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Title: Gilfor’s Tales
Status: offline
Genre: MMORPG | Theme: Fantasy
Graphics: 3D | Type: Browser Game
Publisher: Looki
Developer: Sodigital
User Rating:
1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (46 votes, 3.59 out of 5)

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What’s explosive about it:
Good Diablo Feel
Nice Visuals
Vast Game World

Gilfor’s Tales, which has often been described as graphically the best browser based game in existence, is a MMORPG in the tradition of the best games of its type, like Baldur’s Gate and Diablo.

Many elements of the game are rendered on-screen in real time, which is combined with highly developed graphical environment in a way that has never been seen in a game of this type. The technology used allows for characters and their environments to be modified on-the-fly. Players can also look forward to rapid expansion of the game world, which already guarantees twenty hours of play, not counting duels and interactions with other players.

As a browser-based game, Gilfor’s Tales does not require the installation of any additional software. It can be played from anywhere, on any operating system using any browser with the Adobe Flash plug-in.

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  1. I just tried to sign up, seemingly downloaded whatever needed to be downloaded, and all I got was a black screen. This seems to be a similar situation to Drakensang. Originally I could create an account, but over time, due to their upgrades, I was essentially kicked from the game because the upgrades — graphics, memory demands, etc. — made it impossible to load a BROWSER based game unplayable. I am guessing the same thing here. Too bad game designers overlook the fact they design players out of the game. Fewer players means less revenue. Listening out there?

  2. SO UNFAIR. This game looks really cool, and I REALLY wanna play, but I made an account and tried to log in but it wouldn’t work… It just reloaded the login page. (Sad face)

  3. it look good for about 20 seconds then the word tTRASHE’n then came out of nowhere and it has an arrow over it pointing to the burst of somekind..a F*** hole in my character shit!…aw i mean character sheet. i lag out and do it again and everything seems to be normal now!hayz,,,

  4. lolz the same thing happened to me.
    this game is a great game if u like turn base gmaes and if u want to multi task while ur on facebook or something, useing the auto battle system

  5. I had made an account for this game a while ago, and I went on today to see what had changed since the last time I played. And guess what? I couldn’t even play the game. My “character” was nothing but complete blackness. I couldn’t see any customisations whatsoever, it was just completely black. I was trying to move around and leave the area I was currently in, and couldn’t. There goes that attempt at trying to play this game, lol.


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