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About the game:
Title: Crazy Fairies
Status: Released Graphics: 2D
Genre: Strategy Type: Browser
Developer: Spicy Horse Games
Publisher: Spicy Horse Games

Crazy Fairies is a 3D browser turn-based strategy from Spicy Horse Games. Unlike traditional 3D browser based games, Crazy Fairies is also available on IOS and Android devices such as the Iphone/Ipad and Android supported tablets and phones. This allows for cross platform play without the need for a separate account making it easier for players to play on the go.

At the start of the game players can create their character by choosing from a wide variety of magical fairies each with their own unique aesthetics and attacks. The gameplay in Crazy Fairies can be compared to series such as “Worms” where players must take turns aiming their attacks and accounting for projectile drop in order to land hits against their opponents. The farther the opponent is, the more you must compensate the angle and power of your attack. Each character type within Crazy Fairies has their own style of attack, with some characters wielding large cannons, wizard staffs, and bows. Each weapon presents a new style of attack which has its own aiming and damage characteristics.

Players have access to several game modes including PvE, 1v1 duels, training and team-play. As players finish a round they are rewarded with new items which can be used to customize their characters play-style. Items can grant players new weapons, increased HP, special abilities and more.

Explosive Features:

  • “Worms” style turn-based combat
  • Variety of characters.
  • Play on the go with IOS/Android support.

Featured Video

System Requirements

Crazy Fairies Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows 7/Vista/XP
Memory Ram: 512MB Free
Hard Disk Space: 4 GB

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  1. This game is apparently down, and the forums indicate there’s been problems since 2014. So much for this list being even the least bit up to date.

    • Your either saying that because you are one of 2 rational things or 3 irrational things. the first two are A: you prefer shooters, or B: you merely like it better… then there C: You don’t realize it’s from Spicy Horse, D: haven’t played this game and are bored, or E: YOLO…

      Please tell me it’s A or B. :C


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