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About the game:
Title: Hellgate
Status: Shut Down Graphics: 3D
Developer: Flagship Studios
Publisher: T3 Entertainment

Explosive Features:

  • Third-person and first-person perspective
  • Developer team behind the Diablo franchise
  • “Diablo II” fans will love the loot system and more

Hellgate (formerly known as Hellgate: London) is free-to-play 3D action MMORPG that allows you to play in a first-person or third-person perspective. This dark world of futuristic demons utilizes random maps and intricate weapon customization to provide a refreshing gameplay experience. Hellgate also offers a choice for players to join other parties in multiplayer mode, or go it alone in a solo campaign.

Players are invited to return to Hellgate to fight for the survival of the human race. Choose your character from six different unique class types that are classified under 3 archetypes and prepare for battle against creatures from hell. Arm yourself with a wide variety of weapons and armor and dismantle the ones you don’t need to obtain rare scrap metals. Enhance your weapons with upgrades and relics to have the best chance of survival.

Set 27 years into the future, an ancient prophesy made centuries ago has come true. Demons have overrun the world of man, now an abandoned dark world burnt with hellfire. Humans are forced into hiding to protect what remains of their race while at the same time making plans to take back a world that was once theirs. In the game, mankind escapes to the underground system under the sprawling metropolis of London.

System Requirements

Hellgate Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8
Processor: 1.6 GHz Pentium 4 or equivalent AMD processor
Memory Ram: 512MB
Hard Disk Space: At least 3GB of free Space
Video Card: Nvidia GeForce MX or equivalent

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  1. “Yazzmin” is a bad player! I am english and “Yazzmin” said fu.ck english peoples. This is game. But game have a racial discrimination.

    • A) England is not a race, it’s a country. B) I kinda doubt you’re English, as your grasp of the language is laughable. C) Ever heard of GMs? Moderators? Well, you won’t find them here.

    • I know it was mentioned once but I will say it again since some people don’t bother reading the first persons post. ENGLAND IS NOT A RACE IT’S A COUNTRY. But have you ever thought of tryng the game masters or incase you don’t know what that is the GMs? Well you probably won’t find them here like dilligaf said this game is just bad…

    • The game was really interesting when i bought it as “Hellgate: London”. As others said, it has been improved so i’d say it is worth a try. Its lime a DOOM game but with an rpg feel to it since you have different classes and whatnot.

  2. Dear MMOBOMB u must rewiew this game again because things has changed, all premium stuff drop from bosses, no lag, and now it has HD Textures and more players + now it has a expansion u did not mention nothing to us.

    • Honestly I hate that they are doing this RAAAA and DUBAKOORZ but I think it’s a good idea so the countries with the highest rates of cheaters won’t ruin the game and I know I’m 3 years late but just wanted to chime in on this.

  3. This was a very fun game…right up until level 16 when I entered the “Millennium Battle”. There were so many npcs firing weapons, enemy mobs running everywhere, and massive effects going off that my fps slowed to a crawl (probably about 1-2 fps). I turned down every single graphics setting, put it on the lowest resolution, turned off v-sync, antialiasing, etc…still only got maybe 3-4 fps.

    The worst part is that Hellgate is addictive and fun, but I can’t get past that area because of all the junk they’ve got going on. My PC isn’t top-of-the-line by any means, but it is definitely above average. It really bums me out that the developers lacked the foresight to realize how many people would uninstall the game because of this.

    Unless you have an uber-system-from-hell I’d give this game a pass.

  4. Biggest problem with this game; it hates ATI cards. No matter what you do, even if you use their “ati fix”..it doesn’t matter. At random times for no reason your FPS will PLUMMET to 0 and freeze, often long enough to get you killed. It’s a well-documented phenomena that they seem not to give two flying frucks about, and so I hate fruck this game as a result.

    They can’t be arsed to fix it, I can’t be arsed to play it.

  5. I played the game for 2 days now and I keep getting awful lag spikes and I mind you I stay at about 80ms without the lag spikes that go up to god awful 50k ms.

    The last time this game got a major update for anything was in 2011 Which kinda tells me that this game not going any farther than it is now.

    Game is very buggy still for it being open beta in 2011-2013 says alot to me. I have never seen a game in open beta for 3 or so years.


    1.Okay graphics nothing mind bogglying but good for me.

