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Title: Lunia | Status: Shutdown
Genre: MMORPG | Theme: Fantasy

Graphics: 2.5D | Filesize: 700 MB
Publisher: allm
Developer: allm

User Rating:
1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (35 votes, 4.17 out of 5)

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What’s explosive about it:
Colorful and great looking settings and magic effects
Bosses are massive and challenging
Hidden Stages, Characters to unlock, and consistent content updates

Lunia is a free to play 2.5D fantasy MMORPG with 3D characters in a 2D background. An action-packed arcade and RPG game that you can feel with your fingertips by manipulating the keyboard to issue commands for an unlimited number of combination attacks.

Lunia combines the fun of an action arcade game with strategies and development of a MMORPG. Controlling cartoon like 3D characters with never ending stories will make you feel that you become a hero of Lunia Palace in no time. Unlike many other RPGs currently on the market, Lunia is played much like an action arcade game, allowing players to move around using a keyboard’s arrow keys, rather than a mouse.

Every character/class has a different set of abilities that you can expand and customize to your liking. Most importantly, Lunia is best enjoyed with your friends or other players. Look for parties or invite your friends to quest to make the most out of Lunia

Lunia system requirements:

OS: Windows XP / Vista
RAM: 512MB Free | HDD: 3 GB Free Space
CPU: 1.8 GHz Pentium 4
Graphics Card: Geforce FX 5200 or Radeon 9200 series VGA Card
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  1. can anyone tell me how to get past the fatal error, especially when the patcher looks for the latest version then gives me a fatal error D:

  2. One of the first rpgs i played in my life i loved it for it awsome story and its eazy to controle characters and how hasnt listen to the opening and not feel like singing along :p and a rpg the thang that make this rilly stand out is the story it like your playing the anime when the game first came out their was no other like it remeber this game is kinda old tho you could never tell it dose kinda force you to party for other missions but its alway eazy to find people i hate that some of the characters you have to buy but other then that i loved the game tho i am being sentmintal about it now days it fallen in the background a little tho this is were elswood and other 2.5d games copied of off so if you feel like going throw a story then this is your game tho if your one of those hard core pvpers or want to speed lvl this might not be the best game for you.
    thanks for reading ^^


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