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About the game:
Title: Grand Chase
Status: Released Graphics: 2.5D
Genre: Fighting
Developer: Ntreev
Publisher: Ntreev

Explosive Features:

  • Arcade-Style Controls
  • Real Time Online Action
  • Co-op gameplay

Grand Chase is a 2D.5 side-scrolling action MMO with anime inspired graphics. Grand Chase is the world’s first real time online fighting game that enables up to 6 players to engage in thrilling fights with each other. Play as one of three characters and clear stages of monsters and bosses in this coop dungeon crawler. With three continents to explore, plenty of rewarding quests and a PvP Battle System, Grand Chase has plenty of content to explore.

Grand Chase follows the lives of different heroes from the Bermesiah continent in their fight against the evil Queen of Darkness. Characters will be able to fight dynamically alongside each other in several different game modes to defeat the evil queen of darkness.

Experience the innovative and exciting multiplayer modes that immerse the player in non-stop action such as: Quest mode, Player versus Player, Monster Battle, Monster Expedition mode and a lot more!

Grand Chase is unique in that it will, for the first time ever, allow players to have a refined and competitive real-time multiplayer brawl. An in-depth combo system allows players to link up combos, skills, and items for devastating effects. Players will also be able to advance their characters through traditional RPG elements including leveling, jobs, and equipment.

Featured Video

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System Requirements

Grand Chase Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP or higher
Processor: Pentium4 1.5GHz/AMD 1GHz
Memory Ram: 1 GB RAM
Hard Disk Space: 4 GB available space
Video Card: Nividia Geforce4 MX440 or better (ATI Radeon 9500)

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  1. Grand Chase (Review)
    + 20 Character Classes
    + Pets
    + Housing system
    + Costume
    – Bad Community
    – Server issue
    – Bugs
    – Gameplay exploit
    – less game mode
    – less challenge Pve
    – Heavy grind

  2. Hey, can someone tell me please: I heard from someone that the Global Shut Down on April is only temporary! Please answer to my email! I have to know if it is for ever or not! Cause I LOVE GRAND CHASE! So please please answer me! =*(

  3. Grand Chase kind of sucks.. You die A LOT. The bosses are extremely OP and you have to dodge for your LIFE, man. 10 hits max is about what you can sustain, although some classes will get one-hitted by a boss. -_- So when you die, you’ll be doing a lot of sitting round, waiting for your teammates to finish off the dungeon, unless you’re okay with spending your revival coin things. It seems as if the characters are unbalanced; the melee sword fighters (Ronin, Elesis, and Sieghart) are all extremely OP. In PvP, the levels are balanced out, so a lvl 1 Elesis could potentially defeat a lvl 60 Rin… All in all, this game left me very frustrated and I left it with angry impressions. Go ahead and try it for yourself, I hope you like playing as swordsman, because that’s all this game seems to care for.

  4. I have played this game since it first came out, when Elesis, Lire, and Arme were the first and only characters and when the game was mad hard. I remember the days when Ronan, Lass, and the intro to 2nd jobs were out. The game has went to a fun little 2.5 side scroller to a pay-to-win hell .-. Most might disagree with me, but i liked the game way back then. The game threw challenges at you and was hard to master. When lass came out, it took 3 lvl 50’s to help me get him, as you had to fight kaze’aze without using any revives or natals. 2nd job took forever to do, as Gaiko’s Castle was next to impossible to finish alone, making you go with an entire party and even then you had a 1/4 chance of getting the Gaiko Seal needed to get your 2nd job. Now i can solo pretty much the entire game, not to mention that cash armor pretty much makes you invincible. The game was all fun in the past, and somewhat fun now, but there aren’t as many challenges to me, and it seems most of the community (not on world chat) don’t interact with each other as they used to, since you can solo every single dungeon .-.

  5. I don’t know but I played both Elsword and Grand Chase but GC gave me more impact..
    I like Elsword’s dungeons better than GC but for PVP I’d go with GC..
    Grand Chase is not really P2W there are already armors/accessories which has equivalent stats as the gacha ones<< I'm saying this cause I've never really spent anything on cash armors or accessories to get stronger rather I've only spent some (on rare cases like limited time events) on vanity items (Avatars lol)…

    • oh and this review is already so ancient =_=….
      many things had already change in GC especially after Eternal Season update and also the Korean server has just started its Season V with more new content… well I might say the new world map is really really similar with elsword’s…

    • elsword is fun and grand chase is not fun but you are wasteing your time playing two games at the same time is really time consumeing a lot. grand chase playerbase has really declined more after eternal came to NA. there are people who are telling the truth about this game going down the hill as this game progress to becoming something else that is not grand chase. I hate to say this to people who comment on false review about grand chase and it really has become a big let down on this game with the high cash system and the playerbase being low as it is not doing well to keep with game with very little people who are supporting this game. I wouldn’t play this game much at all since the developer is turning this game like a maplestory version but it is totally getting suck down the drain like crazy each time they put a overpower character or a pet.

