About the game:
Title: Rainbow Saga
Status: Released Graphics: 2D
Developer: NGames
Publisher: Game321

Explosive Features:

  • Simple Gameplay
  • Distinct Art Style
  • Light-hearted Storyt

Rainbow Saga is a free-to-player browser-based 2D side scroller from NGames. Gameplay is simple and intuitive and the art style is crisp. The focus is casual in nature but there are numerous systems in place to add some depth.

The three available starting classes in Rainbow Saga include the Holy Knight, Elementalist, and Shadow Ranger. The Holy Knight is a high-defense melee brawler who can equip heavy armor and use swords and shields. Elementalists are long-range magic wielders with low defense but high damage potential. The Shadow Ranger is a medium-defense class that mixes ranged and melee combat.

Players have access to the standard MMO elements expected. Joining or creating guilds is simple and there are a multitude of instanced dungeons to enter, either solo or with a group. Pets can be obtained through the cash shop or in-game and, while there is limited character customization, there are costumes available. Rainbow Saga is easy to pick up and rather attractive, and with a casual focus it doesn’t take itself too seriously.

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System Requirements

Rainbow Saga Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8
Browser: Any with Adobe Flash Player

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  1. it’s sad the game is gone it just like maple story but it didn’t require no download or very laggy stuff
    the game was true action to me it would be amazing if they put the servers up again

  2. Pay to Win AS F.K
    Played this for 1 Month payed around 700$ ruled a server also 1 Place in everything .( Lv 59 Wizzard, VIP6 , Lv 5 Clan)+(Checked on 05/02/2016 still in top 500)
    had to take a break for 1 Week cuz of my Job after just 1 Week another casher got first place.
    He was VIP 7 (soon VIP 8) 15 LvLs under mine and had around 10k more Power.
    BTW Supporter don’t give a F.K on you.
    Good and Fun Game but too much Pay2Win. Useless to play for Non-Casher.
    Servers merged so you will never be one of top 10.

  3. it looks alot like latale(which is a good thing for my cause i love how latale looks XD) and the game looks pretty fun i might give it a try

  4. I love the games of this site. It’s a fun game and you can play it with your log in from other games like Pockie Pirates and so

  5. i have played this game for 10 days in a row now, it is a very enjoyable game in my opinion.

    it does look like a maplestory copy, but in no way it is similar to maplestory.
    there are only 3 classes at the moment and they all have unique skills that are interesting and enjoyable.

    i really hope they continue to expand this game and not make it into a pay to win like most games from this company, but the game is still in very early days.
    though i am bombarded daily and hourly with adverts to try and encourage me to spend real life money, you don’t need to spend any real life money to enjoy this game.

    there are lots of daily free items you get rewarded for playing and just logging in, which is a nice balance for players who do not spend money in free to play games, but you have to be patient if you wish to upgrade your items since unless you become a “VIP” your gameplay is rather restricted daily.

    overall, nice game, but is in early days so not sure if it will be a pay to win.


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