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About the game:
Title: Fallen Earth
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Developer: Reloaded Productions
Publisher: GamersFirst

Fallen Earth is a free to play 3D post-apocalyptic MMORPG game that mixes first person shooter (FPS), third person shooter (TPS) and role playing game style mechanics. The game is set in 2156, one hundred years after the world is brought low by a plague known as Shiva that killed 99% of the population. Fallen Earth features real-time twitch-based combat, six factions, a classless advancement system and a powerful crafting system in which players can make 95 percent of in-game items. With 1000 square kilometers of territory to explore, Fallen Earth players can experience an unparalleled game world while completing more than 5,500 game missions, including the ability to capture towns and territory. Combat in Fallen Earth is generally in a first-person shooter format. The camera can be moved to alternate between third and first person modes.

The game takes place in and around the Grand Canyon, one of the few habitable places left on Earth, which makes it a place many are willing to kill to control. Our world is one where mankind teeters on the edge of extinction, clinging to the bones of the old world while trying to recover their lost secrets. It’s a world of scavengers and desperation. The players are those who choose to rise above the hardships of this new world and work towards a better world, or decide the old world was corrupt and all signs of it must be erased completely.

Explosive Features:

  • First-person and third person views
  • Unique post-apocalyptic environments
  • FPS/RPG hybridization

Featured Video

System Requirements

Fallen Earth Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8
Processor: Pentium 4 2.5 GHz
Memory Ram: 1GB
Hard Disk Space: At least 12GB of free Space
Video Card: 128 mb, PixelShader 2.0 compatible

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  1. Just tried this game its not that bad theres like a ton of quest things to do lol i still see some players 1 or 2 maybe in starting areas.. chase them saying hi.. and he/she magically disappear LOL

  2. Okay, this sounds like a fun game i was excited to test it out however. You have this game under MAC MMO. Yet, my mac is saying it’s for windows.

  3. Fallen Earth has many great attributes. The world is huge, missions plentiful enough that you always have something to do (if you want), and the setting is fairly detailed.

    However, between the time-based craft system, the fairly limit on how many skill points you have at max level compared to the number of things there are to buy, the atrocious UI, and a community that will jump down your throat if you dare to use the World chat channel for anything but the dryest and tersest questions (even explaining the answer is verboten), I gave up on this game long ago and haven’t looked back.

    It had potential, and they wasted it.

  4. Played, bored and abandoned it to others. There are -still- lots of bugs and you can even stuck because of sidewalks. Community is generally good in first area, but they transform asshats later.

    Combat mechanic and controls are broken, graphics are outdated. I did not see cheaters and it is not so P2W game but some importatn features limited/closed for free players.

    Have Fun

  5. If you’re here looking at this or reading these comments let me save you some time finding a new game to try.

    First off I started this game back in beta like some others on here claimed as well as claiming they have stuck with this game faithfully since then, which I call BS. Anyway, in beta and release you had to pay a sub and the game was horrible, riddled with bugs, I got stuck for 3 days before a GM gave me a vague response about it. So I quit in less than a week.

    I came back one day when like you I was bored with everything else out there from Korea and Russia free to play. I must admit, I said I would play it until I couldn’t handle the bugs. Next thing I know I had been playing it over a week, yeah the AI sucks at times and yeah there are a ton of missions to do, with that said You do NOT have to do the missions. This game is more of a scavenging/crafting/social game, the game is not you verses AI, it is you verses others in the end and let me tell you there are NO tracking issues fighting someone else. PVP is easy to get into, and you can divide your time between that and doing missions, or every hour you can defend an appropriate leveled citadel from mutant invasion and gain GOOD xp.

    The interface is a bit clunky and does take getting use to, the graphics are superb but it almost seems to fit/feel right considering it is a post-apoc world. Everything feels gritty and rustic and it is easy to get into crafting/gathering riding your buggy, or quad across the wasteland scavenging for parts you need to build a chopper motorcycle, or a new pistol/rifle, or even the minerals to make the powder for your bullets.