    • it sad that grand chase has become a big let down since the developer made this game become very unbalance since the ap character are op and same for the amp character too. mp character are to weak face them in pvp and it just broke pvp completely down the hole now. grand chase will never cover in this state now. it the developer that are very greedy on there game.

  6. it really the community on grand chase that is bringing down the game with all these rule in pvp and dungeon since people like to complain a lot in the game. my guild group has left the game for years since the community getting worsted and worsted each day when there a new character job in grand chase. I feel that grand chase is no longer fun anymore since the community driving new player and old player away from this game. the community is really bad.
    rate3/5 good game but bad community plus they abuse the report system.

  7. mmobomb should update this grand chase page. It is as if the game is dead already. Grand Chase has its 5th season already. And it’s better in comparison to the previous ones. About the plot hole thingy, have you ever watched animes? In order for the game to continue, the plot needs to thicken. Which is why characters are added into the game.

    • it still doesn’t make the game better and it get worse since they there more abused amp and ap in the game plus it doesn’t go with the storyline at all.

  8. grand chase used to be good I play it today and it is still the way in grand chase chao season with a another new grand chase season called rebirth which they now added 4th bar in the game. I think that is the dumbest thing to put in the game which make the game more easyer and less skilled in the game now plus they added more ap and amp character while the mp character don’t get anything new on the 2nd job,3rd job,4th job skill tree. the ap character and the amp hybrid character are completely overpower in this game now. the mp character are just garbage now in the game. there will be a another new season soon called grand chase eternal which your stat increased more in the new patch making it more easyer in dungeon as ever In history. I recommended do not spend any money on grand chase and just play the game or go to another game where you don’t see broken mechanic stuff like grand chase. 🙁
    (pro:) good mission reward, 4 starting character, coop gameplay,19 story character

    (con:)unbalance classes due to ap and amp system character,new patch problem, server problem, event mostly built on cash, low playerbase, small community, many hacker, mp 1st job skill tree neafed, asin,lime can only obtained in cash, zero 4th bar bug, connection problem in pvp, hit system doesn’t detect on player in pvp, unbalance pvp system, window problem with window vista, window 8, window7, no tutorial, stage repeated, lack of story on certain character, lack of skill in gameplay classes, easy dungeon grind, easy mission, many bug, couple glitched, low drop rate for character like mari,rufus,amy,dio,ley,zero, low drop for pet scroll in high level dungeon and middle level dungeon.

    (result:) I feel this game has gone to hell since the game starting to fail a lot now with less update and the playerbase is going down due to the community behavior with player relying on op character to be top notch in pvp by spamming the easy system character in grand chase with ap and amp character in game. I will always miss the old grand chase and the friend I made back in 2011. 🙁

  9. So stepping dosent take skill…….
    The reason why all these games fell was because of time..
    Even if it sucks now people wont forget them ever because they’r classics..

  10. grand chase has the worse community I have even seen in this game. the playerbase is low but the player qq about everything in the game which it make less fun to play since there start telling you can’t play knight or runecaster in the game for no reason that destroy the gameplay style for a player also a lot of those pvp player so called use marco on their character to think they so good by abuseing the mechanic on the job character gameplay on platform and other crazy thing in the game. it destroy the real skill gameplay of that character. it is not worth to play grand chase nowdays since the pvp player think winning all the time with prop on their character too. it is not skill based anymore in it condition now.

  11. the reason why grand chase is not popular because of gamerage since they have not put any ad on a website for grand chase plus they mistreating the game very badly with very few couple of the playerbase fan. I recommended do not support gamerage because they have bad customer service since they do not help people with their problem in game and they leave you in the dark hole to suffer for year and year with bad custom support. this game was own by nteeve before gamerage took it and it has fallen ever since grand chao season came out and then they started loseing more player each day because their problem of keeping the game up to date and it still the way same as it is now. I have no faith in gamerage business since they just not trying to fix anything in grand chase with there bug and glitch running in the game.

