About the game:
Title: Evil Genius Online
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Genre: Social Type: Browser
Developer: Rebellion
Publisher: Rebellion

Explosive Features:

  • Design and Build Custom Lairs.
  • Manage and Upgrade Your Minions.
  • Meddle With and Spy On Your Friends.

Evil Genius Online is a free to play browser game from Rebellion, based off of their original single player PC game Evil Genius.

In Evil Genius Online, players take on the role of an up-and-coming Evil Genius bent on world domination. Players construct and manage their secret lairs by hiring and directing minions. Minions earn experience by completing tasks, and can even be upgraded to increase their performance. Performance can also be affected by a minions obedience and moral levels.

Players also have the ability to interact with other Evil Geniuses. You can request special items, bribe them for needed resources, spy on them, and even meddle with their research and missions.

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  1. Evil Genius fans….


    1. Too many damned Paid and Timed walls and this game is chock full of expensive micro-transactions that will drain your wallet (or purse) dry.
    2. Expanding your base has level requirements as well as item requirements, some of those items again are hidden behind damned Paid Walls.
    3. Must upgrade your command centre (which requires more items) and lockers to upgrade your minion count – the original game only needed lockers and the occasional bed.
    4. Boring quests with no originality.
    5. Key items in the marketplace needed for quests are once again hidden behind damned Paid Walls.
    6. Too much experience points required between levels, making the game an absolute slog to play through.
    7. You only get 1 diamond per level up (though there are some early quests that reward you some). Considering the amount of time and exp points to level up, players should get more than 1 damned diamond as a reward.
    8. You need to log onto facebook and install the app in order to play it. Need i say more?
    9. Small player community and it’s unlikely to get any bigger soon. SO UNLESS you have a lot of face book friends helping out, playing this game will drag on far more than reasonable.
    10. The multi-player aspect of this game is poor (though the original game was a SP game only).
    11. Apart from the game having the name “Evil Genius”, i doubt any fan of the original game would want to play this game. Come on – no world map, no enemy agents to deal with (just “spies” so far) and again TOO MANY AND EXPENSIVE GOD DAMNED PAID WALLS!!!!

    Here ends the rant. This game is nothing more than a blatant money grab off loyal fans of the original Evil Genius game. This game is a big money sink and actually makes Games Workshop and its 40k license look good! RATING 2.1 / 10 – SAVE YOUR MONEY PEOPLE!!!!


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