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Title: GunZ: The Duel | Status: Offline
Genre: MMOTPS | Theme: Fantasy

Graphics: 3D | Filesize: 210 MB
Publisher: IJJI
Developer: MAIET Entertainment

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What’s explosive about it:
Acrobatic Gameplay
Large Playerbase
Many Different Weapons

GunZ: The Duel is a widely known free 3D MMO shooter, featuring a third-person view and similar to games such as S4 League. It counts on some unique elements to turn it into an exceptional action game, such as the characters’ freedom of movement – scaling walls, somersaulting through the air and leaping in supernatural ways are just a few examples.

Use guns and swords to overcome your enemies with style. The battle takes place not only on the ground but also on the walls, columns, statues and other decorative elements. Use your skillful actions and experience great strategic play in GunZ. Customize your fighter with a diverse range of clothes and accessories, using the total of 12 item slots per characters. Choose your long range weapons from pistols, machine guns, rifles and more. The close combat weapons range from long swords to daggers, fitting every gameplay style.

GunZ: The Duel system requirements:

OS: Windows XP / 2000 / Vista
RAM: 512MB of RAM | HDD: 1GB Free
CPU: P3 500 MHz
Graphics Card: Direct 3D 9.0 Compatible VGA Card
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  1. Please note since MAIET Entertainment doesn’t want to release to other international gunz out to the public then having koreans only play with low pings why not bring international back before ijji, aeria, sponsors have closed the game down, I have tried contacting “masangsoft” for many months now and ignoring me for the release of international gunz but if you’re a employee of masangsoft please let me know, and we can discuss matters of the international gunz servers being released. Please keep in mind MAIET is closed and out of business and doesn’t care about management of their community and fans so I have to say we are the official gunz server for the international GunZ: The Duel so I hear by the gunz community I welcome you. International GunZ: The Duel. We will also try to update it as much as possible with the korean version of gunz the duel from our developers.


  2. My opinion on GunZ

    This game absolutely COULD be reborn again by a new publisher, if they would just

    I cant believe no official game publisher has done this yet, but maybe it’s just too late.
    A “sort of” no K-Style mod has been made on private servers, but it is never used because
    well… obviously a new player is not aware of mods and such, they just wanna have fun.
    Which is impossible when you are facing veteran players who all know K-Style like the
    back of thier hands.

    If they got rid of all the glitch abuse, I think new players would flock in for multiple reasons:

    1) The original, UN-modded version can be played optimally on almost any machine,
    regardless of power. Even a net book could run it! I have many young gamer friends who
    desperately need online games to play on their moms old laptop, but there is not really
    alot of good choices out there for a dated machine. And not everybody can afford
    a specialised gaming PC. Seriously this is a HUGE reason for people to play it.
    Even brand new Windows 8 laptops struggle to play browser based/unity engine games.

    2) At first glance, it is a very attractive game. Until a new player encounters a K-styler.
    Then it is instantly abandoned. Without K-Style, it would make a much more even
    playing field for all skill levels. People are intrigued by GunZ. I played it at the
    Internet cafe back in 2008, and had people crowded around me in awe of it.

    3)Many people know about this game, but do not wish to play as it is just too hard.
    Making it easier will bring many old players and people who just tried the game back
    for another try. Also, people stopped playing because of health reasons. The glitch
    abuse is alot of twitching and drilling of the left hand, which after a while can cause
    alot of pain. Basically the faster you can move your hand, they faster you will move in
    the game. And people move at lightning speed in GunZ, so you can imagine how fast
    their hands are moving.

    4)So I gaurantee people are gonna say stuff like “GunZ is nothing without K-Style” or
    “K-Style is what made it good” but that is so so wrong. GunZ is nothing WITH K-Style,
    and K-style made it crap! It turned it from a fun game for all into a newbies nightmare.
    If I had the resources and the knowledge, I would recreate GunZ into the game it should
    have been. To the game it was back when I first started. An enjoyable, mildly chaotic
    game that could be enjoyed by everyone.

    5)The character customization in this game is really very nice. and the item mall
    is filled with options which is something western gamers like! They don’t like to be slowly
    drip fed item mall choices in order from worst to best, they like all the options laid out
    in front of them so they can choose how they want to look. Which is how GunZ was back
    when Ijji published it.Bring back GunZ like that, and I can gaurantee you will make a nice profit.

    Its been thrown out by Aeria Games.Why? Because not enough people played!
    And why? Because new players didn’t like being insta-killed by some fat B*stard who
    has done nothing but train K-Style for the last 2 years.
    I can guarantee that if K-Style didnt exist, Aeria games would still be running it and
    the online player base would be over 1000 at any given time.

