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About the game:
Title: Oz World
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Genre: Social
Developer: Ubiport
Publisher: OnGamePort

Oz World is a free virtual world game that launched in 1999 and is still running. This is a place where players can hang out without any kind of real competition, since the game promotes friendship and a healthy community, focusing on friendly interactions, social gathering and chat.

Besides activities such as fishing, players can do other things such as decorate their houses and customize their avatars with new and cool clothes. This is one of the first examples of the free social MMO scene and is well worth a look, even if it’s just to see how the genre has evolved.

Explosive Features:

  • Fishing Activity
  • House Decoration
  • Launched in 1999

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System Requirements

Oz World Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP / Windows 98 / 2000 / Vista
Processor: Pentium 166 Mhz
Memory Ram: 32MB
Hard Disk Space: At least 50MB of free Space
Video Card: DirectX compatible

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  1. I’ve played it before n it’s to make friends if you haven’t noticed it’s a chat room where you can meet world wide of people n also shop n do other things besize fishing n mixing n hangout its. Not all about fishing not everyone can play since new owner where old owners had it different effects any country from playing didn’t have to buy CPU it worked on but up to owner to fix n updates too n new things I loved it n you get close to people u meet n some you meet in person

  2. you guys are stupid seriously haha I played OZ from 2004 to 2011 no problems no virus hell there even people say World of Warcraft is a virus reason being is to throw people off millions use to play OZ World its still alive today but under a different company now ran by Koreans however no its not a virus I never had any computer die from playing it only people who say my CPU died don’t even know what the hell a CPU is I run a repair business I have people come in say oh this game killed my computer or laptop when really its cause they never changed the thermal paste on the processor to the heat sink (CPU) to keep it from over heating and oh yeah people computers and laptops from 2000 and up to current day processors normally do not die if they overheat they shut off and wont run till the paste is redone which is easy and only $7.99 in radioshack, etc and khatlyn that’s funny messed your cpu then you can never open your cpu dipshit learn computers haha cpu is processor you cant open your processor anyways its hardware no game that is a mmo has viruses none OZ World use to be sold in stores till it went global and went 100% free to play besides the cash system for housing, etc so there is no virus I made lots of friends on OZ and still friends with them today they even miss global OZ and hate the Korean ran OZ cause it changed a lot

  3. if u dont like it then dont play loser,and no it aint a virus and hasnt lost support so dont belive these dumbasses those complaning here are ex players that i banned for hacking

  4. Funny cause the new game doesn’t require anything but the game installer. I’m not sure where you are getting your files but OZ World was picked up by a third party and is just as safe as any other mmo.

  5. This game force you to install hacking shield which claims to protect you, but its a virus which allow team who operate it freely access your computer and steal all and any of your private files. If you play this game – your privacy is compromised and all your hard disk files are in danger.

  6. i can`t run game on my cpu (Intel Core2Quad 2.66, 5GB RAM, GeForce 9800 GTS, Win8 Pro x64). When I input login and password game crashes. PLZ Help Me

  7. ive been playing this game since Oct. 2012,,, so far i am so addicted,.,, i met good people.. and i highly recommend this game to my friends irl…

    For those who complained about your laptops viruses.. you are all paranoids…

    Happy Fishing.. ♥

  8. i give it 3 stars the game is boring it messed up my laptop
    i dont reallly like it i try to all it and all the peaple said was cause words
    if u want to get a acount for kids ALL AGES i would suggest not to i dont like it
    its a disaster and i had to get a knew laptop AND JOB just because of this game

  9. This game was released over 10 years ago, thus you can’t really complain on how it looks. I’ve played this game and the gameplay is TERRIBLE. There isn’t much to do but “fish” or buy clothes for your avatar, but like I said this game is soooo old that most clothes are stuck on that era as well lol. I think most people play this game to talk to random people/make friends rather than play the game itself. I’ve met some decent people on there but not really enough to make me stay. I admit every few years curiosity makes me download the game again and check on old “friends” if they still play. Apparently everyone moved to a different server and the site above is pretty much useless (not sure if it still works). I don’t really recommend this game but if anyone is curious, Google Oz World Online and that should take you to the new site.


  11. the reason Oz World will mess up your cpu, is because the people of Oz World dropped the whole thing! its servers are down and they are not bringing them back up – look on the Oz World site if you dont believe me.


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