About the game:
Title: Maestia
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Developer: Gravity Interactive
Publisher: Alaplaya

Explosive Features:

  • Equipment can be infinitely upgraded via enchantments
  • Dozens of skills for each class
  • Thousands of quests that can be accepted on the go

Maestia is a free to play 3D fantasy MMORPG where players can customize their characters with nearly 100 skills for each of the 4 classes available. Maestia offers players the opportunity to collect ‘Maestones’ which are wearable skill items that give players different skill to use.

Players can collect Maestones by completing quests, doing dungeons, using the extensive crafting system, and purchasing them from various vendors. Maestones can be swapped out in order to tailor your character to the situation at hand. Whether that be PvE or PvP battles.

Maestia offers various PvP event types including 100 vs 100 battles, guild battles, open PK, and small instanced PvP battlegrounds.

System Requirements

Maestia System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8
Processor: Dual Core 2.0Ghz or above
Memory Ram: 2GB
Hard Disk Space: At least 10GB of free Space
Video Card: Nvidia 6800GT or above

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  1. Might be a nice game to play, if you’re one of the small percentage of people actually able to log in. For the rest of us, it’s off to “an unexpected error occurred, try again later” land.

    Login errors have been ongoing and unresolved since 2012.

  2. This game is pretty good, but the low population really kills it. I’ll go hours of questing or grinding and never see another soul until I make it back in town — even then, it’s pretty barren. I think there are more people AFK-praying (gives you a little bit of currency for some items/mercs) than actual people playing the game. It’s a shame, because there’s some neat aspects to this game.

    – Cash shop is completely balanced, and you can even do the luxury spins with in-game coins to win cash shop items.
    – Mercenary system is pretty cool for soloing. You can even recruit your other characters as your own mercenary, or hire yourself out when you’re offline.
    – Character customization is decent. While you don’t get too many options for face or tattoos, you can control your height, width, and the color of your hair/skin to any color.
    – Upgrade items and potions are incredibly cheap, so there’s no burden of buying overpriced goods off other players, or dealing with hoarders.
    – I actually like the skill system quite a bit. Each skill only costs 1 skill point, aside from prerequisites, and you invest into passives of that skill if you want to increase it’s effectiveness. I like this because you can try a skill out without devoting many skill points into it.

    – Low population. Sooner or later, the question of “why am I grinding to get ahead in a game that nearly nobody plays?” will pop into your head. Due to the low population, parties seem scarce, and the auction house is pretty pathetic.
    – RvR is even more pathetic than the auction house. It’s a shame, cause it isn’t too bad if people actually play, but most of the time one side is outnumbered (and by outnumbered, I mean 6v3 in a potentially 30v30 RvR), so it ends up with either one side afking until the battle is won to collect free rewards, or one side doing nothing but heal spamming the golem (depends on the RvR mode). Either way, it’s anything but exciting.
    – I really don’t like the stat distribution in this game, or the effects rather. First off, investing in the usual str/melee, int/mage, agi/ranger doesn’t increase the damage in a flat way like in other MMOs. Instead, it amplifies your weapon damage. This really sucks early and mid game, as having a 2% damage increase (result of 5 stat points invested in damage stats each level) on a 20 damage weapon doesn’t make a difference. This gives the feeling of a very slow progression as your character levels. Second, they use a crit/dodge rating, and not a percentage. This can get confusing, as you really don’t know how often those will proc, especially when the values are in the thousands.
    – It feels like some of the animations are a little clunky, such as jumping and riding a mount. This is definitely not a game for compulsive jumpers.
    – The dialogue is pretty awful for anyone who actually cares to read it. The storyline is okay, but your character is a complete tool.

    Overall, I gave rated it a 4/5, judging it by the game itself. It would definitely lose a point, or maybe even two, if I were to include the population issue. It just isn’t fun playing a vacant game with no competitive gameplay.

  3. For me it is the best game I have played. I played WoW for more than 5 years.

    The trick to Maestia is to master the maestones. They really are important and the ones you equip does matter. 2nd trick is find and join a good guild ore create your own. My guild is active, we use raidcall and we are very social. We kill bosses too. But I am never alone unless i just want to be. Both TK and SG have good people so it is not THAT important which side you join as long it is TK. 😀 I know I should be ashamed for saying that, and I will be if I really focus.