  12. I would have to say that this review is wrong because the gameplay lack in term of skill and to many classes that make the game become imbalance in term of skill and the leveling in grand chase is easy but not hard and it not fun either too. The community way to small and the playerbase low meaning this game is bad in term of the developer being lazy to put decent skill tree build on the character. I would give 2 out of 5 star and I recommended do not spend money on this game at all. it would be better to another game that has a good community and a good playerbase.

  13. why is elsword at the top, elsword got its idea from fist of fu and grand chase. so i say this one should be higher up….if this is a top somthing list ._. ….im not really sure

  14. grand chase was a fun game it lost a lot of player since kog added some many character in the game that it became almost in impossible to obtain in the game plus many people didn’t like pvp since people like to use cheap movement or special bar on their character like crazy with their fake win point in pvp. I recommended not to play pvp with random and guild group in their room. why because they abuse a op character with prop to try to beat you down in term without real skill gameplay. it be better to dungeon in grand chase with friend only and it the only way to have fun without nightmare coming down on you.

    • PVP wasn’t cheap at all, steps(movement) required technique and accuracy, which took a very long time to master. The game does have OP characters in it though, like Dio and the rest of the AP characters. In the hands of a good player, they become cheap.

      Other than that, there were little cheating going on in the PVP community, and I knew this because I played the game for nearly 6 years now. I Pvp only, never liked the dungeons. As far as win points go, it didn’t really matter much in the game. People will remember good players.

      • grand chase pvp is cheap it really take no skill at in grand chase plus too people are right about this game it has a fair rate star and the gear are silly and the playerbase low as hell and the community too. it make sense why no one talk about grand chase now.

  15. grand chase has nice pve content but the pvp part is pay to win because of the prop giving them a easy win right off the bat and most player don’t even bother with it now.

  16. there is no stepping in game and I call it exploit movement and these name that they come up with make no since that is why most player left cause of the abuse the movement on platform which is very cheap that not skill but i’m old player so you would know take little skill in game and people can abuse the skill bar like crazy.

    • If you ask any pro at this game they will they you there is a such thing as stepping. Its not exploiting anything because most people in the game who is at least decent can do it. Ask anyone about the most common one the flash step. If you ever meet a true pro ask them to do the demon step. If you been playing for a while and you dont know about stepping you really really suck!!!! (im from mexico so my English is bad ^ . ^)

      • well yes the demon step from dio i have dio lvl 75 lass lvl 73 sieghart lvl 69 zero lvl 72 and rufus lvl 25 and the 3 girl characters like only like 20 all tree i hate them so i left them to dieeeeeeeeeeee.

  17. not to many player play this game much since people abuse ap skill tree and exploit movement on certain character in pvp but the dungeon is getting more challenge now and there some new character came out need a revamped on their job like lime.

  18. I started to play again and i got to say some of things you said above is right but some are still wrong. You can turn the volume down if u dont like the noise. If your not going to cash play GWC, most pros only play gwc to show skill. Grand chase is full of skill that you have to learn. If u didnt hit them they probably step. The reason they make you earn the charcters is because their all part of the story line. As you get to their levels you get them to join you.

  19. …Yep. Imma have to toss my hat into the ring; on which side I must choose Elsword over Grand Chase. I’m pretty sure Grand Chase has a great storyline and all, but…. the one thing that turns me off from it versus Elsword, and (might I stress) “Many… MANY other side-scrollers”, is the fact the movement feels stiff. Like ten-month old bread you have to take a claymore to just to dent it. Bash me if you will, I leave you to play whatever you like, but this is simply my OWN opinion and thoughts, and is in no-way intended to be the opinion of anyone but myself.

    That being said, when I heard about “the mighty” Grand Chase… playing Elsword, I was thinking I would be in for quite a treat with full-fledged fighting, free-range movement… and that slick control I was so used to… but with a RANGE of characters. Then I try it for the first time, and am quite saddened to see a few things:

    This one wouldn’t bug me so much if the mode was “Stretch to fit”, but the simple fact that there isn’t a 1920×1080 resolution in GC irks me, and even causes my screen to have a literal seizure from static lines dancing everywhere, (In the 1024×768 default, and the 1024×1024 resolution). What REEALLY makes no sense, is how KOG can make one game that fully supports my native resolution, but yet a “seasoned” game like GC cannot.

