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Title: Gundog
Status: offline
Genre: MMOTPS | Theme: Comical Warfare
Graphics: 3D | Filesize: 500 MB
Publisher: OGPlanet
Developer: Innoceed

User Rating:
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What’s explosive about it:
Unique card progression system
6 character classes
Customizable abilities

Gundog is a third-person shooter published by OGPlanet. The game takes a comic style “Battlefield Heroes” approach to graphics, with cell-shaded cartoonish dogs fightings against each other in a world war. There are two separate factions in game although they only differ cosmetically. The game offers players a choice of 6 classes with a twist. A player can only choose three classes to bring into battle which are determined by specific class cards obtainable in the game’s shop.

These cards can offer increased damage, unique skills, different weapons and other changes specific to each card. A player can have multiple cards of the same class, but with vastly different skill and weapon “loadouts”. In order to use stronger cards, a player must level up that specific class. Overall, the game offers a multitude of faction specific cards to collect and even tracks your collection progress.

Gundog offers several gameplay modes including traditional Team Deathmatch along with a form of Capture and Defend and Domination.

Gundog system requirements:

OS: Windows XP/ Vista / 7
RAM: 512 MB | HDD:500MB
CPU: 1GHz or higher
Graphics Card: Geforce4 MX or higher
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12 User Reviews

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  1. meh on January 21, 2015

    can anyone tells me how to download this game ?
    plz i want to play it so bad

  2. ugurano on September 5, 2013

    your right this game its rl bad

  3. Bart on July 16, 2013

    Meh I give it a 2/5 for originality…I played 5 rounds and uninstalled the game. The controls feel really really sluggish like when I’m sniping zoomed in and when I looked up and down it didnt feel smooth at all..When you press W+shift for a sprint your character barks like a dog which made me giggle at first and later on I noticed dogs barking around me which kinda helped figure out where the enemies are…Also I really didn’t like how you have to pick class for each alliance and then I could not change my class or I just didn’t spend enough time with the game because it was so bad

  4. Rama on July 14, 2013

    Now in Open Beta

  5. Kojo on July 5, 2013

    This game is really glitchy. You lag to often, you can fullscreen the main menu. Ridiculous.

  6. surya on July 3, 2013

    Can’t play it in my region πŸ™
    it’s a great game btw, i’ve played it in two days. but the server unavailable now πŸ™

  7. ugurano on June 28, 2013

    good game, better of army rage pay to win and more generic cod shotr

  8. xxmiku on April 11, 2013

    TF2 furries edition :3

  9. costel on April 8, 2013

    God game i recomend it to all plaers its lots of funn πŸ˜€

  10. Really? on April 6, 2013

    Game was meant to be in chucky cheezes arcade in fact this game is cheezy HA! πŸ™‚

  11. Basso on April 5, 2013

    Well Done Guys im gonna try it just for fun its new thing animal war omg πŸ˜€

  12. Shaun on April 5, 2013

    Lol link goes to ghost recon online -__-

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