    Leveling does take a bit of time, but again it feels secondary. I actually took my time and capped in a month and I didn’t find out about citadel xp until I was 5 levels from cap.

    Try it if you’re bored and looking for something different also if post-apoc is your thing. Don’t expect Fallout-style gameplay, or Metro-style, it’s more like Shadow of Chernobyl with other players.

    • You are lucky, most wait weeks or even a month for a reply from support as there isn’t any. Marketplace and updates on Twitter/Facebook no longer happen and the lag gets worse every week. There are not even any events held any more. The game feels almost abandoned.

      What was once a brilliant game with heaps of potential is in its death throws.

      The bugs in game are increasing. There are days you cannot even pick up the items you need due to the massive lag. All you can hope for is a server reset once the GM’s notice (where ever they hide, which doesn’t seem to be in FE).

      If you are into PVP this game isn’t for you as the mechanics are hard to master and almost impossible to do so with the aimbotters that dominate PVP. PVE is repetitive, not for the faint of heart.

      A once brilliant game is in a state of decay…….

  6. Fallen Earth is a post-apocalyptic mmorpg, there is no class in this type of game but you first start out making your toon like many mmo’s but has a lot more option’s to choose from unlike many game’s out there.

    when you first enter you will start out in a tutorial which will teach you how to do thing’s before you are ready for the fallen earth world, there are weapon’s such as duel pistol’s, rifles, knives, pipes etc and mount’s such as Car’s, dune buggy’s, motorbikes, horses and a lot more. gaming world is HUGE bigger than most if not all game’s that are out there free to play, after all it is a sandbox.

    Crafting in this game is like no other game of it’s kind, sure a lot of you will say it’s like fallout but in reality it’s not, before you say it’s a ripoff let me tell you every game takes ideas from another that’s how many new game’s get made so strop.

    First person view/shooter by pressing f9 either you use pistols or rifles doesn’t really matter it’s smooth even for a melee toon, the story-line is good and so is the effect’s of sound’s, the graphic’s are not top notched but are okay because it is post-apocalyptic setting.

    you can craft many things to horsefeed, pistol’s,rifles,bullet’s, car’s etc and yes you can even build your own farm!

    Has many many many mission’s you can do and town event’s are well worth doing, some will make you think use you’re brain which is good also, gameplay tends to be a bit laggy with laptop’s compared to desktop’s at time’s.

    this isn’t a pay to win like many other’s out there so that’s a plus but it does have a store, you can gain G1C point’s to spend in the store by doing survays, as a free to play you are limited by not having global chat and only 10red chip limit only but that can unlock if you do the survays.

    Level cap is 55 and you can even get awesome armor and powerful weapon’s, boss’s are great but some do not drop but only trash

    you can choose a faction when you hit level 15! faction’s can be found in sector 2, Chotas! Vistas! Enforcers! travelers! Lightbearers! Tech’s!.

    Overall? it’s a GREAT game and if you like fallout type of style? you’ll love this game, it’s on my top 5 mmorpg’s list and top 3 sandbox list, my rating is 9.0 out of 10!

  7. could i run this on this pc? amd athlon 64 3000+ 3.2ghz,Nvidia 7600 gs,2gb ram?
    cause i found requirements on another site that wer different and idk which one to trust….i think i could run it withouth a problem i tryed to run it on an pentium 4 3.0ghz with a radeon 800x(the card didnt work properly cause it was half fucked up lol) and 1gb ram and it worked on medium with lag and on low with some lag 😀

  8. The game isn’t bad at all, don’t believe the hype you read here. The game is not your WoW theme park kind of game, and requires a lot of getting used to. It also is definitely NOT heavy on low-end computers…I’m playing on a single core PC and get constant 50-100 fps with only dips below 30 in highly populated towns, and even that only takes a couple seconds until everything loads in.
    On top of that, they have a lot of payment options, including SMS. It really is not that hard to make a $5 transfer and make a small purchase, and then you’ll get a lot of stuff unlocked.
    Also the community is very helpful. All in all, if you’re sick of all the Asian or even western fantasy MMOs, and if you’re not the lazy type, give this one a try.