    Can’t tell if this one was a bug or not but half the time, my key presses would not even register. I’ve had this problem in Elsword too, but not as bad. Reminded me of my days playing Rusty Hearts as well.

    Oh God…. the community. Browsing tirelessly to scope out the community led me to believe the people who wanted to add good input into the future of GC were being shut down by “hero worshipers” at every single turn. Which leads me to:

    Now these people are the finest example of morons I have ever seen in the history of game developers. Their own COMMUNITY, listed up in (C) is held “verbal abusive” prisoner against them. I remember reading one post with a guy complaining about the resolution, and was inquisitive as to why a 2.5D with 3D characters-based engine couldn’t support such a simple resolution. What happened to him? He was pretty much offed for imputing such questions. Reminds me of this one dude who instead of asking for HELP being community leader, he instead decided to take his anger out on said-community, abusing his powers quite often. And by my book, if two out of the six available resolutions can’t be handled by the game engine due to complications, then I don’t see why they can’t add a resolution that possible WOULD work.

    Oh yes…. everything… EVERYTHING from what I saw about this game was the infamous Pay-to-Win. Elsword is too in many-a-ways, but as of now, not as horribly wrong. It seemed to me that you had a “basic” version which you paid for in GP, and then a super suped-up version which you had to use premium currency. Not to mention the accessories and “coordination”/costumes in the game.

    This one… REALLY bugged me.

    “WeeeeeEEEEEE…!!! Mega Slash!”

    …Sorry. Elesis, no. Please don’t do that. You and Arme sound alike. I wonder why? Wait. Are you really the age you’re supposed to be? Do teenagers dash nude like you do?

    Okay, jokes aside… the aesthetics were pretty awful. Seriously though, I’m not sure how many voice actors were brought on-board for the NA release of Grand Chase… but from the first few characters I got on start-up, I’d say not many. Rather to say, they drug them from the streets and made them into thousand-aires. And when Arme dashed…. her clothes were literally gone. First thing I thought was “Digimon” with this girl. Then again, I think “Digimon” with every single equipment piece I’ve seen. I was pretty shocked in-fact to see that Elesis’ Adventurer’s Cap was a literal carbon copy and recolor of a certain character’s hat/hair combo.. ._.

    Well… to bring this to a close, I’d say since people compare the two games quite often, my money goes to Elsword. This game may pretty much be the same, but it dealt with the issues GC gave me at every turn:

    *1920×1080 resolution by DEFAULT. IOWs, it knew my native and applied it on first run.
    *Most of the hit register errors ironed out in its young life.
    *Community is easily ignorable, or pleasant at other channels.
    *Moderators aren’t pricks. (Though censorship is messed up.)
    *Still playable without diving into my pockets.
    *Good ol’ Korean VA’s. The way it should be (Though the COBO girls sound like they’re in something rather…. questionable. ._.)

    Still, if you like what you see with Grand Chase, then by all means. Enjoy yourselves. “To each their own”, you know the old saying? ;3

    • I couldn’t have stated it any better myself. Litteraly. I’s is horrible at co-ordinating my words.

      But there are a few issues that you didn’t touch on, like how Elsword you have EVERY character unlocked from the get-go and don’t have to waste a lot of time playing characters you don’t enjoy just to unlock the ones you do, or paying to unlock them from the start. And if you didn’t pay, and instead unlocked them through sheeer perservereance, then you have to restart from level 1 with said wanted character when you were so much more powerful as the character you didn’t want. It’s just a giant crap-storm of stuff they could’ve avoided, which would’ve made the game more fun.

      As you said, “To each their own”, and I can see why people like GC, but this is akin to masochism in my eyes.

      • Yea because unlocking things in a video game isn’t fun. Wait thats the point of Grand Chase, to play the game unlock new characters who are each individually unique with completely different gameplay styles. Elsword basically took Grand Chase made it 2.5D (the world moves around,) copied the main characters, then main every character unlockable from the beginning so you can’t unlock anything except for new classes which barley feel satisfying to obtain. You said “And if you didn’t pay, and instead unlocked them through sheeer perservereance, then you have to restart from level 1 with said wanted character” Well guess what if you want to play as a new character in Elsword you have to start from level 1 as well except for its way more repetitive since you didn’t “earn” the character you play as you just have it so it is just boring. This is just my opinion and I honestly do still like Elsword i just don’t like how their model was based of Grand Chase and became 10x more popular than it for no reason…

