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About the game:
Title: Operation 7
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Developer: ParkESM
Publisher: Netgame

Operation7 offers terrific features such as high quality sound effects and dynamic game play with deep customization of characters and arsenal. One of the most extraordinary features in Operation7 is the gun alteration system. Players are able to adapt their guns as much as they want. If you are tired of using the same guns like everyone else you can now alter your weapons, adding upgrades such as dot sights, scopes, knobs, silencers and barrels. In addition all the components can be used with protective color to give your weapon a special look. Each gun will vary in range and accuracy depending on the components used.

Operation7 has its focal point on modern day combat. Players have a chance to use real life weapons which current soldiers are using. Another interesting feature is the Lean Mode. It gives the player more flexibility, being able to hide behind objects and walls and shoot by leaning to the side to never let go completely of cover. The catchphrase of Operation7 “It could only take one shot. The one who aims first, kills first” shows you that this game focuses on realism and its realistic target system.

Operation7 offers five game modes: Head Hunting, Death Match, Survival, Demolition, and Hold the Line. The Game rooms support up to 24 players, depending on the selected game mode. The host has the possibility to customize game settings such as game time, friendly fire and number of kills mandatory for victory.

Explosive Features:

  • Lots of Maps.
  • Fast-Paced Gameplay.
  • Low System Requirements.

Featured Video

System Requirements

Operation 7 Minimum System Requirements:
OS: XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8
Processor: P3 800 MHz
Memory Ram: 256MB
Hard Disk Space: 1 GB of free disk space
Video Card: GeForce 2 MX

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  1. Can i also say something dedicate for the developers,Why dont you build a game based on Halo Plus Battlefield and add your own imagination between this 2,see what good can came if you mix both of those game in one….Just like renegade X

  2. I love op7.

    Compared to COD it feels so much better for me ( I have a very good pc ).
    There are no stupid deaths (from killstreaks), the guns have recoil which feels good and takes some time to get used to, you have to play tactical and the varity of guns is awesome.

    Also op7 has problems: Buggs that have never been fixed, You have to pay 1 $ a week for some good ammo, there is only a very small community, some of the maps are poorly made, leveling takes ages (not at the beginning but at around lvl 30) and some of the items can be only bought with real cash.

    Its up to you, give it a try.

  3. yeah right! this game is awesome dude we play hard we spend to much money and now we can’t play it anymore coz op7 philippines is already closed.

  4. this game is awesome , this game have very good customization character and is very unique custom , i will play again this game because i reinstalled my windows and is working well , hehe , i recomend this cool game to everyone , oleee

  5. yeah i play AVA awsome game and you can zoom your display on some noscoped weapons and its got WW2 era guns perms you can get with INGAME CASH (“euros”) and the non perms expire when their condition bar empties amazing graphics that i can play on my laptop with med settings love the UNREAL ENGINE most of my favorite games have some form of the unreal engine APB/ TC RSV2/AVA / shit i cant remember the rest but but it great non the less giv eit a shot before you knock it down its worth your while

  6. there is a spanish version for southamericans from Axeso5. It’s a very good game and there are no hackers, at least where i play.

  7. Theone, there’s a reason why the COD franchise needs to be paid for, that’s because those games are on whole different level. The game doesn’t suck just because you have to pay for it. Also I’m not saying pc games are bad but saying it sucks because you have to pay is ridiculous. And to go back to lagg, there are a lot of different factors that can cause lagg (distance from server, connection, connection type, etc.) just because you don’t lagg, doesn’t mean this game isn’t laggy in general.

  8. O7 is amazing game if you are looking for realistic F2P FPS game and if you are not a graphics whore. Character customization, weapon customization, in-game mechanics and realism aspect are game’s strong points.

    It is just unfortunate that player base on N. American side is so low. Also, GM’s should do much better job in keeping hackers out – mind you, this is true for every F2P game that I played (BLR, AVA, CF, CA.., you name it).

    • @exceld9, no this game isnt online, it just happens to be on a website that provides a long list of online games, thus being named mmobomb.com mmo meaning massive multiplayer online, so to your question, this is not an online game….

  9. have to say it… Blacklight Retribution is better than this.

    Less bullet lag, better game feel, and the sweet, sweeeet HVR system that let’s you see enemies through walls, a device that EVERYONE has, so it makes firefights REALLY intense.

    Sorry Op – 7, but you feel too much like Combat Arms.

    • how can you say that, op7 is like combat arms??? i played both, and combat arms is just a f2p CoD where is op7 is more of a tactical, spray and pray game, dont get me wrong plenty of newbs in there just running around with m249 or USAS12 spraying the hell outta the maps, but players like me that actually take our time and sound whore(the act of listening for footsteps or other sounds made by other characters) make the game more enjoyable especially when we lay support down for snipers.

      the only map i use my M249 hmg is on reeds during winter when i have complete white camo and a silencer on. I always crouch and lay prone and i burst fire amd have about 93% accuracy with it. the game is really based on skill. especially with sniping, sorry in combat arms you can aim through the fog and as soon as u see someones name pop up you shoot, that isnt in this game. thats the cheapest bullshit ever, if you cant see them you cant shoot them. period.

      And before those people start complaining about lag, if you are experiencing bullet lag or lag in general and before never have, check other ping levels, usually when a group of people come in with high ping, that is usually the problem, so u can deal with it, or leave…usually i love it because to kill a lagger or hacker is tye greatest feeling ever, especially when they rage quit…lol

    • BLR is better for players who like unrealistic games – i.e. UT and likes/clones of.

