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About the game:
Title: Cloud Nine
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Developer: Mgame
Publisher: Netgame

Explosive Features:

  • Great cel-shaded graphics and gameplay
  • Lots of content
  • Unique racial skill trees

Cloud Nine is a free to play 3D fantasy MMORPG featuring anime-based graphics and a class system that revolves! Also known as Holic 2, Cloud Nine is a step above its predecessor, the original Holic game: gamers are able to choose an additional character class, thus influencing your character development! Not to mention the fact that characters in Cloud Nine have not only the ability to shape-shift, but even tame and manipulate powerful creatures to do their bidding.

CloudNine features unique “Monster” systems such as Monster Transformation system, Monster Card Collection, and Monster Taming/Riding as well as introduces Class Revolve, and Seven Sign Combo, Dungeon Building system.

The Races to choose from are the Koshare (“earth children”) Matsuka (part human/part animal warriors), and Seneka (technology gods)

Meanwhile, Cloud Nine offers a wide variety of classes:

Warrior- Specializing in melee combat, this class features higher health and defense ratings.

Hunter- A master of the bow, the hunter runs circles around the enemy with ease.

Cleric- Protect this guy! Your primary spell-caster and healing agent.

Monk– Like the warrior, a melee fighter who connects to his “chi”— a front-line soldier for sure!

Mage- Put a ring of warriors around this offensive spell-caster and watch the fireworks.

Rogue- A stealthy assassin who attacks from the rear.

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System Requirements

Cloud Nine Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 1.2 Ghz or AMD 1600+
Memory Ram: 256MB
Hard Disk Space: At least 7GB of free Space
Video Card: GeForce4 Ti 4200 or ATI Radeon 9000

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  1. (Cloud Nine)
    + 5 Classes or more
    + 4 Races
    + Pets,Costume
    + Role Playing Game
    + Friendly Community
    + Good Storyline
    – Small Community
    – Bug
    – Lack of Support
    – Less Developer
    – Server Problem

  2. I realy Love this Game !!! It’s beautyfull and Perfect, i like to grind with my pet he ist so cute and my Mount takes me to the farest places. 5 / 5 Stars for the best Anime online Game ever! I Hope to Meeting you in Cloud Nine !!!

  3. I downloaded and made a character. Gameplay and graphics really arnt bad. But I played for maybe 30 mins before I realized there was NOBODY around. So I checked forums and the latest posts are weeks/months ago pretymuch saying the game is dead. I went back to the game and just explored and came across 3 people. all of which seemed to be afk,

    • Yeah it died now. A few years back it used to be such a lively community with English players maybe about 50-100+ players, but now it all went down by exactly what a commentor said on this because of “greedy devs.” Now most of the time there will be Spanish players who will do nothing, but afk.

  4. The site to this game is faulty. I make an account then i even waited a week trying every day to log in and it says wrong ID or password and after that week i reset my password to what my new password i use was and every day for a week i still try and log in and IT DOESNT WORK AND THE FREAKING SUPPORT LINK TAKES ME TO A SHOP PAGE TO BUY INGAME MERCHANDISE!!!

  5. Ok, so I did play Holic 1 and C9(Holic 2) and I must say that I would always take Holic 1 over C9.

    Holic 1 was better in many ways – from the respawn zone, questing, basic gameplay ( even if it didn’t change a lot ) and the way you could talk to players. C9 feels somehow empty and the spawn-point is kind of annoying; some quests are weird and make no sense at all.

    Not to say the stupid registration system..
    .. but, let’s be real. C9 also has some potential and if those hosts would do something to advertise it it would get better. I love the fact that they kept the classes and the original designs from Holic 1, so that’s a plus. Every Holic 1 player should start playing C9 as it’s WORTH it even if it has some cons.

  6. Played c9 for over 2 years and reached level 71 before I quit. The game has always had potential to be great but was pretty much ruined by a greedy host and so many important bugs have been ignored until this day.

    The PVP is fun and addictive but the upgrading system ruins it for alot of people. If you can’t afford to spend money on this or grind your ass off you won’t get far. Nation wars which is a faction vs faction battle puts you up against players who are maxed out with crazy upgraded gear and will one shot you if you are below level 50.

    The economy really isn’t that bad right now, it was much worse when the game was more active seeing players actually bought ncash back then but now seeing ncash is hard to come by in game it’s not too bad but yeah earning money isnt that easy. Players only want high level b/g gear and lower gear goes for cheap.

    Oh yeah the community is 90% spanish speakers how seeing they merged the columbian server with our US server and most the US community left lol.

  7. game pretty much sucks at the higher levels if you enjoy pvp rouge is oped mage and cleric will pretty much be able to 1 hit you at around lv 70 if your m.def is to low’ Low population. in game economy is just flat out shattered and they have a problem where you freeze about every 30 seconds the freeze can last from anywhere between 20 seconds to 20 mins (SRS) this problem may also happen during raids its been here since open beta been playing since cb quit a few months ago server was merged awhile back so most english speaking players left and mostly spanish speaking players on that server as of now.

  8. Pretty good game so far.Anyone interested in joining just add me my ign is KoiKoi
    also if your having technical difficulties i am pretty savy with those kind of issues so just drop me a message in the forums OMJesus and ill try to help you out 😉

  9. This game looks amazing however, after downloading the “game” you must download several add-ons and a “launcher”. Reluctantly I did so. Starting the game was a pain and seemed to be alot of unnecessary steps. I got the game downloaded and booted up and all three times I tried it the game crashed. If you can get the game to work good on ya. Me personally I am going to look elsewhere. Shame I really wanted to play this.

    • Hun most MMO’s have launchers. Those add-ons are probably patches. I’ve not tried this game but it’s a common thing through most MMO’s.


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