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About the game:
Title: Power Soccer
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Genre: Sports Type: Browser
Developer: Power Challenge
Publisher: Power Challenge

Explosive Features:

  • Good Playerbase.
  • Smooth Gameplay.
  • Mouse Control.

Power Soccer is the web’s best free 3D action football game! Players can enjoy exciting multiplayer competition in their browsers and make new friends amongst the game’s diverse community of international players. They can even support their favourite team by winning games on their behalf in the popular Fans League. Find out what all the fuss is about by joining up today!

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  1. When is Power Soccer 2 opening ?? It should do it in Google Play store so the users can use phones, tablets tablets, or now in the days MEDIA not in the CPU’s we no longer use

  2. This game used to be fun around 2009, when non-club players had a lot of freedom. Still rooms, still cups, still room for improvement. This way, the club membership seemed more lucrative, but still, not necessary. Now, the only way to play this game, is to be a club member? No cups, no tournaments, no real PvP wihout paying? What the hell happened to this game? 2 stars for me, I would put 10 if I could for the game back in it’s old days.

  3. This game is a load of crappie they set u up with club members who have either reached the top level of the game by buying there way there or on the verge of reaching that level even if they show as rookies on screen they are some who have purchased a whole bunch of stuff making them that guy instead of them using there mental and physical skills 🙁

  4. Used to play this a lot… had about 4 different accounts! But if you want the truth, this game SUCKS DICK. Graphics, formations (some formations you even have to be club member) and all that other shit. Can’t even shoot properly. You are better off downloading FIFA ONLINE 2

  5. In 2011 I played it a lot at that time there is no club memebrship and some carrer mode its a lot of fun !!!But now it becomes a piece of shit A simple shit stuff!..

  6. saai ja mike heel saai voor je maar voor het betalen van clubleden verdienen wij ook weer geld en als wij het zoals vroeger haden gemaakt zoeden wij geen geld verdienen en dan kunnen we de site wel vergeten en dan kan jij zwaaien met je handen. zeg dit ook tegen je vrienden die dit ook spelen. en niet aan de meisjes vragen of ze dit spelen mike. ik vertel je daar wel over. toen we een chatbox haden was er een meisje en die had geschreven dat ze wou neuken en een jongen daarop andwoorden ik wil je adres dan weten ? en het meisje zei koge nummer 13 en daar waren wij niet blij mee en we gingen naar koge 13 en wat stond daar een sexpaar dat was aand neuken dat was mijn verhaal POWERSOCCER

  7. man there should be atleast multiplayer matches for free players…this makes game too much boring cause we cant do anything cause we cant pay 🙁

  8. suck this game !!!!! who wanna buy club member ?? why this game cant make club member free ??

    sooooo boringggggggggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Who pays money to play this stupid soccer game? Buy the game for Xbox360, not this one, this probably costs more over timer and isn’t that good :/ Here’s an idea, go outside, and play soccer in REAL life.

  10. it’s not as fun as it used to be because it now only fun for clubmembers, they have accese to all the fun while for the people who cant afford to buy the culbmembership cant do any thining at all cant even play a game just prctice . i an many othe ppl out there who have the same problem with powere challenge would apriciate it if they at least make some cahnges the will suit the clubmembers and the one who cant buy it .



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