About the game:
Title: FreeFall Tournament
Status: Open Beta Graphics: 3D
Genre: TPS Type: Browser
Developer: Free Range Games
Publisher: Free Range Games

Explosive Features:

  • Target-locking enables aerial combat and fast game play.
  • 8 classes. More in development with ranks up to General.
  • Curved gravity in maps.

FreeFall Tournament is a free to play 3D browser based third-person shooter by Free Range Games. In FreeFall players can choose from 8 different classes (Gunner, Tank, Tech, Scout, Blazer, Blaster, Shocker and Assassin), each equipped with unique abilities and weapons. Each class has their own playstyle, from the Blazer who comes equipped with a flame thrower and secondary heat rifle to the Assassin who focuses on stealth and toxic melee weapons.

In FreeFall players will be able to jetpack around the large open maps while engaging in both melee and range midair combat, with each player quickly moving around the map picking up power ups scattered across the levels. Gravity is also a non limiting factor as players are able to jump off the sides of maps only to find themselves inverted and instead fighting on the belly of the map.

This makes for some incredible aerial maneuvers made easier by the target-locking mechanic which allows a player to focus in on a target in order to better aim and engage. Stray too far away from the target, however, and risk losing the lock-on allowing the enemy to quickly create distance and escape harm.

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System requirements

FreeFall Tournament Minimum System Requirements:
OS: XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8
Memory Ram: 1 GB
Hard Disk Space: 100 MB of free disk space

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87 User Reviews

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  1. Trayuyrsus on May 3, 2017

    its a good game but my WIFI IS FULL SPEED BUT ITS STILL LAGGY

  2. mharton on November 20, 2016

    What is Activation Token?

  3. Gtiracer on April 8, 2016

    Play and earn money for play a race game!
    Its better and you earn fast money!

  4. pieman887 on December 23, 2015

    Very nice game but somehow it said that I bought all the characters when I started playing even though i didn’t buy anything

  5. Testing2521995 on November 5, 2015

    publish this on steam as free to play?

  6. jayve on September 19, 2015

    can anyone gave me a token pls?

  7. Jayron on November 13, 2014

    dafuq is this

  8. thesupergamer64 on July 21, 2014

    gr8 g8 m8, i r8 it 8/8

  9. Æ×FDR×GLAÐÎAÐØR×GM×Æ on February 15, 2014

    how to play freefall tournament beta im play freefall tournament

  10. unlisted on January 23, 2014

    The gameplay is really nice, minus the lag… which makes playing it almost unbearable sometimes. It is REALLY bad with the lag. Also, trying to own your own character is extremely tedious. A win gives you about 100 dollars and you need 10,000 dollars (1,000 wins) just to BUY a character so you can permanently use it (instead of having to deal with the character rotation system) and once you have the character you can now customize him with OP weapons. It really favors pay to players.

    But the pvp is pretty solid and the action is cool and fun. I just wish it didn’t lag so badly.

    • SAGAR on November 12, 2014

      you man 100 wins to buy a character?

      • TakariSen on March 5, 2015

        I know no one has said this to you for this long…but, good job for correcting that error of his. Math; the numbers are there when you need them..

    • TakariSen on March 5, 2015

      an obvious person that loves to play would obviously get 1k wins, if not, then you no gamer? point taken. and no joke..
      this is an interesting experience for those that need a different feel for pvp.

  11. FarhanGodmeed on December 15, 2013

    it doesn’t take that much time to load it loads fast. And this game is damn awesome!! I bought a blazer with 10’000z and I’m going good. But there should be more classes and maps, still, awesome game and Blaster and Blazer r the best class for fast killing without dying.

  12. HELLrocker on December 14, 2013

    so much time to loadd aww

  13. FreezIN on September 29, 2013

    the aim sensitivity is so bad makes my head dizzy i tried to turn it down dont work please fix this

  14. XtremeGamer297 on August 31, 2013

    I cant stop playing it.Its so addicting!In a good way.I wish all games were like this.

  15. FizzFtw on August 27, 2013

    ASSASSIN OP if u get good with it i instakilled 2 tankers …yea

  16. eleazersacro on August 1, 2013

    what is activation token ?

  17. Hassan on July 22, 2013

    Tip for newbies: pick gunner class, pick shuttle bay, fly to the ledge with the health power up,hit q and switch to rail gun and start sniping. If someone returns fire longrange you most likely have the advantage of precision (hitting q is a skill). If you are losing health too fast back up and get the health power up. For mid to short range, switch to assault rifle but Do NOT get out of the crouch position. Hope this helps!