  9. i was told this was a game for mac but i guess i was wrong…
    i was told it was good… i guess i was wrong there too.

  10. I’m not even going to try this game after reading the comments. I can already see the biggest con of this game is the trash talking kids.

    • right … I was looking at this is game and I said to myself ”oh this looks nice” then I read the comments …

    • Go back to school and learn basic English before you leave a comment on anything. We don’t want unintelligent people like you littering the internet causing nothing but hindrances.

      • dude you’re a massive prick. sorry, but it’s trolls like you the internet needs less of. I’m pretty sure the guy intentionally spelled it that way… Prick

  11. Oh, Btw, There is a mature community, they just do not trolls in chat/spam clan invite, you will need to find them in Capital Cities.
    GameMaster are sympathic, they organize events sometimes. They will always help you when you face an unusual issue, like giving you some consumables back (if you respect them)!
    And yes they mute trolls in help chat xD

  12. Really cool game.

    Original post- apocaliptic MMO, Exploration, Nice places, Mature Game, Crafting, Customization of wardrobe,Tricky Builds, Exclusive gear, Community <3
    My first real MMORPG
    Now I have spent 1250+ hours on it…

    Try to play without the minimap and slow mounts only because you will see many interesting spots from far. Take your time to leveling, have fun.
    Subs can be bought with IG poker chips and simplify your life while crafting.
    Make chips by looting rare nodes or social. Sell to Auctioneer!!!

    As says MMOBOMB in the video, The developper failed to reach its goal of sub (was P2P) so they sold the game to G1 be F2P, sounds like there are not gonna be major kickass update like in WOW or Eve, that's the only reason most of Beta players have left.(In my opinion)
    New content is upcoming soon for PVE, PVP

    I can reach 30 to 60 fps with a Dell Dimension 8400 (2005) and do high end team pvp in the District Sector.
    Few spot of freeze but once you know them it is fine. Server lag is really ok and playable with my 4Mbit.s^-1 connexion from west Europe.

    DL via Steam or Updater
    Iphone app working.

    That's a freak'n good investisment (Or a heavy loss in productivity! X)
    That game is perfectible but it goes really really far. Enough for 1 or 2 years playing of discovery!

  13. I like the game because they go out of their way to make it for mac unlike any other games who just have it on pc and dont care about the mac players

  14. i download this in mac but it dosnt work..can anyone help me?cause the game is in the mac games category and it seams that its a pc game or something…

  15. This is one of those games that could have been so good but just isn’t.

    – It probably has the worst AI I’ve seen in a game. Sometimes you can shoot a guy and he’ll take a jog around in the opposite direction before he comes at you. I played this game when it first released and then again when it became F2P. I thought maybe they had fixed the terrible AI by then. Nope, it’s not going anywhere. I enjoy the aiming combat system but the terrible AI just kind of ruins it.

    – The game throws way too many quests at you at once. You go into a new location and the place is just littered with boring repetitive quests. I understand these types of quests are standard for MMOs, but don’t smother me with 10 of them at once.

    – The game feels slow to level. Maybe it actually is slow XP, or maybe it just feels like it when you’re doing 10 million quests in every location. Not to mention the leveling/points system in general is just badly done.

    The only good thing about the game is the concept of it. Having guns running around a post apocalyptic land shooting things sounds awesome, unfortunately the game isn’t as awesome as it sounds.

    • I agree with most of what you said. When i had problems playing that game i asked for help and the support team could hardly give a s*** it’s a good game once you know what you are doing, i think that game could be a lot better if they made it similar to fallout

  16. Amazing game been with it from the start. lot of the bugs have been fixed but its an mmo so more are bound to come up

  17. Off topic but, I would like to know what would be a great RPG game to play for free, fallen earth is a little dull lol.