    I started playing GunZ back in 2007 I think. It was amazing! I was completely hooked!
    Back when the glitches were rarely ever seen. It was a super fun game!
    Now… I cant stand to even look at what it has become. Laggy private servers full of
    ego tripping K-style freaks taunting every noob that is foolish enough to stumble
    into their game. It’s really sad to see such a great game go down the gurgler like this.
    In my opinion, games such as S4 League don’t even come close to what GunZ was
    back in the day.

    In conclusion,no new player can ever hope to be the best at this game. The current
    best just keep getting better. It is the one true reason why the game
    is how it is today. Some private servers still have a player base of around 280 players.
    Imagine an official server, with the game refurbished to accommodate players of all
    skill levels. I believe it will be a success. I have may other ideas of how the game
    could be improved, but I lack the knowledge to action these ideas.

  3. ahhh… those were the good old days when i was at my gaming prime.. its just that those freaking cheaters and hackers ruining it all.. no fps games today compares to this one in terms of difficulty and i goddamn love it when i kill people with dick shots..

  4. Wasted so many days of my life playing this game. Was addicting as hell. Now I just cant stand it lol. Such a shame, the game it’s turned into.

  5. I remember this game from years ago. This game could have easily been called Gun Ninja, This third person shooter, had moves like Ninja Gaiden, even had the Golden Dragon Sword. I liked it. The only thing is IJJI can act up at times and lag. An updated version would be appreciated, and deeper gameplay.

  6. Epic game, I miss it. I hope another game similar to this comes out, the style and expression was unlimited and unique. Loved getting into the zone and enjoying time with friends. MissHotShot I totally agree with you said, great words. The only other game I saw that came close to this was a trailer for a game called Devil’s Third which may or may not ever be released, Check out a trailer for it.

    • They are making a second Gunz , I cant really remember the name, but its name similar to “Gunz The Second Stand” but the thing is, its not in English yet, the game came out not to long ago, so they might have it in English in say maybe a year or so, depending on how much they have to translate.

      • Yeah I know about Gunz 2. I played in the second closed beta EU and Hong Kong/Taiwan’s server. I’m disappointed in the game. IMO, Gunz 1 is a lot better still. 🙂

        • Yeah, I have played GunZ 1 before, it was amazing, sad they had to shut it down, but im looking forward to Gunz 2. Mainly because i just want to see how they did it compared to the first one, and i want to check out these class selections, i dont believe they put them in the first game, i liked how it was just, make a character, and play, but know the class selection comes in and its like which on is good?? or fun to play??

  7. Does anyone know of a good private server where the pro players play, an active server? Or one that is as close to the original server as possible?

    • none of the private servers are really close to the original but its not a bad thing. Freestyle Gunz is the private server i use and they are really good. you can search for it on the internet and decide for yourself because there is a lot of them but that one is one of the popular ones.

  8. not like posting here really matters anymore but Gunz is officially gone. first ijji wrecked it. then aeria wrecked it. so its right that is died. as the comments say, this will probably be one of the best games i have ever played. had so much fun on the servers when MAIET originally had it. its the summer again and as i always find myself doing i tried coming back to Gunz again to try and relive the experience i once had. of course this is why the hardcore fans find themselves coming and going is because the game has lost its purpose and changed completely. although ive played the game since its original server, i dont have the skills to brag about so it is difficult to even get into the private servers because it is the pool of “elitists” and so i just get owned by everyone. oh well i guess ill mess around on Freestyle Gunz again and see how that pans out. news on Gunz 2 is pathetic but whenever it actually does come out i will have to try it but its obviously going to be completely different including the experience. the mechanics in Gunz were simplistic in a way that the set types of fighting were available to all players; you werent locked into a class. now that Gunz 2 will have classes it essentially locks you into a play style that every other mmo forces you to do. sure theres such thing as “sub classes” blah but point is you cant switch from playing one style to another inbetween games or even mid match. its lowering the skill cap and giving all the players a “fair share” of the skill. i guess thats the safe thing to do with games in the current generation. obviously these things i am saying could just be accusations or even assumptions and that Gunz 2 could even provide a whole new experience it is just difficult to have watched this game die.
    /bow let The Second Duel commence.

    • Literally ijji kept Gunz up longer, but Aeria Games be shutting down great games 😛
      For Ex : Metal Assault Twelve Sky 2 and now Gunz

  9. If you read the first few sentences where it talks about the game. it says this the game is widely known.There right there is a lie I played it and most of the big servers only had three or four people in a room. And don’t play it if you’re new because it will be hard guns are hard to get and you have to jump off walls gave me a headache so I stoped playing.