  20. This is the full truth on GRAND CHASE
    1. it is not pay to win just play in gwc
    2. it takes skill not cash if u cant step get out of pvp are amazing they hold fights and if u win u get beast items.
    5.characters are not unbalance its how u play them
    6.if u got kick out they were waiting for somone
    8. There is a ranking system(daily,weekly,monthly)
    9. when u get rank 1 2 3 on monthly u get special armor.
    10. LEARN HOW TO STEP BEFORE PVP if u dont u will get killed.
    11. lots of classes and jobs

    • Goddamn agree with you. Especially nowadays with the new jobs (Rufus especially). People think that these jobs are overpowering, when really, you can even use a starting character such as lire to own the shit out of them. Every character has the pros and cons (as shown in GC wiki, elesis has low attack and vitality, but very high def). So. Don’t get why people say characters are overpowering.
      I think maplestory characters are what I call unbalanced. To the point where they have to nerf it.

    • Are u an idiot?? elsword and grand chase are both funny to play… elsword no suck… u suck…learn things about a game then after get an idea … go to wiki and learn..

  21. this game is good what brings it down is having to buy most of the characters and tons of good items and that is a big turnoff for a lot of people i played till i was level 63 and the community isnt very nice no offense but i had people in several games cursing me out for no reason, also people would just make parties and when they had 3 people and i would join they would kick me out for no reason and that made me want to play it less but the gameplay was good but got boring because the commmunity was very mean from my perspective and it could turn a lot of newcoming players away from the game and that can be a big game killer

    • oh my god why are people so dang these days you only have to buy 3 or 4 characters with money bro the rest you faking go to the store get the faking mission for them and do the mission to get that certain character.

  22. Ok i agree that it isent as good as before.But there great charcter many ways to play them and lots of guides.just so u know before u pvp learn how to step.BEST GAME EVER ELSWORD RIP THIS OFFFF

    BYE NOW (Pro elesis and ronan)

  23. Funny no one complains of it being P2W with all the Cash only items u can buy.. yeah yeah someone would say it takes skill, but when they are asked to PVP him without gear, they refuse then leave, man of his words <.< and generic keyboards has a bit of disadvantage due to its hard to do left flash steps.

    I'm not bashing Grand Chase, I love GrandChase, but as someone said it takes alot of free time, there is absolutely so much to do(to the extent too much to do), I could have been still addicted to this game until now, if it wasn't for the P2W, nope cash isn't required to win, but its a necessity not to get beaten to a pulp in PVP. and the graphics is kinda imbarassing to play in public with the kiddish graphics, still love grandchase

  24. Ashibaya, your reasoning is clearly one of the problems throughout when the game was released.
    Yes, it is hardcore and I enjoy playing it, I only turned out to quit because the lack of players which takes away my entertainment. The thing about Lire and her shooting range over the entire map is exactly what you don’t wanna face in pvp , its only a benefit to the ones who are using that character.
    Plus, the game story does not make sense.Most characters are released with a background story that dosn’t fit into the plot and they don’t continue the original plot like killing Kaze aze , it just adds another plot and the story gets outta hand.Arme, her firebolts and delay chances are the highest , its clearly impossible to defeat her if your stats are the same against especially with her skills that can effect the entire screen. Its clearly the changes Grandchase adds to the game that makes it worse : Pvp Rebalance (They took away Amy’s starlet gun spam Left & right , Takes more time to kill and it makes it difficult for ALL of us to compete in pvp) , Opped characters , Dungeons that can take an hour to finish and people need to stat up more, taking away items from season 3 and adding more useless ones to season chaos, etc. The is maybe completely fine you many when they start this game in this grandchase era , butsome changes made are pointless and makes the gaming worse , and they’re hard to overcome. There’s also lack of players but grandchase is not dying.

  25. I’ve played this game now since season 1,and I’ve expereinced many of gc’s changes.Grandchaase sucks now, just because things become easier than it was for the past seasons,it makes my hard work to unlock the characters worthless.Especially with all these Overpowered classes,no one actually pvps these AP character because they are too cheap to begin with.Grandchase is dying,I don’t see a point in playing it anymore,and thats why i play Elsword more than before.There’s a slight difference because GM_Syn bans many people during this time,and slowly players are quitting because of these stupid changes KOG is making to grandchase,and I used to log in now seeing the servers arn’t even crowded enough with players the entire day.

    • bro the reason maplestory is one of the best games even though it dose not deserve to be is because there are allot of players that play it and the reason that allot of players play it is because its updated every day other wise its shit.

