Planet Arkadia







About the game:
Title: Planet Arkadia
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Genre: MMO
Developer: Arkadia Studios
Publisher: Entropia Universe

Planet Arkadia is a free to play 3D Sci-Fi MMO set in Earth’s distant future. The government has sent a fleet to assist the last of the Arkadian race against the Oratan threat.

Players fight to survive and overcome against immense odds while hunting for treasure and gathering resources. Planet Arkadia gives players the ability to use any skill they choose, from combat to plastic surgery, with no classes to limit them.

Planet Arkadia also features a unique economy system. Every item in-game, whether it be a gun or huge tracts of land, can be sold for real world currency. Because Planet Arkadia is a permanent virtual universe, you can invest in the economy through manufacturing and trading to create real world profits.

Explosive Features:

  • Classless System.
  • Real Cash Economy.
  • Permanent World.

Featured Video

System Requirements

Planet Arkadia Minimum System Requirements:
OS: XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8
Processor: ADM Atlhon(tm) Processor LE-1640 2.70 GHz
Memory Ram: 2 GB
Hard Disk Space: 10 GB of free disk space
Video Card: nVidea GeForce 6100 nForce 405 (MS: 256 MB)

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  1. Played this so-called game for two days and all I can say is that it could be anything besides a “game”
    By that I meant it’s closer to real life so you might not end up with being well entertained in anyway… it might even make you insane after losing everything.

    Though for a casher(which I am not) this thing would be a blast!

    I do not recommend this… since if you’re not really after entertainment or anything why waste your time on this when you can do far more productive things by just going out of your house?

  2. The worst type of cancer.

    Terminal, in fact.

    Do NOT ever play this joke of a game, unless you have a massive disposable income. You literally can’t take a shit without having to pay.

    (As a note, I’m fairly certain the positive reviews are fake. They seem very similar and too well-written to be from actual players)

  3. Hello , for the ones looking for info in this “game”

    1 – this is not a “game”. This is a Roullete Casino , where EVERYTHING you do ( hunting/minning etc) COSTS REAL MONEY.In the end , you collect a PERCENTAGE of what you invested. PERIOD

    2 – This is not free to play. This is free to download and free to wander around doing NOTHING.
    Wanna hunt? DEPOSIT Want to mine ? DEPOSIT need bullets ? DEPOSIT , OR take the “free” route that consists in doing the same boring thing for MANY HOURS(SWEATING) to be able to buy some bullets , Spend them in 15/30 minutes and repeat. Sounds fun?

    3- Comunnity. GM are there thats for sure someone had to incentive YOU to deposit and they will.
    As for the rest of the “community” apart from the RARE gem that helps, are all there to sell you stuff. Stuff they have in storage sometimes for years , hopping to increase in value .this may sound childish , but when you see the IRL value of these items you understand

    Just know you are going against VERY organized ppl and you wont stand a CHANCE.there are ppl that rotate in order to DENY areas from other players as cave bosses NON STOP, as in 24 hours , im not kidding.To the “user” above that said go to the oil field, just throw yourself from a bridge you fake. oil field are some of the most fierce places to fight , and without a 10 men team OP as hell in teamspeak, youre just meat

    It was the only game i deposited 20 dollars and didnt even spend them all before uninstalling.
    But dont believe me , search for yourself and you will see the threads “calypso scam” all over the place .


  4. these games planet arkadia and planet calypso are a mercenary games damn… I do not know why there are these types of games in the world its is fucking stupid,I do not know what the developers have in mind to create such a game where all you do is paid with real money if you shoot you pay ”youre dead?” need pay for revive, everything in this game is paid ,eve online is bad because you need to pay per month for you can stay in the game and the planet arkadia/calypso it is beyond stupidity,It is wasting of time to play this game you need to be rich and that sucks,the idea of the game is brilliant and i love sci-fi if this game was free surely would be on top of F2P games and for sure I’d be the first to download and play, but…unfortunately developers need to learn what it means ”Free2Play” before create mmo’s, in short dont play this game seriously!.

  5. Everything in this game costs real cash, everything!!!! I’ve lost over $1000USD so and I’m finally stopping after about 18months.
    When you fight, it costs money…. every single shot. What you spend is far beyond what you get back. For instance, spend $10USD on a hunt, you’ll get (at best) $8USD back but mostly far less.
    When you mine, you can do an entire mining run and lose hundreds of dollars.
    When you craft, even as a master, you’ll never get a product every single time… never.
    Prepare to pay a lot of money to play this game. It’s not fun, its a sci-fi casino.

