About the game:
Title: Erectus
Status: Closed Graphics: 2D
Genre: Strategy Type: Browser
Developer: Maata Games
Publisher: Maata Games

Explosive Features:

  • Build Your Empire
  • Historical Setting
  • Manage Resources And Economy

Erectus is a free-to-play browser-based strategy game that lets you experience life in an early human tribe and see your civilization rise to power! Choose your race, build up your economic and military might, and create a city that will stand among the greatest empires history has even seen!

You’ll begin by choosing from one of Erectus’ four races, select a starting location, and manage your treasury while you build up your first few buildings and citizens to work in them. As you expand, you’ll come into contact with other players, with whom you can communicate, trade, or go to war with. Expand your empire and become the dominant power in the cradle of civilization!

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  1. I have started to play this game before 1 week. I am rank 1 on german server. My points are like 11000, rank2 points are 7000, rank3 – 4000. I never donate anything, just i am active more than others. And i played alone. That was easy.
    But.. I’ts too much. I mean, with my 4 Cities and 15 Villages (totally 19 towns which i must control) its a lot of work. In this game you must control all workers, population, happiness, silver.. With 1 weke playgame i feel too excaused already. If i want to build something, i choose – i can build in 2 hours and produce resources at 100%, or just make production at 0% and build something in 10 minutes instead of 2 hours. But then after 10 minutes i must back to game and dont forget to put workers back on production. And for every fkin village the same.. if i have 20 of them, i have always to worry about setting back workers for production othrewise food goes below zero. Thats too much.. and its a first week. The next bad thing which goes together – long load time. If you click on other city, you wait like 1 second to load page. When you have to navigate trough 20 villages and always wait 1 second, you start getting bored.
    To transport resources – takes 5 minutes. To build something usually takess 1 minute to 20 minutes, when i set workers on building. So everything happends fast.
    But the game is so unbalanced. Its like – lvl 5 building cost 1000 resources, lvl 6 – cost 40000 resources, you think – wtf?? lvl 7 cost – 500 resources. Seems that they just randomly written these values.
    To build troops – there is hardcoded value of time for their production. And usually i build which are produced 9 HOURS. You just cant reduce that number. So your army grows slow. But they can loot a lot. Like 2 warriors can loot all enemy resources. Seems so unbalanced.
    Too few quests.. And too unclear. You just dont know what to do. Quest ask you to build watchtower. You just cant find it. You drag mouse over invisible not builded buildings just to find this name. Seems like a bug.. And about bugs – there are a lot of bugs. I have to refresh website every 30 minutes. Rankings – total nonsense, its like random, nobody knows what these numbers are and why somoene is rank1..
    I had fun when after building some high level building, i dont know what small or super high amount of resources it can cost. Thats fun to see these random numbers 🙂 And its fun to be rank1, because people are so inactive. Mostly they stop at 10th quest or so. And people see that its bugged game. And slow.

  2. E4493-BC401-CCBA8-442AF, I had no idea what I was expecting. I should’ve look further into this beta before grabbing the beta key. Hopefully someone will have a better time testing this game.


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