You know what Skyrim is better,even it is best game on world.You can talk anything but i think that and i will forever.
    If you never played it i assure you you will be so happy for downloading and installing it!

    • It’s that because of the tons of optimization we made to it because we want it to be very accessible, but it in no way decreases its overall quality or content; since it’s a browser-based game, there’s just a small load for different areas, and the rest is streamed. The ~100MB thing? Don’t let it fool you into thinking it’s a small game 😛

      Whether your computer is good or not, it might be well worth it to give the game a shot when Beta comes out (November); it’s free to play, and don’t need to download a bulky client, so you can jump in and play right away 🙂

      • Great wee game. Don’t rise to his “Skyrim is better” bullshit, he’s just shallow-minded and think the F2P games with microtransactions are lesser quality, when in fact, I find them much more enjoyable than most games you have to buy. As for his “PC is too good” It’s probably only some POS from about 5 years ago with a crap GTS 450 graphics card upgrade that he bought from eBay.. People like him just need to be put down.

    • Since you think Skyrim is the best in the world I can tell you 2 things with absolute certainty #1You live with your parents still. #2You have not played real mmorpg just rpg’s that have hype you buy into with the rest of the kiddies

      • So they release the game
        Close the game due to lack of interest
        Open the game after changing a few things here and there
        Only to close again

        Fail game


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