    • Try Warframe. FPS Sci Fi futuristic; Strong character storyline(s); Excellent CGI and extensive gameplay. Never a dull moment. I think you’ll like it.

  18. This game has some pros and cons and can be fun but the skill system really is a disappointment. You enter the gane thinking “hey, look at all these cool abilities”, but soon everyone will inforn you that to even make an efficient character you have to train 1 and only 1 skill set. Plus, the staff are just assholes. Sometimes you can get muted for no reason, then look at the outdated rules to tell you that mutes are permanent, when theyre not. It does have perks though. You can build and drive your own vehicles, and lots of cool weapons and armor, all of which can be crafted. The crafting is complex as hell though, and you have to be able to wade through a lot of information.All in all if you dont mind being a one trick pony this would be a fun game.

  19. This game is very AWESOME! There you can go thirdperson and firstperson, ride Horses/ATVs, kill people in PVP zones, kill NPCs, do missions.

    1.Must have low graphical settings to reduce lag
    2.When you are in a place with a large amount of players it will lag
    3.The game gives you missions that is not fit for your level

  20. Was a great game, have also been playing since open and closed beta, my PC crashed and since then tech support isnt really supporting ‘play for free’ players, so you wont get support unless you pay. i was looking at fallout online and this came out, unless they have a different perspective for freeplay players, i wont play this game anytime soon.

  21. Well when I was playing this game It played just fine..don’t know what you’re talking about. :/

    Personally I think this game’s great for what it is. Yes it is a Fallout clone but don’t let that hinder you from playing this game because it is quite good I’m telling you, give it time and stick with it and see if you want to continue playing it.

  22. this game is HORRIBLE,stay away,I played it alot,reached max level,the developers are idiots,the game have game breaking bugs,I dont understand how they managed to let these bugs be there for all these years,maybe if it was open beta

    the people that make this game are biggest bunch of idiots even worse than SWTOR,if you think swtor was awful becose they didnt fix bugs welcome to game thats guines world record,not that it takes long time,they NEVER fix it….

    bugs that make certain abilites UNUSUABLE!!! and if you try to respec it cost about 50 or more hours straight nonstop grinding or 20 euro for cash shop respec….. this game had big potential but the way the people handle this game in untolerable,its deeply broken,its forever at alpha stage,stay away,trust me you dont want to spend you precious time on this piece of crap

  23. Oh look, it’s another Spoony rip-off that thinks he’s people. Ignore him folks, somebody will come along and put him back in his cage.

  24. FE is your typical MMO. Unchallenging, uninspired, linear gameplay consisting of gathering up ‘stuff’ to make other ‘stuff’ and sell it to people too lazy to gather ‘stuff.’
    Meanwhile, you’re doing ‘quests’ for more ‘stuff’ just so you can say you have it.
    Then, [if you’re an idiot] you’re spending real cash to buy more ‘stuff’ just so you can say you have it.
    FE is just another ‘go-here, get-this, make-that’ MMO. The NPC creatures and humans stand around in neat little groups waiting for you to show up and kill them…then they reappear right where they were 5 minutes ago to await the next person to slaughter them.
    This game is about as challenging as changing a baby’s diaper. Once you get over the initial mechanical requirements, it just stinks.
    PvP is a bunny-hopping, shot-gun laden energy drink fueled gank-fest for those of you with severely limited self-esteem. There are also some easily learned exploits for you sniper types.
    The BETA forums for this game were packed full of whiners and it shows in the gameplay, especially the PvP.
    Sniper rifles are useless past 70-100 meters, are slow-firing and do about as much damage as an enraged bunny rabbit. This bit, of course, came about because of the close-combat enthusiasts lambasting the designers and screaming of ‘inbalance.’ So, shotguns and close combat, matched with hopping about like Mexican jumping beans, rules PvP, which is instrumental in the end game.
    So, without getting involved right off in PvP, you don’t get an end game.
    Unfortunately, for the brain-dead and non-inspired, it’s another great game! You get conveyance right from the start, instead of having to wait for 20 or so levels! And there are vehicles! Woot!
    You can mindlessly click for new quests and embark on another ‘go-here, get-this’ journey; or become a merchant, manufacturing all types of goodies to sell and acquire that which you’re unable to do in the real world: a sense of accomplishment! Of course, you’re not really accomplishing anything but wasting 4-6 hrs of your day.
    I understand that companies which produce games do so to make money. And FE, as your standard cookie-cutter MMO, probably accomplishes that for the brain-dead masses. So, if you like this game, well, now you know where you fit on the evolutionary scale.
    Unfortunately, EVE takes way too much time, for the rest of you-so this is what you’re stuck with.
    Me, I’m going to my weekly RPG group and roll some dice.