  26. WTF dont compare Maplestory with Grand chase Maplestory is crappy and has bad players who always call me a noob not like grand chase who always helps noobs and maplestory should be the dead bottom last place cuz it sucks

    • i dont want 2 b mean ;-; but the way players are acting doesnt have anything to do with the game itself ._. its not the fault of the game itself ;-; think before u post somthing lol + Maple story is one of the best games if u look at the amount of players lol (not that i play maple but hate it when ppl are bitching about it ;-;)

      • bro the reason maplestory is one of the best games even though it dose not deserve to be is because there are allot of players that play it and the reason that allot of players play it is because its updated every day other wise its shit.

      • no you dont you buy missions with game money gp do those missions do get new characters my favorite 3 are lass,dio, and sieghart.

  27. Damn you guys never check MapleStory it rocks like you never played it I’ve been searching a lot of 2D Rpg’s but none of them better than Maple Story you guys should check them out

    • Dude,Maplestory DOES NOT rock. It has trolls on there compared to GC. GC has nice people on there and the combat speed may be slow but come on dude don’t go comparing games to maplestory. ALTHOUGH, Maplestory is better than Runescape.

  28. I don’t know about you guys but, I don’t like this game. True, the characters definitely looks better defined than other 2D Side-Scrolling games but it lacks the fast paced fighting that other 2D games give. Take Wind slayer 2 (WS2) for an example the game lacks the Character definition but the game play is packed! specially if you play an Assassin class. see for yourself and Go to youtube and see WS2 Assassins and see what I’m talking about.

    • +1
      True, This game looks really slow compared to other 2d Side-scrolling MMOs.

      By the way, I might go check that game, Windslayer.

    • Bro slow pased? have you seen lass lvl 70? go check out the game now there are attacks slash thorugh the whole screen less then a second. and have you seen sieghart?

  29. I don’t know about you guys but, I don’t like this game. True, the characters definitely looks better defined than other 2D Side-Scrolling games but it lacks the fast paced fighting that other 2D games give. Take Wind slayer 2 (WS2) for an example the gameplay is lacks the Character definition but the game play is packed! specially if you play an Assassin class. see for yourself and Go to youtube and see WS2 Assassins and see what I’m talking about.

    • Did you trying going to a hero dungeon? the gameplay gets more fast paced as you play if you were to start out with fast paced gameplay it would get boring fast, plus the dungeons are really unique and all of them are different for instance. Partusays Sea is an underwater level where you have to occasionally go to the highest point of the level for air. You have to break these tridents to get to the next area at one point and you also have to kill Partusay by 1.breaking his leg 2. breaking his arm and 3. cracking his head and all of wich has to be done while still going up for air and going to the spot where hi arm head and feet is.

  30. Grand Chase is a Character based 2D Side Scrolling RPG. Now when you think character, you think “Hey there is not going to be crap for customization” well. You’re thinking way off chart. Recently Grand Chase has reached its fourth season called Season Chaos. Meaning higher EXP rates, easier job missions, and slightly easier character missions. The learning curve is quite steep though, and the players get asked basic questions all day long, so sometimes the vets are a little short fused. The game starts you out with three available characters, Elesis, Lire, and Arme. Each character starts out with a character specific job (and they lead into 3 other character specific classes). Elesis is the basic warrior/tank, she is a great tank, she doesn’t flinch when hit by projectiles. Lire is a archer, with full control of what direction she fires in, yes you can stay still and shoot all over the screen. And Arme is a mage, she has a skill tree where she can develop as a magic melee, or more projectile oriented. Yes all three are girls, but just to the academy page and use your GP (found money) and buy Ronan GP mission. When he is unlocked you get a knight with strong magic, and summons. The total amount of available characters is 12, soon to be 13. The girls are Elesis, Arme, Lire, Amy, Mari, and soon Ley. And the boys are Ronan, Lass, Ryan, Sieg, Dio, Jin, and Zero. Each character is very unique, most with four jobs each with their own unique fighting style. This game is so complex, hardcore, and beautiful. That if I tryed a full review I would end up writing a book.

    • Btw, mmobomb’s review is very out of date. The best way to find out about it is play.
      Remember you may level easily but this game is VERY hardcore, and eventually the cash and free lines start to cross. I can honestly say I have spent around 300 usd on this game. Its that addictive. DO NOT PLAY IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ALOT OF FREE TIME


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