    • Noob, it’s widely known because anybody who’s actually played a good game, has heard of/ played gunz. The community is only about 500 players, but before it died, it had 6k+ active 24/7. People come and go, it’s been around for almost 10 years, of course it’s widely known. Gunz is probably older than you are lmao.

  10. yoi, here. missed this game a whole damn much. am the only in my clan who cant do bfly or dbfly. lol can’t wrap head around it 😛 but i made it out with a forward bfly and my turtleness.

    and hey this review… gunz is not like s4l. s4l came after gunz >.> just pointing that out there.

    and if anybody remembers me from ds, my ds email is still the same people! 😀

  11. Heh, kStyle is awesome, and its a pain to learn, but once Gunz the 2nd duel comes along, oh man, some people are gonna be pissed, saying why they wasted so much time on kStyle. In games like these, they always find timing glitches, or movement glitches, and I’m sure that the 2nd duel will have a fair amount of glitches we can use as a weapon.

  12. Hey guys here is a Brazilian guy (sorry bad english), when launched in Brazil Gunz was a phenomenon, the best time of my adolescence. I quit school and went to lan-house with my friends almost every day. The Brazilian people loved Gunz.
    I remember the war that was the combat rooms, big songs, the full rooms, half Ks and half Sprayer, players were rivals in style. Sprayer I was honestly only seen about three best sprayer, I jumped the walls and columns all the time synchronized using revovers, shooting long distance firing precisely the enemy, and I noticed that it was also a style of several players, among many other styles.
    … those maps, and missions, styles, challenges, difficulties, friends…NOSTALGIA! Guns was my favorite game of the all games. One day someone will remake Gunz, if nobody don’t do it,
    I WILL DO IT !!!!!!!!!!

    • you sir are awesome, i agree gunz is good it is one of my first mmo shooters and i still love this game, i feel like i wanna learn Brazilian or Portuguese whatever language brazil speaks lol

  13. Just Soo You All Know, ijji has been closed soo you can’t play any more games or even login but the homesite are still there but nothing Works.

  14. Just Soo You All Know This Game Has Changed From Ijji To Aeriagames, Aeriagames has taken and is now the Publisher of GunZ: The Duel, If you still wanna play they game visit : (btw there are almost 0,9% hackers in the ”New GunZ: The Duel”

  15. Gunz is best game I played in my life …. reason ? all the skill all the life and the gameplay is amazing ! a normal mmo/mmorpg game or even and fps game would keep me around for couple weeks, max a month but gunz .. played it for stright 3 years ! and only reason i took such a big break from it is because all the hackers .. and private servers arnt fun anymore.. al im saying gunz is one of best games and should have much more players and requiers a lot of skil !

  16. After reading all of these comments, I feel none of you have done this game justice. Speaking from personal experience, and being one of the top players in this game in my time I have to say that this is one of the best games ever invented for pvp. Yes it was invented accidentally through glitches which became known as k-style down the road, however this is none the less the best action shooter game ever invented. This one was the only game you can come out of and say “I got skills” because if you didn’t, you probably didn’t play it for very long.

    Years ago when I played it, it was a much larger pool of players than it is now, and the competitiveness of the game was unmatched. Today (I actually just played it today again) this game has a very small amount of players playing it and it really saddens me to see that this game has died the way it did. What saddens me even more is that Gunz 2 blew it so hard, I will probably never even try it. Many of you may say K-style is “unfer” glitching, however this so called glitching is what the game was about, glitches turned into cool moves “ALLOWED” by game developers to make the game fun and interesting.

    For those who posted above me, you may remember me. I was the best “Hot Shot” name out there, and nobody with “Hot Shot” name beat me 1v1 when I got serious (that was actually my goal, to prove it and I did lol). I competed with highest ranked clans out there such as Sparta and Magicians and I stood my ground, me and all my friends such as Errona, Hohohoes, Sirkilaot and Fighter12H, (S)Vegeta, Perl, 1/2Pro1/2 + few more (Sorry I didn’t name you!). Oh and I dueled your GoSu, he was really good, just not as good as he was famed for, I’ve seen a lot better.

    I have to say, in my gaming history no game came close to entertain me as much as Gunz the Duel did. As for fingers, I got use to the speed and yeah in all honesty fingers did hurt me at first, but you learn to take breaks and not to go all out on your keyboard as you sit down. We use to call it “Warm up”, where we’d play for kicks for half an hour just to stretch the fingers. Eventually I was too use to moving my fingers across the keyboard that they didn’t hurt after playing longer periods of time. (Also helped me with my typing speed lol)

    All in all, if you never tried this game now it is too late. You won’t have much fun and you probably will not learn as much of K-style as you would of 6 years ago. There is still hacks, as there always were, but if you play with a good large clan then it never was much of a problem. Now, there are no large clans so finding a good game was very tough.

