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Title: Gunshine | Status: Shutdown
Genre: MMORPG | Theme: Action

Graphics: 3D | Type: Browser Game
Publisher: Supercell Corp
Developer: Supercell Corp

User Rating:
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What’s explosive about it:
Co-op battles
Player-to-player trading
Fast-paced action combat

Gunshine is a 3D free-to-play social roleplaying game that runs directly in your browser. Set on a prison island dominated by a corrupt pharmaceutical company, players must take down the gangs that run the island’s neighborhoods at the company’s behest. Kill big bosses, gather loot and upgrade your hero as you try to liberate Dawnbreak City from the clutches of Labycore. The extensive social features, deep gameplay and setting make Gunshine much more than just another browser MMO. Co-op battles have never been this easy to access and fun to play.

Hire your Facebook friends as Mercenaries even if they’re offline! they’ll be controlled by the AI and the player can determine their combat tactics. Gather your friends from within the game, or quickly invite them via Facebook to tackle one of the 18 bosses you could encounter in Open Beta! The game also includes special arenas where players can challenge other players in a head-to-head battle. The best scores are saved on a scoreboard for everyone to see!

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  1. It’s BEEN two years an nothing’s come up… Q_Q Or if they started re-creation on 2013 and it’s coming in 2015 but I’ve heard nothing as of lately… WHY GUNSHINE… *Sob Sob*

  2. Actually.. it shutdowns… it’s forever gone.., but if they reopen it, it’s gonna be beta.. and i think it will be named GunShine2

  3. 1 gun shine
    2 gun shine
    3 gun shine
    4 gun shine
    gun shine is the best game in the world for me now the game is shutdown i decide to make a game that is going to smiler to gun shine

  4. oh and your comment: To put it into peitcepsrve, this isn’t a service that’s going to have people selling their mums just to get an invite. We haven’t explained fully what the service is or offers so I feel a comment like that is a little uneducated , but call it a hunch I feel it will certainly be a useful tool for many 🙂

  5. ok here goes: crystal saga sucks if your willing to download play spirit tales its like crystal saga but there are some better parts than cs 1. if you get a pet egg theres no chance of it failing to hatch 2. you have these transfomations that you can do they increase your attack plus better graphics 2.cs lied it says and i qoute “5 unique classes” sp has not only all those classes but an extra one

    • CS does have 5 unique classes, Knight, Ranger, Rogue, Mage and Priest. How is that a lie in any way? Crystal saga may suck to you but it doesnt for others, It would be more appropriate for you to say Personally i dont like this game, Its not our fault you suck at it 😉

      • Here’s the thing. CS is boring. Having said that, the only reason people write on here is to voice an opinion. Telling some one how inappropriate their opinion is, and then going out of your to put them down by saying they “suck”, just shows how little intelligence you put towards an opinion you voice. The point that moom was intending for you to understand was that CS classes are not “unique”, they are really quite common and moom also pointed out that ST has one more of these “unique” classes. Personally I feel as if you should rethink your need to attack some ones opinion. If you can’t handle the comments, stop reading before you get to the end. It’s not like having to listen to some ones opinion, you don’t have to finish.

  6. Yup, Crystal saga is the best, the only problem is the lag, by the way which means a lot of people are playing because of the lag, but if you really want lag and a few people playing, try aqworlds… its the most f***ed up game, I cant believe I spent $50 on that game…

  7. emmm..for me CRYSTAL SAGA is the best MMORPG on world, u all should try it. With 5 classes, pet, wing, honour, Guild, battleground, PVP, PVE & PST game format also alot of cool game system.

      • Me neither, this gameplay don’t need email verification to chat. It’s all free. I guess your lists are wrong. @Kenshi: me either.

    • I aggre,Adventure Quest worlds!! the best free browser EVER!!..
      other peps are use get bored cuz they are easy weakling…anyways i HATE crystal saga
      its a garbage ….

