About the game:
Title: Dead Island Epidemic
Status: Offline Graphics: 3D
Genre: MOBA
Developer: Stunlock Studios
Publisher: Deep Silver

Explosive Features:

  • Weapon-crafting.
  • 4v4v4 Game Mode.
  • Customizable Characters.

Dead Island Epidemic is a fast-paced action MOBA taking place in a world infested with a zombie out-break, leaving those stuck in the chaos to scavenge for supplies, craft their own gear, and fight for survival. Players can choose from three types of survivors including mutated survivors who posses special “zombie” abilities and use their bodies as weapons. DIE currently features 2 main game modes, Scavenge and Horde.

The core mode of Dead Island Epidemic, Scavenge, pits 3 teams of 4 against one another, challenging them to obtain supplies by capturing and successfully defending key supply points on the map, or by tackling large boss-like zombies which appear around the map.

A successful supply run can only be accomplished by clearing out infected areas as a team. Solo players may often find themselves overwhelmed by incoming zombie packs and must make sure not to find themselves caught between the enemy and the undead.

Similar to Stunlock Studios other titled, Bloodline Champions, players will control their survivor using the WASD keys while aiming their swappable melee and ranged weapons using the mouse. In addition to light and heavy attacks, players also have their own special abilities which they can level up during the match.

Similar to the original Dead Island titles, players in Epdemic can craft their own weapons by collecting blueprints and scrap pieces randomly awarded after each match. These weapons have their own stats and can level up with use, opening up new passives for the weapon.

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System Requirements

Dead Island Epidemic Minimum System Requirements:
OS: XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8
Processor: 2.8GHz Pentium 4 / 2.0GHz Core 2 / AMD 2400+
Memory Ram: 1.5 GB
Video Card: 128 MB GeForce 5 / ATI 9800 / GMA 950

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  2. Does anyone have two beta keys PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I played the first and riptide but i don’t have any keys….

    Me and my friend would really appreciate ,and if in the future, i see myself in the opposite end i will gladly send you a key!

    TThanks guys XD

  3. can some one give me kay pls i wana play this game so hard becose is difrent from other mobas i registered months ago and i didnt get a key sorry for my bad english


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