About the game:
Title: Pockie Saints
Status: Released Graphics: 2D
Developer: Ngames Limited
Publisher: Ngames Limited

Explosive Features:

  • Upgradeable pets.
  • Three different classes.
  • Special systems.

Pockie Saints is a fantasy MMO that offers three classes with a an assortment of upgradeable pets. As each pet has their own strength and special abilities, which players must level in order to challenge more fearsome foes.

Players start by making a choice between three classes; Warrior, Assasin and Mage. Warriors, being the tank model, are chosen from the empires elite, and make an excellent choice for the front line. The Assassin, with their stealth and mobility, have been chosen by the empire to weed-out the traitors. And the Mage, utilizing the natural magic they were born with are used to destroy enemies and heal their parties. Each class comes with it’s own skill tree that grants their own particular attacks.

Special systems of gameplay such as Goya’s Tower, Zodiac Goal, Horoscopes and a VIP system allow players an assortment of methods to obtain passive skill medals and stronger pets on their pursuit to victory.

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  1. Great game, even though you only get 3 classes to choose from but, you get all the zodiac transformations so that could change the game up for you. ;.; messed up

  2. Great game, even though you only get 3 classes to choose from but, you get all the zodiac transformations so that could change the up for you


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