About the game:
Title: Monkey King Online
Status: Alpha Graphics: 2D
Developer: R2Games
Publisher: R2Games

Explosive Features:

  • Diverse character selection.
  • Loot auto-collection.
  • Quick-selling.

This epic journey to the west has players living the legend of the Monkey King in a MMORPG world that is unlike any other. Discovering the secrets of magic and mastering the arts of discipline and war, players will march across new lands invoking the immortals and preparing for the a future epic battle of cosmic proportions.

Players choose between four different characters, including the Iron Fan Princess whom has tamed volcanic fires of the Flaming Mountains with a palm-leaf fan. Her husband the Ox Demon Lord, who has mastered the 72 Transformations technique. Beautiful Fox Demon whom has the task of bringing balance to the world, and of course the Monkey King, also known as Sun Go Kong, and protector of the monk Tang Zeng.

Gameplay in MKO is click to move, putting all of the power of travel right at the players finger tips. A backpack full of useful items is also in the player inventory as well, offering an extensive list of equipment and potions that are sure to bring aid. MKO uses a standard hot bar of skills and abilities, giving players many options of battle on their path to the west.

System Requirements

Monkey King Online Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP SP 3 / Vista / 7
Processor: Core2 Duo E6600 Or Equiv
Memory Ram: 4 GB
Hard Disk Space: 15 GB Free
Video Card: Radeon HD 2900 Pro or Equiv

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  1. Well, i just finish my old game.. plazmabust 2… i played that for 3 and a half years… time to move on.. ill meet you alll in this game ^

  2. r2games make just messed up games and events they steal the money from players and do shitty stuff
    they are ******** up

  3. Don’t play any games from R2 games or Kabam! Yes they are fun, but you will need to PAY big to win. R2 and Kabam have massive lag issues and do NOT listen to their customer base. Servers die easy, you lose your time and money. They open up new game with new title, suck you in, wash rinse and repeat.

  4. Two things ignore the mentally retarded person at the top. and do not ever ever play this game.It is basically a browser based facebook like game.In fact you don’t even get to play it.It literally starts you in autopath mode and you can’t disable it.Games like this should never be allowed to exist.

      • It only does this for the first portion to share the story and how to play, if you actually gave it a chance it is awesome. Full PVP, PVE, Crafting, GUILDS and much more.

        • hmm are u sure? cuz I made it to like lvl 70 or something and it was still doing the same thing that did since lvl 1 and this was during the beta ive never played it since then hate play for themselves games like GolGo said these games shouldn’t be allowed to exist and that some people actually enjoy them means you guys shouldn’t be allowed to exist cuz your probably the reason they keep making these crappy games


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