    2.Good Controls

    3.FPS style game play [wish more rpgs where like this now would require more skills for the player]
    4.Okay quests [some are buggy but are redoable]

    5.Gear is Easy to come by.

    6.Mobs/Characters are very well designed.


    1. Very bad lag spikes that go up to 50k max and doesnt allow you to do anything every 30secs-30mins [Very big turn off for me]
    2. Bugs are still found throughout the game.

    3. Very short lived gameplay.

    5. Forums are buggy at times.

  6. just a reminder, this game “HALF” global. Not all countries can play. The IPs of the following countries will be blocked from accessing Hellgate Global:

    Korea, Japan, China, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao.

    soo.. funny, called Hellgate “GLOBAL” ^^

  7. Game looks good, i downloaded it. But from reading the forums i noticed its very buged, there are lot of errors bugs, connection problems ect. I cant run it couse i get an loading screen error. I contacted t3fun sent and inquiry, posted a problem on support section on forums. but nobody responded, not even the GM. Very very unhelpfull community and GMs.

  8. This looks really good, I love the Diablo style looting, I can’t help it, it’s all about the lootz. Gonna install now.

  9. Hellgate is basically free to play. You can obtain every payable item with palladium (ingame money), although it is more time consuming this way.
    There is a lot of content – I would say, about 100 hours per character – but you have to grind to get to the last content and after that, there is only grinding left to reach the level and ranking cap.

    The graphics looks repetitive but the areas are generated as we know it from Diablo. Later the settings change and the game shows more different styles.

    Hellgate consists of the Hellgate: London content (with some significant changes), Stonehenge, The 2nd Invasion, The Abyss and Hellgate: Tokyo. You can play it on your own but there is a lot more fun, playing it with some friends together.

  10. Oh and, every time i search hellgate free to play on the internet, i only find Hellgate Tokyo, that is not right, i mean, Hellgate London will be free right??

  11. There have been some major changes if you haven’t played this game since its American release…

    There is no longer normal / nightmare / hell progression, just a single storyline and different “settings” of each instance that changes difficulty and some loot drops but not the lvl of monsters.

    There are another two / three acts from the original 5 and you will have to grind a bit between low 40’s – 50 if you want to get through most of the solo content towards end-game.

    If you are considering trying to cap out with max level (55) and max talent points (50) you’re looking at a LOT of grinding.

    You also need a big chunk of in-game gold or about $10 to buy access to the full game, only act 1 and 2 (about 2 hrs gameplay) are available without special tickets (use once and it unlocks for the whole account on all chars) for act3 / act7 entrance.

  12. I have played this game in single game several years ago, and it is a piece of shlt. There were many same scene that in same map, and there were many air walls and you couldnt pass or climb the ladders! As a gunner, your weapon’s shooting range was very very very close, so I just played about half an hour and uninstalled the game.
    It is suck as a single PC game. But it is a good idea to sell as an Online Game. I truly hope that the game maker would fix bugs and boring repeating rooms, houses, walls,etc

    • Well i see how you got the impression that the game sucks, because you probably did uninstall it 30 minutes into the game. If anyone else wants wants to try it out, I encourage them to do it, because it’s a game worth mentioning. Every single game sucks 30 minutes in… You should’ve given it a chance. But to each his own i guess. I just think it’s a little too much to say that’s it’s a piece of shit.

  13. Good game, decent graphics and animations makes the game fun to play. Unlike many so called F2P games out there, this one i can really say cash shop is only for the people that want to lvl fast or messed up their stats and want to erase them quickly. Most of CS items can be bought with ingame money, of course a lot more expensive but nothing out of this world. I recommend this game, and if your and old Diablo player, you will feel at home regarding item mechanics.

  14. Well its free to play, like it used to be. Hopefully they won’t do that subscription to premium content bullshit and screw people over that bought lifetime accounts. Good to see it’s back though.

  15. Wooooot! WEWT! I loved this game back in the day (well ok it wasn’t that long ago, but still lol) Thanks for the info, it’s downloading now, I hope it hasn’t changed :D!!

    • YES, in 2013 after 2 years this game rocks, al premium stuff drop from bosses, u can update the textures to HD from the Hellgateeaus forums and has new expansions u dont need to pay to get to act 3 anyomre its all FREE yay!


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