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About the game:
Title: Navy Field
Status: Released Graphics: 2D
Developer: SD EnterNet
Publisher: SD EnterNet

Navy Field is a free to play massively multiplayer online (MMO) tactics simulation game based on World War II naval warfare by SD EnterNet. Be prepared to experience intense naval battles against large teams of real opponents from across the globe. To help you on your quest to be the ultimate commander of the sea, almost 100 different WWII era naval vessels are available to use. Start with a humble frigate as you again experience and points for superior classes of ships including: destroyers, battle cruisers, and aircraft carriers. Each model reproduced in painstaking detail. Equip your vessel with a massive selection of historically accurate naval guns, torpedo launchers, Fire Control Systems, engines, and armor.

Explosive Features:

  • Multiple game modes
  • Epic battles
  • Unique gameplay

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System Requirements

Navy Field Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8
Processor: Pentium III
Memory Ram: 256GB
Hard Disk Space: At least 1GB of free Space
Video Card: 16 mb video memory

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  1. Navyfield is Dead! They have completely screwed this game up. Just close down the game, why waste everyones time?

  2. Navyfield 1 is a waste of time. After playing for some years now i’m very dissapointed abt who is in charge of this game. The GM’s are banning old players who invested money and time in this game.
    I you ask questions on their site they delete the posts and ban your account. I guess they are making people leave the game so they can close it. What they are doing is illegal and not fairplay to people who are playing this game. Shame!!!!!!

  3. Well played this game for 8 years and am very well known. Now the GMs are basically on a if you don’t like what we do don’t play the game kinda attitude. I don’t suggest playing this game at all to anyone. Your just wasting your time. Within one year it will probably be shut down.

  4. join this site to join this game but by all the reviews i think this game is a rip-off and will not play it.

    thank for the great info

    This game being free to play is alright. However, I purchased 4 premium ships premium crews and other consumables and they were all removed from my account. I contacted the mods and was basically told to go fly a kite and that no in game purchases are garaunteed to be permanent. What kind of customer service is that? They take your money and take back the product afterwards? If it wasn’t such a trivial amount of money I would seek legal action, however I’ve decided to wait for the release of a different naval warfare game from a company with a reputation of great customer support, and keeping data safe, accurate, and untampered with.

  6. Two years on, NF remains pretty much the same, but with a few changes – the server merge in 2012, for instance, and the rise in in-game events. These changes, in my opinion, have done well to preserve the player base.

    I disagree with many who claim this is more of a pay-to-win game. I started a couple of years before the server merge, but found the grind unbearable – at that age, I found grinds intolerable. But now, just a year after the merge, I’m happily on German BB 3.5 (Bismarck 1943, yes, it is a premium) while having spent nothing but time on this game.

    Skill and teamwork are everything in this game, as the newbie will quickly find out. You might be able to get away with a guns-blazing suicide run in a tiny FF, DD or even a CL, but in the late-game it’s the players who can coldly calculate what gun angle they should be firing at or the player who knows the importance of both attack and defense on a carrier that eventually hit the big-time in NF. Learning hotkey skills is a big thing in NF, and the faster you learn it, the more fun it is.

    I will admit that NF does have its downsides, like outdated UIs and constant crashing, but as long as you’re committed to getting your hands on those late-tier BBs, CVS and SSs, you’ll hardly notice. Be warned, however – you will get frustrated eventually. This is a game that you will most certainly be having a love-hate relationship with.


    Credits and points will be a nightmare to grind, and you’ll eventually hit a point where you can’t advance to the next tier purely because of the lack of credits (usually last CA before the BBs and BCs).

    My strategy was to build a parallel crew (no heroes/premium, but with 11 or 12 rolls), level it to the pre-BB point, then sell on the Trade Market (Support sailors will fetch a bigger price than gunners generally, but constantly compare the market price) . I did this with with a full RM BB crew and picked up all the credits I needed.

    In terms of building crews, it all depends on which line you’re headed. Reading the forum guides will help you immensely, but as a general rule of thumb build 2 gunners, 2 AA gunners, at least 2 engineers to go with your BO. (That’s for a BB build. CV builds are generally a lot different.)

  7. SDenterNet / Navyfield are thieves. They will delete your account if you go inactive. Any items you purchased (real money) will be deleted and they will not refund you. Luckily Mastercard did a charge back and got my money back, but there are many others who lost their account AND their money to this bunch of internet scammers.

    Avoid Navyfield and Navyfield 2 completely. World of Warships is far superior in gameplay and graphics if you are looking for a naval warfare game.

    • Ignore Pete Finley. He’s butthurt because he was inactive for months and lost his account. I suggest that he reads the ToS more deeply before throwing money at a game, and I think everyone would agree, that is no excuse to talk trash about a perfectly good game.

      • There are “Premium Ships” with superior stats which you can only obtain with real life money, never ever can you get them as a free player. Also some other items. Therefore Navy Field is a pay-to-win game.

      • world of warship is in beta and all their testers are praising this game 1000% and paying money with your account getting voided is bad buisness.

  8. Navy Field in my personal opinion is best MMO game available. In this game when you get start playing you feel comfortable from the very start up. But you have to put efforts to master the skill and it surely takes some time.
    Game play is very user freindly and you will soon be addicted to the game. As you progress and your crew get promotions you have to choose from 5 different WWII era nations naval forces. At bigger naval ships you will be given option to load small aeroplanes. Then there are specific carrier vessel if you like to have one which can only be loaded with planes.
    Overall an amazing game and a complete battle engagement feel for players.


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