    -Mercenary system. I love this so much words would not do it justice.
    -Dungeons come in 2 modes and you can easily get purple gear
    -It is not hard to get legendary gear.
    -Has a decent player base. I always find lots of people to interact with
    -Also can be played by a lone wolf. Anti social? No problem hire a mercenary and go it alone. I love this because sometimes I just want to be alone. I can still do everything I would need a group for in other games.
    -Character creator is awesome. I wont play a game if I cannot create a unique character. Humans come an many colors races and so on and I want my game to reflect the diversity of human kind. If you can only make humans one color then I wont play. In Maestia you can be any color you want.
    -Dungeon gear. Yeah every game has it. But here you can actually get the full set with enough runs.
    -Cash shop. Has interesting items but you don’t NEED them to play. ‘

    Champions battleground allows players to just hide in base and collect Divinity points and XP and never engage the enemy. The game will be a draw and both sides gets a few points.Most battles end this way because no one want to go and fight. They all afk in base leaving 1 or 2 of us standing in the middle of the arena trying to stay awake.

    To transfer gear between characters on your account you need to purchase wrapping paper. Ok yes it allows you to transfer soulbound gear to anyone but it just annoys me. So it is a pro and a con at the same time.

    To plus an item you need a protection scroll or you will likely lose the item. You can buy these or win them. Feel a little like pay to win. BUT the developers have families to feed and I can’t begrudge them a means to make money.

    So honestly I can find a lot good to say and the only real thing i find bad is the battle ground where everyone goes AFK to collect points.

    One last thing. I think the PVP/PVE balance is the best in this game. You have to enter an arena or a pvp map to be killed. This keeps high level jerks from griefing and harassing lowbies like they do on open world PvP games. Don’t like pvp? Easy don’t go to a PvP zone. Love PvP then go to PvP zone. Want to harass lowbies because you are an idiot? Play another game cause you can’t do it here lol.

    Everyone keep saying it is like all the other games. But not the way I see it. The mercenary system, pvp Maps, and arenas, and dungeons make it different and better for me. The only way to know if it is better for you is to try it and see. But go to level 40 because every game sucks for lowbies.

  4. I actually like this game a lot but it needs more servers in the us, the only one available is too far from me to keep a stable connection on dsl. The lag is very graphical so it keeps me from playing this one unfortunately but if you live close to the server i recommend trying it out as it seems like a solid contender in the free to play market with the content it offers even in this early stage of its life.

  5. Maestia is… an interesting game to describe. It’s nothing groundbreaking and I can’t point out anything that makes it stand out greatly from any other fantasy game, but I’m drawn to it. Right now as I type this, I want to play more Maestia for no apparent reason. Anyway, it’s extremely straight-forward, easy to learn, and there’s lots of direction so you’ll never get lost. It’s very solo-friendly (I play a cleric and devastate mobs by myself) and provides a lot of incentive to keep playing once you start, such as a package that rewards with different items as you level.

    There are two factions with the generic “light versus dark” theme, but it’s auto-balanced per server so for the time being only the “light” faction is available for character creation. I haven’t actually seen anything in relation to the factions during gameplay and I have no idea what the real significance of them are, besides the rare PVP arena events. There isn’t much conflict going on that will make you loyal to one faction and against the other like in Aion or WoW. Time will tell if anything happens there.

    My only real complaint lies with the community. The game has only recently been opened to the public, and there are players who have hit the level cap and are insistent on announcing how bored they are of Maestia and that they want to change games, rather than simply leaving or waiting for an update. Chat is a ghost-town and there’s never any actual conversation going on, only the occasional guild recruitment. During a summer event, there was NONSTOP complaining about said event that made my attempt to enjoy it much more difficult. I would like more people to play this game who have a greater interest in being involved and growing with it, rather than simply being entertained.

    • You described it in a nutshell. The game doesn’t feature anything of truly superior quality but it takes the good features of other mmos and implements them well enough to keep the game going while not overwhelming the players. I think the part that draws me in is the game tries to create a very relaxed atmosphere while still carrying some vibrance and being lively enough to not lose my interest. What I would expect with the gravity logo tied to it more or less. The issue with there only being one server will be remedied i hope.


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