About the game:
Title: Magerealm: Rise of Chaos
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Genre: MMORPG Type: Browser
Developer: GTArcade
Publisher: GTArcade

Explosive Features:

  • Versatile Hero System
  • Fast-Paced Action Combat
  • Raiding and World Bosses

Recruit valiant heroes and fight against the forces of evil in Magerealm: Rise of Chaos, a browser-based MMORPG from GTArcade. In the past, a great war between the seven races was halted by a council of each races’ wisest leaders, but they were attacked by powerful demons and sacrificed themselves to take them down. Now, you’ll join the quest for vengeance by seeking out orbs of wisdom that will be needed when the demons return to finish the job.

As a powerful mage searching for clues to this great treasure, you’ll select heroes to fight alongside you on your journey. Level up your heroes to increase their skills and abilities in combat. Sometimes you’ll discover Wings, powerful artifacts left by the mages of the past that bestow amazing powers on their bearers. Join the Mage Council to make your mark upon the world and bring back the light!

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  1. Warning do not play this game which is under China GTArcade this company will suck your wallet dry many items been lock on certain levels which you can only get from recharge events also there are too many bugs that they didnt fix also there is no customer service which they neglect all players complains all they care about is the money so now that you have been giving fair warning about this game or company

    • You do know it’s your choice to pay money in a game. You can’t blame the company that people don’t make wise decisions. I’m not funneling money into a browser game. Makes no sense.

  2. Hello. I had the misfortune to play in the Russian localization of the game. EspritGames/GTArcade/Youzu Interactive Co – Орден Магов – MageRealm – 魔法天堂. The game has a lot of mistakes and the game is very expensive. But I agreed to these terms. Because game developers promised to correct errors and add updates in the future. I started playing this game and donated her $ 1,500. However, it later emerged that in the Russian localization of the game between players is encouraged racketeering, sexual harassment and verbal abuse based on gender. In the game and in the forum of the game. In the Russian localization of the game players who have little money, forced donors to join in a guild via blackmail. Otherwise, the donator will be subjected to constant harassment in global chat and private. All donors and strong players concentrated in one guild. Then guild elite: guild master and his assistants put their own conditions for other donators and players – it’s necessary to give all the first places for guild elite, it’s necessary to give all the first places of paid events for guild elite. Players who do not accept the terms of the guild elite will be persecuted and they not be able to pump their own guild from scratch. If the player who’ll be expelled from guild, does not want to leave the game and lose the donations for his character, the blackmailersguild begins to bullying. They begin to write round-the-clock insults in a very dirty form. About that unwelcome person has sex with their parents. And also offer dirty sex disgusting words. If the guild is possible to get an account on a social network, the blackmailers are beginning to spread on the game forum personal information and correspondence. Complaints sent to developers for such illegal actions only lead to the punishment of the victims. Developers always take the side of the majority, but not the law. Developers only accuse the victims of self-provocation of violence against them. However, such a policy does not bring good results. Blackmail, bullying and sexual humiliation in the game do not stop. I do not recommend playing this game and pay large sums of money for something that you will be subjected to abuse and sexual humiliation. In addition to the fact that the game has a very low gameplay.

  3. love this game im lvl 65 in it but i stopped playing for a bit due to my pc broke when i got a new one i played again sadly the game on fb using chrome i find is slow so i figure i download the client from gtarcade went on the server that i had my toon on facebook and turns out i had to start a new one :(. also i dont like the fact when it first came out i enjoed it so much it wasnt money hungry as it is now.

  4. im sad its good game , but too money reliant never had to pay for mount before, to upgrade, maybe, sometimes, but not to be able to have mount at all is cruel, , the graphics, are fab, but, its true, there are not many people coming on there, to play, and i dont use use real money in games. ,

  5. it is a very bad game centered on draining your money for small benefit. the game expands your requirements so that you keep buying with money. don’t play it.

  6. The worst game i have ever play. I play this game for 4 day and lvl 52 now on server S172-Polynicesand.
    They open new server every 3 day and no new user come to play on this server. I think I will be stuck with the same people everyday for the rest of my life. LOL
    No one chatting on global chat.
    No healer class in this game and they sell HP potion for $ 1 each. LOL
    This game only have 1 grinding area and they limit only 600 monster kill a day.
    No party and trading system between player.
    i regret spending my money into this game :'(

  7. I have been playing this game since December 2015. While it is aesthetically appealing the game itself has become very redundant and too centred around making money. Most players do spend money on this game whether if plan to or not. I think the best part of this game is being part of a guild. Especially on a weekend there is the Guild Wars where each server battles against each other. The only sad thing is that if you don’t spend then your BR is going to never match up to those who do.
    There are some fun events that are introduced from time to time, problem is that it never lasts long enough, conditions are sometimes unrealistic (if your not spending) and because of this most players are beginning to phase out the game. My advice, like i said in the beginning it is aesthetically appealing but you may quickly become bored.

  8. Well, I got borred of it after 50 lvl (so in 1 week). If you don’t pay, then it will get hard to do a 1 hour dungeon, where u need to kill 600 minion, if you want to level up fast(that s the max/day) if not, you lose many xp. Even at lvl 54 you will struggle and kill 10 minions in 15 minutes. If you’re lucky other players will be in the dungeon with you too, but it’s rare sincee many quit until lvl 50, and you found yourself most of the time alone, or with 2-3 other player. And the other daylies and stuff gets borring too, since the lack of players after 1 week.


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