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Title: Neosaurs | Status: Offline
Genre: MMORPG | Theme: Fantasy

Graphics: 2D | Type: Browser Game
Publisher: Microsoft
Developer: Microsoft

User Rating:
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What’s explosive about it:
Simple game to pick up and play
Hundreds of unique creatures
Solid side-scrolling game

Neosaurs is a free to play 2D side-scroller browser based MMORPG where players control Neosaurs (dinosaurs). You can start playing right away with your existing Facebook or Windows Live account.

Deep below Earth’s surface, Inner Earth is in trouble and needs your help! Raise your very own Neosaur to be protector for the forces of good. Play with your friends and explore the extensive lore and endless adventure in the magical land beneath. You can evolve your Neosaur into a ferocious Rex, strong Cera, or agile Ptera.

Neosaurs features great 2D graphics, fun atmosphere, hundreds of unique cute creatures, and gameplay very similar to some client side-scrolling games like MapleStory, LaTale, or Wind Slayer.

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  1. This was a really good side-scrolling mmorpg, especially since it was a browser game. It did have a lot of similarities to MapleStory, in fact, some of the staff who made this game also worked on MapleStory at one point. I personally liked it more than MapleStory, despite Neosaurs never really getting far out of beta. It had a lot of potential. Disney apparently owns the rights to this game now, and I do hope they decide to re-release it some day.

  2. Ever since this game as died off I have been looking for a game simular to it. Does any one have ideas or suggestions for me? And it can’t be maple story, or anything with too many weird girls.

    • I know what you mean, me and my brother used to play all the time, we were really good. My character was Ares Silverblade. Good times man. ;-;

  3. Before I comment, it’s not at all like M.S. It may look like it, but it’s not.

    It’s actually fun, with a moderate community. People aren’t complete kids, and dont whine about everything. Unlike M.S., in this game, you don’t have to kill everything, and get about 0.03% of XP per kill. It’s also again, good graphics, and not too colorful or dull. I give this a 4/5. To make this game perfect, they should enable full screen options.

  4. Why do you NEED a Facebook/Windows Live account? I am busy looking for a Free Browser MMO and THIS IS WHAT I GET?! I hate Facebook let me tell you. It waist’s my time badly.

  5. Oh for God Sake why the hell that everytime a side scroller MMORPG surface people would called it Maplestory Rip-off (=_=”) what does Nexon own the genre *sigh* ok onto the review..

    Graphic (5/5) in my opinion this game have a very nice graphic for an FB game plus the sprites and the monsters are cutes in design

    Music (3/5) I dont know if its just me or the in game music would bored you, currently everytime i play this game i mute the BGM

    Gameplay (4/5) just like what all the commenters post above this game pretty much played like MapleStory, if you are a fan of 2D side scroller i would definetely recommed this game, it got ton of quest, three different classes, entertaining dungeon etc

    Overall (4/5) it a great game for a browser MMORPG for those who likes cute/chibi character definitely need to play this game, it also have a moderately high playerbase (of course i one is to compare with MS Neosaurs would be left behind)

    • I agree. Personally I think Nexon is a bunch of extortionists that have no talent. They didn’t even make MapleStory and ended up ruining it horribly with Big Bang and it wasn’t going to well before that. Hackers take over the special seasonal events and the new classes are just reskins of old ones. I LOVED WonderKing and it was so much better than MapleStory but sadly it got shut down. Hopefully this one is still going.

    • Okay, I know this is old and 2012. But. It is an ACTUAL rip-off of Maplestory. They literally CUT AND PASTED the platform graphics. I don’t think this because of what you said. It’s A GENUINE RIP OFF. Wonderking and All of the other ones aren’t because they actually had their OWN art. NOT SOME RIP OFF COPIED ONE BECAUSE THEY WERE SO LAZY TO MAKE THEIR OWN. I’m srsly surprised they weren’t sued.

  6. WonderKing was a fail rip off of maplestory and that is why it is now shut down because it freaking sucked it sucked so bad its jsut a freaking rip off of maplestory and is now shut down FINALLY!!!!! <3

  7. is very good don’t look only photo aplly and you see he have alot of mission and is very GOOD guys play it is best game

  8. Hey, miguelpsv dude your a moron, maple story is way older than wonder king so stfu if you don’t know what to talk about.

  9. its not a cheap rip off of maple story, its a side scroller, the only way its like maplestory is that its like a 80’s arcade style game, put into a mmo, these are my favorite type of game, it can almost be on my favorite game list… best browser game is fusionfall, best browser game that can run on my computer is monkey quest (3D sidescroller)

  10. Wonderking is good, in my opinion better in looks than maplestory and only lacks in content because its newer. Windslayer, its ok. This game however I am surprised it hasn’t been sued by almost completely cut and paste rip offs on the scenery I am seeing.


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