      • Actually, I’m a lvl 45, Dragonlord in AQW, and I have to admit, it’s a crappy game, I played it for 3 years and it’s still the same thing, SAME THING, nothing changed, and also it keeps draining your money with the most useless things (like outfits), guys, don’t play AQW it’s garbage, AQW has the worst gameplay I’ve ever seen, WORST, it’s not the best game ever, it’s the WORST GAME EVER, don’t play it people, trust me it’s a waste of time.

        • yeah i agree with rt69, after 1 year played aqw the updates just for the member..,very dissapointing and draining money,and mostly boring

      • It is not garbage FYI it is one of the best games ive played (well browser games anyway) but its your opinion and i respect that so im not gonna call you a hole or anything like that

  8. يا جدعان دي لعبة جامدة بس ادوها فرصتها

    Guys, it’s a very cool game .. give it its chance

  9. oooooooooookkkay
    this games a little wierd but thats more than conpensated for by the graphics and gamplay.
    Gets a teeeeeeeeeeeny bit boring but one gamer to another whats a little boring for gamers lik us
    oh im dyslexic so like it if i got most of the spelings rigt

  10. Very nice Facebook game.
    The fact that you actually can hire your friend’s characters as mercs to help you in battle is a quite nice idea which means that they don’t need to be online for them to help you.
    And the bosses in the game can be quite tough if you take them on by yourself.
    But the strangest enemy I encountered so far has to be the pigs wearing explosives which they detonate as soon as they get close enough to you.
    All in all, this is a nice Facebook game that keeps getting better and better.

  11. Great game but with extremely repetitive game play. Only 30 levels and developers keep promising more for higher levels but never deliver.

    Game play is changed continually so that each of the 3 classes of characters is slowly becoming worthless.

    Spend time/money developing one character class and developers change skills of that character.

    Definitely a STAY AWAY game, and I played it for 6 months before I gave up in disgust at the constant nerfing of class skillz.

  12. I like the list above that Someone made, but here’s mine…

    1. Runescape
    2. Dead Frontier
    3. Battlestar Galactia
    4. Sherwood Dungeon
    5. Haboo Hotel

    Haboo would be much better if it focued on more depth, rather than being a 98% social game.

    • My Top Five would be alot similar to the 2 above…

      3.Power Soccer
      4.Sherwood Dungeon

      Iv never played habbo hotel..because its a social game and i have’nt yet tried drakensang or battlestar galactica. And deadfrontier is sometimes too realistic(being the survival MMO that it is) and can be a pain to keep up with the rest of the players…but from a gameplay stand point, only runescape tops it…im surprised alot of people don’t know about DeadFrontier yet.

  13. nice game!!! Simple Graphics but very good gameplay. Here goes my top free mmo non downloable games lit
    Sherwood Dungeon
    11 soccer
    power soccer
    Perfect Land
    Habbo Hotel

    • Maybe you’re thinking about the free trial? It’s a 14 day trial, the cards for them are sold in most game tesros (like GameStop) for $1.99. The trial isn’t the full game though you only can gain a few levels, you can’t trade with other players, etc.As far as the full game itself there isn’t a way, aside from hacking someone’s account. It’s a paid game, with no exceptions.If you’re looking for a free MMORPG, a couple other games you could check out are Runescape ( and Maple Story ( : Was this answer helpful?

      • As a current player, you are correct in some aspects and wrong in others. The game itself is free, though there are options to buy game currency (diamonds), that allow you to further explore other areas of the game that are not available with a basic membership. With the basic, free membership, you have 95% of the gunshine world at your disposal. You are able to level up as much as you want and craft different weapons and items to fit your needs as either a hunter, bodyguard, or doctor. Of course, each character has its own strengths and weaknesses, in which you must work with others to accomplish certain missions, such as boss runs as an example. The game is still fairly active, with many new players joining each and every day.

        Perhaps things were different back in March, 2012, but as of my start back in July 2012, things were just as I described.


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