Combat Arms: The Classic







About the game:
Title: Combat Arms: The Classic
Status: Released
Genre: FPS
Developer: Nexon, Valofe
Publisher: Nexon

Get back in the action in Combat Arms: The Classic, a re-imagining of Nexon’s storied free-to-play military shooter. Choose from a wide range of customizable weapons and take to one of several battlefields in intense PvP action or to take on PvE bosses and their minions to reap the rewards!

Take part in intense, close-quarters firefights and work your way up the ranks to achieve top honors as General of the Army. Whether it’s “Hired Guns” mode, which lets you call in mercenary help, Seize and Secure, which has you mounting a flag to assert dominance over your enemies, or just a simple death match in One Man Army mode, Combat Arms: The Classic has something for you!

Explosive Features:

  • Re-imagining Of The Classic
  • A Dozen Game Modes
  • Over 100 Weapons

Featured Video

System Requirements

Combat Arms: The Classic Minimum System Requirements:
Processor: Pentium 3-1GHz+
Memory Ram: 256MB
Hard Disk Space: At least 2GB of free Space
Video Card: GeForce 2MX

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