  6. This “cheerful” and “positive” comments seem to be written or sponsored by devs. People can’t say that much good words with a wall of text under the P2W trash. Don’t get blinded people.

  7. The game is amazing, its not like the mmo’s you play where you can do anything and everything you want with little punishment for your endless mistakes. This game forces you to be wise and make the right decisions. Everything in the game costs ped (in game currency), from flying, driving, fighting, and mining. You have to be cautious with your actions because of this and make sure you are not wasting resources. If your expecting to join the game as free to play, you can, but it will be much more difficult than dropping 15$ a month into the game and you will progress slower.
    When (if) you find yourself in a tight spot and you need ped, ignore the sweatshops, and go to an oil field. If the oil field is filled with tons of ppl only then go to a sweatshop, but always check the oil fields first! During certain times they can be empty meaning easy and free $$$$ for you ^.^
    The games community is also interesting. People actually work together in this game, if your going on hunts, its best done in groups, resources spent will still be about the same but more ppl = faster killing = more kills per hunt = better chance at getting the big loots $$$$. However there are also the people that work against you, and will drop down on the oil fields from their aircrafts with their buddies kill everyone and take all the oil. During these moments your forced to back to the sweat shops lol

    If you have a creative mind and can manage money well then this game will be enjoyable, the planet alone is fun to just go out and explore (you can even find special things to pick up lying all over the world that can be sold for $$$). However if you plan to play free completely, you will need time…. a lot of time

    • Really?How about some real prices and cost! “However if you plan to play free completely, you will need time…. a lot of time” yeah correct- for freepaly your gonna have to sweat or collect fruits. Price of sweat-1.70 ped, fruit is so rare that I wont even bother naming the price…its better to find some other ways to earn money-test some websites or stuff…
      “dropping 15$ a month”- with 15$ you cant really do anything…thats 150 ped- after fee deduction its 147 or so…so you buy a gun, maybe some pixie armor and ammo..this will last if you are a complete noob possibly few days(if you aren’t hardcore hunting)…when you skill up a bit(graduate) and go for bigger mobs, well the price goes up…I know many players who deposit 200$ per week just to sustain, nothing extra there. So be warned…..

  8. If you want to get into this platform best have money ready on the side as this game will cost you more than you would ever spend on steam it self. You will sink money into the game long before you even start to think about making money back on it. If you join this game to play the game you will be sadly chewed up and spat out. This game will only require people with business in mind.

    Also its shameful to list this game as free to play honestly.

  9. Planet Arkadia. If there is ever a MMO that is worth taking part in it is via Planet Arkadia on the Entropia Universe platform. The planet allows new players to undertake rigorous training in the starting areas and new player missions. Further to this you have a friendly community of crafters, miners, hunters and traders all working hard to enjoy the game and maybe swing a profit. The real cash economy is like real life, the decisions you make will define your successes. What truly puts Planet Arkadia in its own class is the development team. Arkadia Studios boasts a friendly team of developers, many former players who communicate regularly with the Arkadian players. They are accessible at events and on the Planet Arkadia Forum. For a small team, their communication with players is beyond the call of duty. I highly recommend you have a look at Planet Arkadia.

  10. As a 10+ year veteran within the Entropia Universe. Starting out on Calypso of course. The ability to watch the evolutionary changes of the game over time has been a very unique gaming experience. When the introduction of the ‘Planet Partners’ into the game over the years showcase the scalability and diversity in regards to content and ‘story’ lines to appeal to a very wide variety of the over all player base.
    I have been to all of the planets as they have been introduced to explore the new content and environments. However, I call Arkadia home since the day the planet was introduced and rarely have reason to go any where else. I have over the last few years become a less active player do to real life creeping in. However, I am still active in the communal aspects with in the game. The real people within communities, organizations, businesses, and individuals, operating within the game provide so much more depth and support to new and old players alike then just a game itself. Going to steal a quote from another reply from Woose ‘)
    …” Let me say more about the dev team …. they are very attuned to the players’ wishes and take the time to do interviews and communicate via the forums. They do an excellent job of designing the game according to player input. No other planet offers the kind of communication that Arkadia’s devs do.”
    Spot on there. The dev team are amazing simply put. I look forward to continuing evolution of the game environment and the communities within as I have been for years.

