About the game:
Title: KingsRoad
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Genre: MMORPG Type: Browser
Developer: Rumble Games
Publisher: Rumble Games

Kings Road is a 3D hack and slash browser MMO published by Rumble Games. In Kings Road players will embark on a journey through the realm of Alderstone. As a knight of the realm, players have pledged their life in defense of the realm.

Recently the world has fallen into darkness and corruption. As the recently returned hero you must protect your realm from those who seek to profit from the chaos.

Players will brave countless dungeons all the while exploring the detailed world of Alderstone. Using action combat similar to games such as Diablo, players will slash their way through nefarious packs of monsters and epic bosses.

Fans of loot heavy games will find Kings Road filled with gear to try on. The game features impressive browser graphics with fluid animations and allows players to invite their friends to play through an easy to use friend list.

Explosive Features:

  • Fast Paced Combat.
  • Impressive Browser Graphics.
  • Intuitive Party Interface.

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System Requirements

KingsRoad Minimum System Requirements:
OS: XP, Vista, Windows 7
Processor: 2.33GHz or faster x86-compatible
Memory Ram: 1 GB
Hard Disk Space: 100 MB HD space

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  1. I played this game for 6 years and it was fun in the beginning…but the game has many glitches and lag…Support sucks, they tell you it’s your computer! I have hard wired cable and kept getting a wi-fi ping which is totally ignorant… you have to pay for everything if you want to stay w/ your group and what they give you for free is a total joke and an insult!!! I put money in buying tokens to do xtra runs in tourneys and PVP, the game glitched and took out all my runs and was almost there! Morons at support said I had to do the runs …Needed 60, 60 and 60, was only 10-12 away from having all the runs when it froze me and I filled out a bug report on it to have the idiots in support tell me “You need to fill out a bug report” and proceeded to give me instructions on how to fill one out!!! A week later still trying to explain to them what happened and lost fabled set, all my runs and 700+ gems that I bought..I have to mention they give you a 1 minute speed up (used to be 20mins-to an 1hr.) for upgrade that takes anywhere from 12 hrs. -2days! And these morons give you a 1min speed up! No more 20mins or 1hr!! 1 blasted min!!! that’s a total insult to anyone that plays that rag tag game!!! MY OVERALL OPINION IS THE GAME SUCKS AND SO DOES SUPPORT AND THEY DON’T IMPROVE ANYTHING AND IT’S PAY TO PLAY…THE FREEBES ARE NOTHING!!! Their support department are ignorant even to the point of stupid!!!

  2. From the beggining, I thought cheater , hackers and botters are the one destorying Kingsroad game. I have to admit I am wrong. It is Rumble who have and are killing the game. They have implemented what is called “Throttle” to stop hacker but they made he fatal mistake of brading or the players who dedicate time and money in the same category as cheaters. Thier support department is totally arrogant and ignorant of the game. This is a brilliant game totally in the wrong hands / company. The best Rumble and Plarium can do is to sell the game to those competent enough to make it work and maintain it properly.

  3. Avatar

    Rumble Player Support Tuesday at 21:57

    Hello STUPID,

    Rumble Player Support has done what it is supposed to do in these instances. You’ve made a claim that KingsRoad is behaving incorrectly, and that claim has been passed onto the department responsible for the investigation of such claims. If they find that an error is occurring in KingsRoad, they will then pass that onto the engineer who would be responsible for updating KingsRoad to ensure that it does not occur again.


    Rumble Player Support

    Wednesday at 05:02

    what about my not being able to do what I was supposed to be able to do, does that mean absolutely nothing to you guys, I hate feeling like a tool and given this response is as good as it gets, that’s all we’ve become. We can no longer expect support for our in game issues, only that we support support in accomplishing their jobs in improving the games functionality. Those who managed to get through it without encountering the bug I did will have gained sustainably, and though we did the same things, I have been hindered in my ability to keep up because of a game flaw. Seriously what’s happened to turn your department so unresponsive to fairness


    Rumble Player Support Wednesday at 14:49

    Hello DUMBARSE,

    Should we find that an issue has occurred that warrants compensation, then appropriate compensation will be provided to those who have been affected. But such compensation would only be provided if we find that the issue was with KingsRoad itself; we wouldn’t be able to provide compensation if no issue was found.