      By saying “sweet HVR” you show us clearly that your comments lose all credibility regarding the objective comparison of the noted games.

    • no it dosnt you need I.e to play it it launches from a browser im the #7th clan in the game its a good game but it varies on the host for lag ect ect

      you can use fire fox or google chrome but its difficult to set up for the game to launch

  10. This game is by far the most realistic game I have ever played not by graphics but by gameplay.What’s realistic about it is it’s sound effects,aiming down iron sights,lean,sprint,unmatched weapon building system,proximity attack,ladder climb animation,fire mode select,character customization and aiming animation.What the f*** happened to the PH version?!NOTE:THE MAPS ARE B ASED FROM REAL PLACES AROUND THE WORLD SO DON’T HAVE BAD MAP DESIGNS.

    • Tell that to the lag and hackers. I couldn’t care if the game was made by the pope himself. It is filled with lag and hackers. Therefore it sucks dong. Cry about it.

    • It is a really great game!!! I’ve been playing for almost 3 years now. I liked the devs ability to remove hackers in a timely matter was awesome!! Netgame has put out a really good game! Do download it. You won’t regret it

  11. u can aim down the sights in alliance of valiant arms (A.V.A) so this game isnt all the shit. go to Alliance of Valliant Arms page and read the comments and blogs and then u will know how awsome A.V.A is instead of this slow ass 1999 graphics game is…… oh ya and AVA is powered by Uneal Engine 3 so expect some amazing graphics and gameplay (did i mention u can AIM DOWN UR F*** SIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    • ive played A.V.A and yes it is a good game. good graphics n all. But IN MY OPINION, its not all that great as in terms of innovation, and creativity. And the ADS point you made, you can only ads WHEN you have a scope. you can take a gun with no top mount and just look through the iron sights. there are good points and bad points IN EVERY game. Just cause it doesnt fit your play style and liking doesnt mean it wont some other person. And your comment bout the 1999 graphics game……. graphics dont make the game. the gameplay and mechanics of the game do. and in that sense a.v.a is garbage, cause all it is, is just like every other modern day based shooter. OH n you peev on ads. get a ak47 and TRY and ads or even buy a scope. now i played TONS of fps’s, and never say one were you COULDNT add a scope to a ak..

    • yeah i play AVA awsome game and you can zoom your display on some noscoped weapons and its got WW2 era guns perms you can get with INGAME CASH (“euros”) and the non perms expire when their condition bar empties amazing graphics that i can play on my laptop with med settings love the UNREAL ENGINE most of my favorite games have some form of the unreal engine APB/ TC RSV2/AVA :D/ shit i cant remember the rest but but it great non the less giv eit a shot before you knock it down its worth your while

    • -BS

      You can’t aim down sights in AVA – period. AVA allows you to zoom your weapon, or use scopes, but you cannot aim down the sight. Get your facts straight before you say something stupid like that.

    • One thing that sucks about A.V.A and all the other games powered by unreal engine is….that you can kill and shoot when your gun isn’t even over cover. This is because the unreal engine uses your eye as a gun so you could hardly have your head popped out and you can kill someone. Bullets come out of your eyes. The gun is pretty much a useless game decal that make the game look cooler. Just facts btw. Because COD is a major unreal engine shit game.

  12. Operation 7 is a pretty good game. The graphics are not that demanding and gameplay is very smooth. The only problem I had with this game was that there needs to be more people playing.

    • uhm and crap loads of bullet lag O-o and the maps suck they didnt think about these maps at all just pulled some crap from their azz only thing good about this game is you can aim down the sights >>

      • I’m sorry your late 1990’s computer cannot play this game, but i dont ever get bullet lag…Make sure your not using AOL dial up!

        This game has been by far the most amazing game, for not only game play, but also the devs ability to remove hackers in a timely manner.

        I will say this, make sure your ping is not on the suckage rate, to eliminate this, wifi is a nono(unless running SuperG or N) check your ping rate at speedtest.net or pingtest.net both will tell you if your ping sucks or not, also if you do some how have issues with bullet lag(ie. bullets hitting you after you killed the guy, etc) it mostly will not be your fault, but rather that of the other guy as they have a slow upload rate, but in anycase it might be your GPU, so lower your graphical settings…even at max graphics this game pretty much looks the same…so sacrificing the simplest of effects(ie running camera, muzzle flash, barrel smoke, etc) can help the performance of your game…

        remember, before blaming the game, check your hardware, and never, i say never think that because you meet min requirments, that you will play the game at optimal speeds, if anything you will have the most lag period on the battle field.

      • oh one last thing, the maps are amazing, again this game isnt about the stunning graphical effects of the landscape, im sorry anyone standing around taking in the sights of the maps, is going to get shot…admittingly the last couple of maps do suck as far as design, but thats for my style of gameplay…as for the original they are amazingly built, as well as well designed for multiple styles of gameplay.

        plan and simple, i know the devs for this game are huge CS fans, so most of the maps are designed around the simplistic usage of cover and CS maps…

        • game has delay issues no matter what comp or connection you have get off your high horse buddy defending this crap if it was amazing like people say it wouldnt be so dead

          • You make me laugh,I’ve been able to play this game with full matches, and with out delay or lag with a decent “dell” computer….i think your just so used to shitty games like COD where the company charges ppl in order to buy the game….anyways i have no time to argue with a moron that is such a phile about games being “perfect” later loser

          • I used to play it but yes, Major bullet lag or just abusers lag switching. This game was great until its population was majority of decompilers/hackers. They can’t ban them cause they pay for the servers. Shit7*


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