  18. Hassan on July 22, 2013

    I definitely recommend this game. In fact I bought share the love 30 days! I no new server tho

  19. fabioni23 on July 22, 2013

    i dont now what is account activation token and how to get it?

    • SCR on July 15, 2015

      its the thing to ativate your account, it came with the email, you dont need to do it if you clicked the link

  20. sdaasd on July 19, 2013

    i cant load the game 🙁

  21. dimas on July 18, 2013

    token itu adalah game

  22. on July 18, 2013

    siapa tau ayo coba

  23. on July 18, 2013

    token itu apa ya?

  24. token itu apa ya

  25. Brandon Ellis on July 3, 2013

    Wow! Just by looking at the video and by looking at the dev’s comments, I can safely say that this game is one to play!

  26. monas on June 29, 2013

    hahaha this game is fun!!

  27. InDaFaceGr on June 28, 2013

    Free range games you did such a good work! 1 SENTENCE: THANK YOU FOR THIS EPIC GAME.

  28. ugurano on June 25, 2013

    good game

  29. DarkMaster on June 25, 2013

    can I dowunlaud it pleas give me a link

  30. Lockon Stratos on June 21, 2013

    how do i activate activation token???

  31. Lockon Stratos on June 21, 2013

    read the whole comment before starting game (i love to read its fun) 🙂

  32. Lockon Stratos on June 21, 2013

    is this a long loading game? had other problems with other games cuz of long loading lagging 🙁 🙁 🙁

  33. Thederpman on June 10, 2013

    Free fall tournament is a ridiculously fun game for a browser based game and if you dont play this game you must have some problems

  34. TheBossMan on June 8, 2013

    e_e We shall see if this game is worthy to be played by me.

    —10 Minutes Later—

    FreefallTournament: We shall see if you are worthy to play me, bi’atch.

  35. freerangegames on June 2, 2013

    Thanks for the comment. We’ve got lots of players playing now and keep getting more each week. We will have another major update this coming week with more goodness. We devs are listening to you. Thanks for playing! Also a lot of the lag is fixed, re: January comments.

    • Hassan on July 22, 2013

      Is there still a way to get codes for free characters? Really want gunner permanently!

  36. BrowserGamer on May 29, 2013

    This game easily gets an 9.7/10. This is one of the best games I have ever played. The game is starting to lose it’s players, which is a problem. I have told my friend-o’s about this game and they said they could not simply stop playing, they played the game for about three hours. I would recommend updating the game more often, as this can really tell new players that the game is important to the dev’s. I also recommend releasing the game on steam, as that is a popular pc gaming client, and most gamers want free, and awesome games. The community is very friendly. When I started playing, I died a lot, but instead of getting called “stupid noob” A player told me that I just had to playing, and I would become better. On second thought, I will give this game a 9.9/10. Incredible, I found this game more addicting than games like call of duty, and team fortress 2. I really wish there were more players, at this time. I wish the best for this game. Simply incredible. 🙂

  37. say1226 on May 16, 2013

    is cool game

  38. ziin1234 on March 23, 2013

    ti will be more fun if there is more map

  39. ExileXIII on March 6, 2013

    It’s a ok game. But the assassin still seems like it has the HP of a bee when going up against most other classes. The melee weapons seem out of place and the assassins guns are under powerd. The stealth is ok but it needs improvement. That’s my two cents.

  40. assdsd on March 3, 2013

    what is token ?

  41. GirikFrost on February 8, 2013

    this game is awesome but i think the prices of the charaters should be lower

  42. crazyleg619 on February 1, 2013

    awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……..i think -_-……

  43. SuperDarke on January 30, 2013

    its so ******* AWESOME!!!!!!! 9.2/10 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  44. Me on January 29, 2013

    Awesome game, my favorite. Also, the first game I saw that is not trying to milk money out of players. It is completely free to play, no download required. Only thing which bothers is lag and some bugs which happen rarely (mostly fixed), but that doesn’t stop me from giving this game a 10/10

  45. belvedere_hedon on January 27, 2013

    Awesome game play, great graphics, and the developers are always making the game better.

  46. clemence on January 26, 2013

    Awesome game! I like it 😀

  47. zodic on January 25, 2013

    this mmobomb is cool by all this games its wonderful site keep the first place and second this is

    🙂 🙂

  48. selby on January 23, 2013

    love it! and the dev is very kind!