    Rumble Player Support

  4. real crap,
    real piece of shit…

    endless bugs… some bugs that cost real money…
    endless grinding…
    same content for years…
    support is arogant, useless…

    • Don’t know what bugs you’re talking about. The game has been pretty seamless for me in terms of connections. I have been playing for a couple of months now and find it enjoyable. I would like to see more content, however, as my level 60 character will soon exhaust the Champion level maps.

      I haven’t paid a dime for this F2P game. You have to grind for gold and drops, but after you have mastered a level, you can repeat it on AUTO, making it much more bearable.

      There are the tournaments and other adventures, and those maps can be played over, and over, and over, again, and again…. blah, blah, blah.

      The PvP is not bad even though you can be matched up against much more potent players — you still receive some rewards for participating and being the fodder for those the more highly equipped players.

      • …and this is truly browser based. I played Drankensang for a while, but with the updates to it, it soon overpowered the mem capacity of my (cheap) computer to the point I could no longer launch the game. No such issue with KR.

      • I used to play Kings Road back in 2014, stopped for 2 years, not much came out over that time, but back when I played I was pretty strong but now I’m weak. The game focuses too much on weekly events and not new content.

  5. A great concept that has been tried previously (Diablo could pursue copyright concerns), and recently ruined by money hungry pursuits. The foundation to the cooperative game play has been eroded with there most recent changes. Taking a friendly fun team based environment, and creating a hostile frustrated player vs player base. Unless hundreds to thousands are invested in a single characters development the platform will make you a standing target for the wealthiest players permanently.

  6. I will just get straight to the point

    -Good looking graphics for a browser
    -No pay2win at all (gems can be earned through game)
    -Every 2 weeks new content
    -AUTO ATTACK and AUTO LOOT modes
    -Advanced game, like growing ur Dragons

    -Insanely grinded farm (you have to farm for days at later gear (best is Fabled, but grind starts from Relic gear quality and after 2 weeks u have to farm another gear in order to get with better stats)
    -Lots of unfixed bugs and glitches
    -Enough poor support
    -Storyline maps are very repetitive and boring in order to master them
    -Too many “kiddish and crying” spammers on the global chat’s
    -Easily to hack and scam game.
    -Lack of additional content (2 weeks events are not included in that list)

  7. It was real bad! But now? With AUTO PLAY, a little interest in EVENTS, a little bug fixes, NEW FORUM, and PvP WITH 1V1V1V1, ARENA remove which was real bad, better Co-op, still kinda grinding, its worth playing! The best part is, it’s CROSS PLATFORM and finally…..NOT THOSE JAPANESE KORIAN CHINESE graphics. I hate those graphics a lot. KR is still better to me then PoE! But, its just my opinion, k?

  8. 1/5
    – Beautiful graphics (for a browser game)
    – Free to play
    – Unlike other F2P games, you don’t have to wait to play.
    – The game gives you a lot of free gems (premium currency).
    – Your hard-earned items can vanish!!!!!!!!
    – Really, really, really bad support.
    – Bugs will never be fixed.
    – Hackers everywhere.
    – LAG.
    – Worst controls in the history of computer games.
    -The game is a hamster wheel: difficulty increases to match the new items you get.

    • I will agree 100% with this review and add that the main bugs, like party separation between battles are an exercise in futility to farm mats. You HAVE to spend MANY hours doing this to play this game without spending A LOT of money to keep up.

  9. I played this game almost 2 years. The game was fun and addicted on the beginning but developers became too greedy. Events are boring and repetitive with same type of gears only slightly better each time (now the game has some serious issues with the stats inflation). Arena is too buggy and it’s not real PvsP-it’s more like kill/steal enemies competition between 2 players. Tournaments are similar to events but only more directed to the players who spend real money on this game. The gears from tournaments are also repetitive and slightly better each time. Hole game is based on grinding gold and various kinds of materials. In fact this game has no real challenge and end game once your character hits max lvl. Items from the shop are too expensive and not worth it because they become obsolete too quickly. Leaderboards are also directed to P2W players and the rewards are not worth the effort. The game has some serious bugs and there is also significant amount of hackers. If you want to be on top of the leaderboards (for some fame not for rewards because they are lame) as F2P player you must play like 15 hours per day + repetitiveness in all segments of the game which is considered to be the ‘end game’.

