About the game:
Title: Eternal Chaos Online
Status: CLOSED Graphics: 3D
Genre: MMORPG Type: Browser
Developer: Prodigy Infinitech
Publisher: PlayWebGame

Explosive Features:

  • Six Historical Eras
  • Wide Variety of Game Activities
  • World Boss Wars

Travel back in time to fight alongside famous leaders and battle infernal armies in Eternal Chaos Online, an action-packed free-to-play browser MMORPG. Trapped in the past, lead your legion into battle against a variety of demonic foes and try to return to your own time.

Eternal Chaos Online offers a wide range of gameplay, from traditional quests to a series of challenging dungeons to solo and group PvP arenas. There are also campaigns where you can interact with historical people such as Joan of Arc and Robin Hood, and cross-server World Boss Wars, which are reserved for the best players. No matter what your preference, you’ll find something to enjoy in Eternal Chaos Online!

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  1. this game is office closed
    the Eternal Chaos team post this on it game saying
    Dear Heroes,

    It’s a long journey that we have been through together in Eternal Chaos as a best companion. First thing first, we would like to apologize for our lack and mistakes we made. And we thank to you, all beloved Heroes for the support you have given to us all this time.

    Eternal Chaos team must tell you, with a very heavy heart, that the game itself will be officially closed. We did our best to fix every issue that we have, we struggled so much, but in the end the developer can not provide some support anymore. Especially to extend the duration of the game, (as you know, like the update and event ingame issue since 2nd week of May) but we have no other choice to stop all service. The Process will be divide into 2 part:

    Part 1 – Close Billing; In this part you guys can’t do any top up to every Eternal Chaos server anymore. It will held on Thursday, June 1, 2017.

    Part 2 – Close Service; In this part you can’t play the game anymore. It will held on Thursday, June 5, 2017.

    Before the Official Closing Service Eternal Chaos Online, we would like to be thankful to Loyal Heroes until today and We have a last event for you as reward that you have played together with us — Trasferring Player Event.

    Here are the game you can choose to play. If you have determined what game is, please send your information at this link :

    Dragon Ball Indonesia
    Ninja Online

    470×246-ADS-DB-Inter-01 MMORPG

    DBZ Online is a Free To Play browser game MMORPG. We can recruit lots of character with different skill, type, and power that will give you the feel of becoming a real Warrior!

    If you are already a VIP at Game Anime Pirate and you will receive the following prizes :

    Vip 1-4 : 1000 Coupon, 500 Gold, Lv 4 Gem Giftpack*1
    Vip 5-8 : 2000 Coupon, 1000 gold, Lv 4 Gem Giftpack*3
    Vip 9-12 : 3000 Coupon, 2000 gold, Lv 4 Gem Giftpack*5

    Important! Your minimum level on DBZ Online must be 50, and Tranfering will be close at 30 June 2017

    Honestly, a special opportunity for us, Eternal Chaos team to be able to have some fun with you. We know we still far away for a perfection but we give all we have for you all this time. Once again, thank you so much for every Heroes around the world who have dedicated their time, thoughts, suggest and everything, Eternal Chaos team is so grateful can serve you until the last.

    See you on the next chance, Heroes!

  2. this is the same game as Dark era … look at them both …. either they renamed it or what …. but its not eternal chaos no longer and they both have crappy game stle , when you in battle with a boss ,, the loot should be yours if you do first strike …but with either or , some one can swoop in and grab the loot right from under neath you ..when you did all the hard ass work


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