About the game:
Title: HeroSmash
Status: Released Graphics: 2D
Genre: MMO Type: Browser
Developer: Artix Entertainment
Publisher: Artix Entertainment

Explosive Features:

  • Highly customizable characters.
  • Fun graphics.
  • Cooperative play in real time.

HeroSmash is a free to play 2D superhero themed broswer-based MMO by Artix Entertainment. Players can create their very own super characters with custom traits and skills.

Featuring real-time combat, you can battle evil as a hero (or become an evil villain yourself!).

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12 User Reviews

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  1. Unknown on August 17, 2016

    I felt like I should post an update review since I played a bit of herosmash today. It was depressing AE even halted all production on herosmash so I question why this game even online still. But I don’t know how much players play this game since theres no counter to tell how many players are logged in but I heard there was less then 50 like around 20-30 players online normally. It’s sad how this game died but I question why AE don’t put herosmash out of it’s misery it’s dead they removed membership service from it and the member only zones and VIP only items are still ingame. This game is no way worth playing now since AE destroyed it. They could of tried to revived it but they just left it for dead instead. I tried exploring around a few zones to while I was on and I only ran into 1 player on the whole server. So yeah it’s very depressing how the playerbase is this small.

  2. Unknown on May 24, 2016

    100% waste of time is all I gotta say. I question why this game still even exists less then 100 people even play this game. AE would be better off shutting it down and putting the money saved from pouring resources from herosmash into the non-flash player games they are building. But taking away the membership service was a bad move in my opinion. Sure the current people who had membership got 50+ years of free membership which is bascially lifetime membership but what about the rest of the players? Theres member events and member items that they won’t be able to access ever again since AE made this move which all I gotta say was a bad move on their part. My opinion for them is to shutdown this game and save the money from that and pull your resources into the newer non-flash player software games since flash player software is dying.

  3. Sphene on June 21, 2015

    It’s good until you finish everything. After that, you’re basically stuck doing Pvp (player v.s. player) which not many people are on. So I would give it about a 5 out of 10 just because they haven’t updated it in a while.

  4. Blargh on February 11, 2015

    All AE games are a waste of time and money. AQW , AQ and dragonfable were the only games worth playing, now, every single game is almost dead. AQW has the highest playerbase of around 6 thousand players, other then that the rest of the games are dead. AE like cloning all their shit and merging all there games into each other. Complete mess. AE isn’t reputable at all. Scammers with their free ac offers.

    • Sphene on June 21, 2015

      I wouldn’t rant that much about it but yeah you’ve got a point. AE pretty much died.

    • Unknown on August 9, 2016

      Yeah you pretty much said it straight to the point. AE is pretty much dead.

  5. Rob Tien on September 28, 2013

    What’s AE?

  6. MetalEnergy on May 30, 2013

    This game is created by Artix entertainment,2.

    • LSJ on November 2, 2016

      Yeah it was but they halted all development on it not exactly when since I haven’t paid attention but since not enough people play they just stopped working on it and pulled almost all the staff from that game I believe not really 100% sure like I said I haven’t been paying attention but I’ve heard less then 100 people log onto that game nowadays which is sad. I felt this game could of been decent. Artix entertainment should expand out into other genres the fantasy MMO is cool but everyones gonna get bored of it eventually in my opinion.

  7. Rhiza Fahlefi on February 2, 2013

    Hero Smash is so fun game

  8. Cyzar on November 17, 2012

    HeroSmash=So Fun! I reckon this game is pretty fun. It gets a little bit boring when you finish everything but they make new updates so I’d rate it 7/10? Very well made though AE is the best.

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