    My advice: Try it, play it until you hit the max lvl (which is doable in 1 or 2 months maybe even faster if you’re dedicated), try some events/arenas/tournaments and then move on some other game because you will only waste your time on this one.

  10. I have played this game since its release in 2011. It’s now 2015 and I am leaving it. The concept of the game was a excellent idea but they got way to greedy. Now just to enter the game you need to decline 12 popup ads. Too bad WAS a good game.

  11. Even picking American servers all you get is a bunch of Spanish in chat so unless you speak Spanish, like grindy games(you can pay and have an easier time of it but everytings attainable for free). But again my big downside is you cant even communicate with a group if you don’t speak Spanish even on American servers

    • hey ima murica no need to learn languages world wide u know the world needs to learn merican because we are special and our lang is the hardest language to speak so ill just assume dat every non-murica cant read english because they not free and they jaja instead of LOL, k k i dont know the diff between spanish and portuguese but who cares im AMERICA

  12. This game is good, i like how easy it becomes with friends.. all you have to do is join a guild, and ask high lvl players to help you, there is no lvl restriction so lvl 45 can help lvl10 on his runs, i did my normal difficulty runs with help of guild mate in first few hour, and unlocked superior lvl weapons on forge, i see good future for this game, i would to see some more pvp aspect added, in this game.

  13. This game is terrible.
    It’s just like every other grindy, p2w, hack and slash browser game. It sucks. It’s boring. There’s no motivation to get to the next level, no difficulty, and the quests get so repetitive it hurts. Don’t waste your time on this game.

  14. I hate how you have to spend real money (that not everyone has) just to get better gear faster and the grinding is terrible. I got up to lvl 22 so far and its really starting to get boring and its hard to get better gear without a credit card. Not everyone has a CC, so i strongly recommend a boycott if i decide to quit the game for good! I don’t recommend this game unless you don’t get bored easily and if you are poor, then you should not play it either. I am taking a break and looking for a game that relies less on cashshops. I believe in equality, meaning that if a poor person cannot enjoy the game after a certain point, then i suggest that poor and jobless people boycott any game that tries to scam them for money.

    • I like not buying the gear. Once you get gear capped, the game will be fun for about 5 minutes. The people who actually spend money on the game, they waste money for this reason. They will fly through the game, killing things faster, all to reach the end of the game faster and spend a lot of money doing it. Take your time on the game, enjoy it for how it was created.

  15. as far as graphics card. tried it on a geforce 6150 se 128mb dedicated graphics with latest nvidia drives. and i get horrible graphical tearing on the screen using chrome and is playable on firefox with latest flash but fps is less than 10 fps. so any card better than that should work.

  16. if you want totally free without paying extra $$$$ for the good stuff
    then you will be doing a Ton of Grinding
    did I mention you would be Grinding your way thru
    to have a chance of beating the wold boss the first time
    you will need to Grind thru every dungeon a bunch of times
    so if you don’t mind Grinding and repetitiveness
    then this is not a bad game

    • I don’t mind the grinding. After all, the whole reason I’m there is to waste time/chill out. But I stopped playing after rraching level 50+ because of the incessant Buy! Buy! Buy Buy! in-your-face pop-ups. The latest was to drop these stupid tabs at the bottom of your screen with these tiny tiny little arrow making it almost impossible to close without a stupid Buy! Buy! Buy-for-God’s-sake BUY!! popping up. It’s gotten so bad that I spent more time closing Buy Now windows than I did playing. I took a two-week hiatus, after submitting my thoughts on the tabs, thinking they might see this as annoying the **** out of potential customers but they’re still there. I’m done.

      The constant gem/re-gemming/evolving thing is also beyond ridiculously stupid.

  17. The is okay I have played it beeten the game. you can do it all on your own on the hardest dificulty ( if your strong enogh) thats how easy this game is.


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