    • So… what you’re sayin’ is y’dont like th’ game. Seems as though y’spent a hell of alota time an’effort figuring out that th’game wasn’t worth th’ time and effort.. and so then you go an’type all of this just t’say what? that you got waaaaay tooo much time on y’hands.:-)

  25. Joey, it’s really buggy on a Mac, especially if you don’t have custom parts.
    if you’ve got a base Macbook or iMac, it’s gonna lag and have insane FPS drops.
    i let it download for 24 hours + some change, and couldn’t get past the loading screen for the longest time.
    ran through all my files and changed a few things here and there in .txt using plain text, and i was able to get in and make my character, then the game crashed.
    it’s not worth it unless you have a high-end Mac, and the shaders will crash your game almost every time.

    • I tried it’s mac client……didn’t work.

      If you really wanna play it on a mac……gonna have to install windows on a partition (don’t even bother with wine).

  26. ppl……dont play this game its too buggy laggy its a great game tho…but thers a problem whit the updater it dosent want to work i stopped playing for 3 months then i fixed it…then it stopped agin aghghrr >-O…..hours gone to waist i gave up on this game and so should u

  27. yeah lol for real noob no one wants you then. whining about an ingame code you got emailed which you did nothing to deserve. i have yet to play this game but if ppl like you are running around crying then i dont want to. why would you lose your sanity for not getting an ingame item at the BEGINNING of the game, at that? little baby kids these days

  28. I have decided that I will boycott GamersFirst! ~ i installed Fallen Earth (Steam) and received by email 2 codes for promotional items. The game reports that the item codes are invalid. When i tried to use the appropriate channels to seen assistance, I am stonewalled because I’m not a G1 paid account, and was redirected to community support only. So, first i get burned trying to play WarRock only to find it to a crap-tasktic-sh*tfest, now i’m getting screwed out of some free shit thats supposed to be good. Granted, I didn’t get far into the game, but if this BS can happen right out of the gate, then i don’t what to know what kind of crap i’m up against later on. Better quit now while my sanity is still somewhat intact. I CANNOT Recommend any games by GamersFirst to any one. I hope this post serves as a warning to anyone else thinking this game is worth any number of f***.

    • mylo9000 is right. gamersfirst is the worse company of mmo games i’ve ever seen. i’ve been playing WarRock some time until i had enough of the fckin turks hacking in every room. then warrock eu came out and quess what, i was thinking to give it a try maybe sth changed, guess what . the same sh!t game that is full of hackers, and btw the game have an option to use your own joystick, this doesn’t work too . LOVELY INDEED

    • Seriously?!?!? your whining because a code didn’t work. You didn’t even pay for the game…put your big girl panties on , ties your sandals and find another MMO free site..there are tons of the out there.

    • You should have asked in the help channel for assistance. I see people getting help all the time for the same issue. Just because you didn’t get an immediate answer doesn’t mean people who don’t pay don’t get help, learn to have some patience, not everyone replying in help channel is waiting specifically for you.