    I wish somebody remakes gunz one day, with k-style as it is now.

    Peace all, I’m going to go dream about Gunz the True Duel’s Invention!

    And if any of my old friends read this, I’ll never forget you guys. Best years of my gaming life!

    • Hey mate.. u’re right.. i play gunz since 2004.. what a great game.. the best game in my whole life.. there’s all in that game: “friends, haters” all..

      BUT if u want to enjoy the game u’ve to learn k style..

      and k style it’s not for hackers!! it’s FOR PRO PLAYERS!

      U KNOW.. U’VE TO PRESS spacebar- D – left button – E – left button – A – left button – E – Left button- Q – LB – E fast like hell.


  17. you have to go to aeria ignite now to play gunz and just to say this the kstyle has totally downgraded the game into a unbalanced substance. the kstylers are just as good as hackers now and if your like me and have had a broken finger u will probably never b able to do it correctly if anyone knows of a game like this without so much kstyle type elements send me a link

  18. KStyle is a part of GunZ gameplay, people nowadays think of the people who roll and ”spray” noobs.
    Which is okay, cause that’s how GunZ has advanced. Which is why it’s a great game, cause the fans changed how the game is. If it wasn’t there , it’d just be another game, people run up to others and slash? What good is that,
    But the con’s about GunZ is the hackers, which I think has downgraded the game so much, you can’t get into a room without being pointed as a hacker or have a hacker in the room.

    • People got no skill or such because they abuse glitches on the game?
      This can be totally true in any online game, but not on GunZ. Skill is all about this game is. Skill, and talent. The glitches work so damn well on the game that it became part of the gameplay. There are basic and advanced movements, all abusing on glitches.
      I’m not sure if you have already played, or are just a bad player, but are certainly wrong about the lack of “skill” for abusing glitches, although this is normally a true statement on other online games.

  19. first let me start off by saying the video provided is a terrible representation of the actual playstyle of this game one of the best players of the game
    anyway, the gameplay is lightning fast, however it comes with one fatal flaw, all these cool abilities are actualy glitches that use animation canceling, either through reloading or blocking
    these moves are called “k style”. iv heard many rumors of where the name came from, but regardless, after playing this game, your fingers will hurt, bad.
    i used to play this game religiously, but had to stop because every joint in my left hand would be in constant pain, and i’v been playing computer games for years now.
    even the act of moving involves animation canceling or doing whats known as “butterfly step”. where you jump, dash and attack at the same time, then block before you hit the ground. you move faster this way.
    its a good game in its core, but i think the kstyle is just so out of hand now that unless you are hell bent on being amazing at the game, you won’t have very much fun.
    personally i would stay away from this game now, its just so dated, graphics are worse than a nintendo 64.
    aparantly they are coming out with a gunz 2, which will have the kstyle moves built into the game on purpose this time as sort of like abilities to help even out the playing field a bit, and give less kids carpal tunnel.
    overall if it were 5 years ago, i would say give it a shot, however now, i would just stay away from it
    trailer for the second gunz 2-

    • Your fingers and joints hurt? Poor muffin. This is a game where if you play it enough, the muscles in your wrist and fingers will remember how to play. This game can get so fast, it gets to the point where your body remembers how to play it, if you play long enough, you don’t need to think at all, and you’ll rape people easily. It’s very highly competitive and because of this, if you open your mouth and say something stupid, people will rag on you without hesitation. There is no other game like this, S4 League is terribly slow compared to the speed have to play this game at. There’s no mercy for beginner’s in this game, you start off playing against very skilled players. Every channel is dominated by specific clans of players. The beginner channel, where you start off in, has some of the strongest players in the game, and it only gets harder the higher your level goes. Unless you have years of experience, this is a pay 2 win game. Premium equipment makes fighting higher levels insanely difficult and long. For new players, this game could easily be classified as one of the hardest games you’ll ever play. Obviously the skilled players will disagree and say it’s easy, but those players have been playing for 4-6+ years.

      • Dude, tell my hands that when I was playing CoD. Trust me, it doesn’t take playing any game for along time for your joints to start hurting or feel uncomfortable. If you think these games are hell, try playing Gears of war 3 or the Crysis series. I bet you when you try to sleep, it will feel like someone suck a knife in your hand


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