  11. As far as the Entropia Universe goes, Planet Arkadia is in my opinion the most dynamic and interesting planet. The scenery is gorgeous, the players are friendly, and the excellent dev team is always adding new content and events. Let me say more about the dev team …. they are very attuned to the players’ wishes and take the time to do interviews and communicate via the forums. They do an excellent job of designing the game according to player input. No other planet offers the kind of communication that Arkadia’s devs do.

    I have enjoyed Arkadia greatly since it first launched, and rarely find reason to leave. I would highly recommend that any new player start there as there is lots of help and advice available to new players, like the Arkadia Advisers. As in all of EU, you will need to spend a little cash to get the most out of the game, but be assured you will get he best bang for your buck on Arkadia.

    Conclusion: Play the game … you won’t be disappointed. And if something bothers you, get on the forums and air your feedback to the attentive devs.

  12. Planet Arkadia is part of the Entropia Universe yeah, “game” falls short in my opinion though.

    It is a real cash economy based MMO with independent graphics firms that make planets on the platform. Each with their unique perks and experiences, which define them from each other, and draw from different pools of interests.

    For someone to come on and say “i played this years ago” is completely irrelevant since this is a virtual environment that lives, breaths and evolves, for over 10 years now.

    Planet Arkadia is a large step in this evolution, with developers that started as players, enjoyed themselves in the environment and evolved with it, as many, like myself have done for years.

    Free to play, yes it is, but just like the real world, it is what you make of it. Picture yourself being dropped off in a foreign country. Are you here to earn, or to play, both? Is your goal to build a business, make friends, or just shut the world out and do your own thing? Figure it out, the amount of paths you can take rival the real world and dwarf any other MMO out there.

    I have yet to find another MMO that is as intriguing as this one, if you enjoy freedom in a massive virtual world, where you will meet people from all over the planet to play and grow with, you just might like it on Planet Arkadia.

  13. From very personal experiences I can say that Planet Arkadia is the best and smartest planet ever created inside of Entropia Universe. This is a profession based (i.e. Hunting, Mining Crafting, Trading) gaming system with a social aspect that I consider as value added. I have made many friends in EU but especially on Arkadia.

    One of the greatest things about Arkadia is it’s developers. They have made really big efforts to connect with the player base. They take suggestions an criticisms seriously. When good ideas for in game improvements are presented, Arkadia Studio’s works hard to make these ideas happen. If bugs are noted and presented these guys get right on it ASAP. I can’t say enough about the level of attention and detail orientation Arkadia Studio’s brings to the table within EU.

    …And yes…ALL of Entropia Universe is free to play and progression in game professions can be easier if RL cash deposits are made. As for myself, I would rather deposit when I DECIDE to (or not) than pay a monthly subscription. In addition, there is always a chance that when doing a specific profession you could win BIG . I have personally seen it happen and not only to the UBER players. Because this game has a RCE (Real Cash Economy)…you have the option to withdraw your profits. This is an aspect of gaming not seen with almost all other MMO’s.

    Entropia Universe is unique in many, many aspects. Planet Arkadia is the cherry on top.

  14. The entropia system is a challenging game system and Planet Arkadia does a lot of things that the rest of entropia does not. The new player experience is much smoother and more fun. The developers are helpful and accessible.

    Depositing and playing is fast easy and fun or you can work at it trading to build up your peds. I myself run a clothes shop and a furniture shop plus love to hunt.

    Best most fun and challenging game I play 10 year >^.^<

  15. This is part of Entropia Universe, I use to long ago play on here, planets go by different names, it is only a game for people with money, if you join it is free, you can make friends and adventure, tho there is not much to do without putting real cash into the game unless you manage to get lucky and someone will fund your in game life, I had found some people before tho… things got to out of hand and well I left.

    I have fond memories of EU tho… mostly filled with boring times, since everything in game costs real life $ and sweating monsters to make free PED in game takes to long, also you have to many people to sell against and no one pays any more then like 5 Ped per 1,000 sweat and it takes hours if not lucky to make that every 10 ped = 1 USD so think about that.

    My self I am not here to bash the game, if I was rich I would enjoy the hell out of it, there are some places you can make free money BUT! only if no one is around and or you don’t mind sharing limited spaces tho only to be shot/killed if people get greedy… [Not a newb friendly game and not friendly to people who have no real $ to slap down into the game!]


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