    • Just in case anyone stumbles upon this with similiar issue why googling for solution.
      Redeem codes on their website, not in the game.

        • Wasteland was published in 1987-1988, and the first Fallout was published in 1997. They were both developed by Interplay with many of the same people working on development. Fallout was meant to be a sequel, but Wasteland was published by EA, and Interplay no longer had the rights to the title.

          So, saying that Fallout is a copy and paste of Wasteland is like saying that Fallout 2 is a copy and paste from Fallout.

          • come on people. you are sitting right in front of a computer.. search some stuff before making a false statement.

            from wiki
            Interplay has described its 1997 game Fallout as the spiritual successor to Wasteland. According to IGN, “Interplay’s inability to prise the Wasteland brand name from EA’s gnarled fingers actually lead to it creating Fallout in the first place.”[3] There are Wasteland homage elements in Fallout 1 and Fallout 2 as well.[2][3] All games in the Fallout series are set in the world described by its characters as “Wasteland” (for example, the “Midwest Wasteland” in Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel or the “Capital Wasteland” in Fallout 3). A recruit-able character named Tycho in Fallout 1 is described as a Desert Ranger who is a descendant of an original Desert Ranger, whom had taught the previous survival skills. A major part of the Fallout universe is the military organization Brotherhood of Steel, whose origins are similar to the Desert Rangers and the Guardians of the Old Order of Wasteland; a group called the Desert Rangers actually appears in Fallout: New Vegas.

  29. Great, another interesting looking game this POS can’t play. I would kill for a computer with a multicore processor even just a dual core would be better, seriously who do i need to kill…. 😛

    • Don’t kill anybody, get a job. Really you cant play this game? The requrments are stupid low, I could go to the surplus store and spend 95 bucks in parts and play this game…

      • well i would do the same thing , if in this country store`s a decent graphics didint cost the entire 95 box! lol , just saying pall , when i was libing in usa , it was easy to me to buy electronic stuff and enjoy , now im not living in usa , and in this country , get a pc like yours is stupidly high priced 🙂 i mean even if you are rich en some countrys gettin a goood pc its kind of highly priced….

        in my current country i have to work , 9 months to get the lower requiriement pc for this game … AND … im a lawyer ….so .. i think somepeople just go buy a car instead of a pc for gaming

        • dude just stuff off the internet! cant you just go on newegg or something and order from the US?? or even local adds in craigslist in US or something and have them ship it to you?? I doubt you’d have to pay your local country’s price for an item you’d want so bad and you already have a computer and internet at your disposal (if youre posting on this forum)

    • You don’t really need an awesome processor (CPU) to play games, you need a good video card (GPU). You can get a GT 420 for under $50, that’ll let you play any low-end game, mid-range game on low-medium quality, and some high end games on terrible quality. Or you can get a Radeon HD 7770 for around $100, and play high-end games on mostly high settings (just turn off godrays and turn down the anti-aliasing).

      But if you do have a single core CPU, I recommend either an Ivy Bridge or Haswell Intel Core i3 dual core processor. These can hyperthread like an i7, which means the two cores can split threads; the two cores can handle four jobs at once, so it has four logical cores, but only two physical cores. Pair this up with a GT 420 and you’re in the green for casual gaming.

      Or if you want an actual quad-core, I’d recommend the AMD A10-5800k, this has four cores and can overclock to 4.2 GHz (that’s really fast), and it’s only slight above $100. Then for a GPU, I’d pair it with the HD 7770 (preferably the Sapphire Vapor X, or anyone by ASUS). If you can’t afford the HD 7770, the 6000’s series will do you some good, and even the upper half of the 5000’s.

      If you wanna build your own PC, check out pcpartpicker.com

      Hope I helped!

  30. AWESOME Game!!!BUt….it has some buggy issues and lag for low req computer.but the issues are quite minor…..it is a playable game and its super fun:):):)


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