  49. AwesomeGamer101 on January 21, 2013

    This is an AWESOME game!! Although it sometimes takes a while to load, it is totally worth the wait, especially now that the class prices have gotten lower. This is my favorite computer game!! 😀

  50. Massacre on January 20, 2013

    I’ve delved into it a little and everything about it is good. You have campers, but usually very few. You have instakill assassins, and they bother me, but we also have blazer for beating them down. All in all, the game balances itself out solidly. The classes are even underpriced, but don’t tell the devs that!
    All in all, here’s the final verdict: 9/10, 5/5. Well done, Free Range.

    • freerangegames on January 20, 2013

      The classes are underpriced? Oops.

      • Massacre on January 20, 2013

        Well, in my opinion. Around 15,000 seems more reasonable. I saw some of the hate when it was 30,000… you have a rough line to tread, FRG. Still, it’s just an idea. (Not that I’m going through cash quickly, 100 after 1hr of playing.)

        • freerangegames on January 20, 2013

          I should have put a smiley after that oops. We feel making it easier to get the classes is better and makes the game more fun.

  51. Basicbasic on January 20, 2013

    Awesome game, the long intial load is totally worth it!

  52. Joshthekiller on January 20, 2013

    If you want to go to the other maps just rank up its easy. 😀 P.s on the recruit maps there are bots to make fighting so much easier for the new people. I fined this game a fun game and i rate it 5 stars.

  53. YT-TheLegitKid1999 on January 19, 2013

    This game looks CRAZY! Hoping it plays out well. 😀

  54. freerangegames on January 19, 2013

    It’s a first look. He did a great job for that.

  55. Cloakerx on January 19, 2013

    I think that this guy should have played the game a bit more before he made the video. He would understand that to unlock classes you have to rank up, he would understand the classes a bit more, etc.

    • Cloakerx on January 19, 2013

      Ahhh, i meant unlock maps >.>

    • Pieareround on January 20, 2013

      Well, he was making a first look video. I think the idea is to show people what they’re stepping into when they first start playing.

  56. freerangegames on January 19, 2013

    Cloakerx, one of our long time players, is correct. There are also 3 maps each with their own gameplay modes. You have to rank up to unlock the others. We’ll make that more obvious in a future update.

    • Pieareround on January 20, 2013

      Wow, it’s pretty rare to see a dev post in a community that’s not their own. Heck, sometimes it’s rare to see a dev post in their own community. Kudos.

      • freerangegames on January 20, 2013

        It’s an honor to be on MMOBomb. We are happy to engage our fans where ever they are. We are serious about developing FreeFall Tournament with gamers’ input.

        • Pieareround on January 20, 2013

          Well, count me as a fan. I spent a little time playing it, and I really like it so far.

  57. Cloakerx on January 19, 2013

    I would just like to add that the Blasters Q does not make you immune to damage as the guy says at 7:04. It actually pushes enemies back away from the user.

  58. freerangegames on January 19, 2013

    Hope you like it! Please let us know if you have questions or feedback.

    • Ewoker19 on January 19, 2013

      I would like it to be balanced

      • Landon Miller on January 19, 2013

        The classes are really balanced and the developers are always improving the game.^^

    • valy on January 22, 2013

      i like the game

    • ItZTh3FuZZ on March 24, 2013


    • randomdude on July 22, 2013

      hey bro my game looks totally different. All the menu and the class selection look totally different(lets see “degraded).

    • Jerry Derp on April 27, 2014

      Im playing this game about a 2 years im actually Maj. this time .

    • Polintalu on April 28, 2014

      hello everytime i played the graphic is not like in the video the gunner scope is like a diamond can you pls tell me what is the problem? and yeah 1 think great game

      • Darldmeir on June 4, 2014

        I’m pretty sure they reduced the graphic complexity in order to reduce lag… They were having some problems with that.

  59. JakeRocker on January 19, 2013

    SECOND BOOYA, This game looks Cool 😀 i think i will play it :DDDD

  60. Aata on January 19, 2013

    First! 😀

    • bob on July 30, 2013


    • Shadowcorn on November 22, 2013

      Due Can U Please Tell Me That When I Play The Game So I Got Dull Graphics Now I See The Pitcures So This Game Looks Good Is That A Problem Pls Tell Me

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