About the game:
Title: Ecol Tactics
Status: Open Beta Graphics: 2D
Genre: MMORPG Type: Browser
Developer: TPlay
Publisher: GamesCampus

Explosive Features:

  • Tactical party-based combat.
  • Customizable party members.
  • Combo attacks.

Ecol Tactics is a turn-based strategy game within the browser that captures a similar gameplay feeling reminiscent of the old Gameboy titles such as Final Fantasy: Tactics. In Ecol Tactics, players assume control of an up and coming hero tasked with saving the world. Along the way, the hero gains access to new powers and can choose to take on the role of Fighter, Cleric, Archer, and Mage.

Besides controlling the main protagonist, a player will also be accompanying by mercenaries, each assigned their own class and abilities. These characters can be moved individually in the game’s turn-based battles and can combine their attacks to create special combo attacks dealing heavy damage to a particular enemy or group of enemies. It is important to note that player and mercenary positioning is key to pulling of certain combo abilities.

In order to progress in Ecol Tactics, players will pick up quests in the game’s main city hub and then venture out into one of the many varied areas Tactics has to offer. Players will find themselves in colorful locales including mountainous regions, forests, meadows, pits and more. Each one of these areas contains their own unique hazards and layouts which force the player to change their strategy to suit each fight.

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System Requirements

Ecol Tactics Minimum System Requirements:
OS: XP, Vista, Windows 7
Processor: Intel P4 or better
Memory Ram: 1 GB
Hard Disk Space: 100 MB HD space
Video Card: nVIDIA Geforce FX Series, ATI Radeon 9500 or better

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  1. I’m hoping that someone make a game like this again.
    Really, Ecol Tactics is more like FFT or Ogre Tactics. Sad to know that in the back days this game is dead.

    I paly it twice, on Indonesian server and Games Campus.
    I was planning to build the private server of Ecol Tactics with my friend, but we doing another project.

  2. this game is dead because the guys who made it… wherever it was made cause i stopped following it so long ago… had to work with games campus in order for them to translate and update the game. (which they told us on the forums) the game was never updated and after the pvp content update being complete shit all the people who wanted to seriously play this game… like me, quit. (the pvp was/is basically you vs a comp, of your opponent) not like anything had gone right for it from the start either… there was a contest for the first person to get to maxed level gets an ipod… a guy used bombs to hit maxed level in the first day of early access and after easily winning that contest he had to probably right a few tickets to get his ipod, or at least that’s what he said on their forums. tho there was an update to fix the duplication bug that made it possible for one guy to hit mas in money somehow and probably dint fix the fact that a lot of people had the best possible sword even tho by the end of it the strongest people where the archer for a skill that was far better than what the other classes had. [ I blame games campus tho for why this game sucks… i also really liked drift city, but now that games campus has it even if i install it… it delete’s itself when i go to try to play it. ]

  3. Uhhh……Does anybody know Miku Hatsune?Do they think there should be a game based on her?(like Adventure Quest Worlds)I think there should be a game based on my number 1 fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Miku Hatsune!!!Almost behalf of the games in Mmobomb are all lame, based on the graphics!!(to me it does..)AND this game is lame!!

    • 1. It’s Hatsune Miku, not the other way round.
      2. “number 1 fan” should be “number 1 idol”
      3. This game is far from being lame. And seeing that you like AQworlds, I guess you prefer those kiddo games that likes to steal the allowance your parents give you (pfft) over more seriously strategic ones like this.

  4. You have to like this type of game to enjoy it. Level up & you can have up to 3 mercenaries aid you in your quests. Also, you can change your skill set to whatever is lacking. As captain of the group, you can be a mage 1 battle & an archer the next. A word to the wise, mercs have a set lifespan so, load up on gold or tickets to get more of them when your current group is battled out. The picking of mercs is a bit of a crap shoot as well. You can be lucky & pick a high lvl merc card or strike out with a low level fighter.


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